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justin (hermes44) Jasper opened the sliding glass patio doors where he saw no one was and stepped onto the warm wooden deck. He turned towards the pool, and his eyes grew wide. In the the pool, chasing its scaly tail like a puppy, was a 20 foot long albino crocodile. It grinned at Jasper when he saw him, showing all of its teeth. Jasper shivered. Other magicians walked in, and acted like the giant reptilian wasn't even there. "maybe he's friendly," he thought to himself, but still he was a little nervous since he had lived here for almost a year and never noticed it before.

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justin (hermes44) ((wait are you walking about a different carter than carter Kane?))

message 3: by Kggelen (new)

Kggelen Awesomeness (Katie77777) | 168 comments Eli walked in. "Hello people!" She announced.

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justin (hermes44) I was alarmed at the new crowd that had entered what I thought was a safe place to be alone, when I saw a girl trying not to be noticed. She had long dark blonde hair and green eyes and was covered and sand like she had just dried off from a mud bath. She kind of reminded me of me, kind of quiet, staring up at the stars, trying to be invisible, but it didn't work out for either of us. We both stood awkwardly and had a feature that made us stand out. I liked that about her. She kind of felt my first true family member, but when she looked at me, and i found myself looking away, I thought maybe she was just another person who i was trying to avoid being noticed by.

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Kggelen Awesomeness (Katie77777) | 168 comments Eli turned to the other person. "Hi!"

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justin (hermes44) Suddenly it started getting loud. People started laughing, though I had no idea why, and a girl marched in and announced that she was here to the world. "Not my kind of person," I thought, and i squeezed through the growing crowd and went to find a room.

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Kggelen Awesomeness (Katie77777) | 168 comments ((I need someone to RP with!))
Eli frowned. "Well that was awfully rude!"

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justin (hermes44) ((oh sorry my character is not a people person. you could follow me or something))

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Kggelen Awesomeness (Katie77777) | 168 comments Eli says hi to Rose before leaving.

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justin (hermes44) "Jasper," I said, and though i didn't feel like talking, the crowd started clearing out, so i thought i might stay a while. "Are you new here?"

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Kggelen Awesomeness (Katie77777) | 168 comments Eli decides to stick around. This may just turn out to be worth her while. She always needed a good laugh. "I'm new. Anyone else?"

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justin (hermes44) "Well I just came here last month, but I am pretty new still. I don't have a room or any friends and not much training."

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Kggelen Awesomeness (Katie77777) | 168 comments "I have training." Fir a second, a look of pure terror passed across her face. Than she regained her normal look, and smiled. "But that's the past."

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Kggelen Awesomeness (Katie77777) | 168 comments "Be like you? What are you like?" Eli asked, laughing. She wasn't the only one that felt different.

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Kggelen Awesomeness (Katie77777) | 168 comments Eli rolled her eyes. Apparently, she wasn't wanted anywhere.

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Zia sighed and began looking for a block of ice and a flannel to cool down her fever.

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