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definitely not a topic that should ever occur in the real world

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Adam Tolson This book made me think about the future, but not the one that I want

Narjes Adam wrote: "This book made me think about the future, but not the one that I want"

Same, but I don't think it's likely that something EXACTLY like the hunger games would happen...but I always thought maybe something similar..I don't the separation and districts. It's pretty scary. I always wondered what happened to the other countries, did they have a hunger games of their own? or was Panem(Prev North America) isolated from the rest of the world? It's pretty cool, so many things to discuss about this book. Loved it.

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Yeah. It would be pretty horrible.

Lauren As our culture becomes more and more desensitized about violence and more obsessed with watching TV shows that document every aspect of people's lives, it is not difficult to imagine something like this occurring in real life. This was part of Collins' purpose of writing this novel. Unless we all realize this and are willing to DO SOMETHING to stop it, this dystopia is a plausible future.

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Teresa The thing is this: This is happening in REAL life, except they're not Districts that people are fighting in. It is Countries like:Syria, Iraq, etc.
It's sad and it just seems to go on every day.
More and more people are getting killed, but it's not just their people it's our Americans(people that are fighting for our Country-USA).

Narjes Totally agree.

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Olivia Narjis wrote: "Totally agree."

yea i agree with that, as well.

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Olivia that is good point there, on what Theresa just said..

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