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message 1: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (Klymene) | 214 comments Mod
Honestly? I'm super excited for this one. They are calling it the mid-season finale. *happy dance* They're going to give me time off to study for finals! yay!

I saw a bit of a preview. It showed lots and lots of good stuff. Take a look at the previews at the bottom of the wikia page: http://onceuponatime.wikia.com/wiki/Q...

message 2: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (Klymene) | 214 comments Mod
So? What did you guys think of the Winter Finale?

Honestly? I quite liked it. Henry was annoying with a purpose, and I love, love, love the back story.

It's pretty clear Cora is insane. She still has the flower from TWENTY EIGHT YEARS AGO!! It's really creepy. I'm unsure if Regina was being honest about how she still loves Cora. If she wasn't, that was highly effective. If she was... *shudder* I can't wrap my head around the fact that you could love someone who killed your "one true love"

Gold... I'm honestly worried. I'm mildly frustrated by the fact that all the fairy crystals went to waste. Really people? Really?!

Now, this was an excellent cliffhanger. If any of you people watch Revolution you'll recall what a terrible cliffhanger that was. It was completely ineffective. This one, on the other hand, was brilliant.

Have you noticed a pattern? The people with magic always end up corrupted by it. Rumpelstiltskin, Regina, Cora, they all started with magic with the best of intentions. Okay, maybe Cora didn't. But Regina and Rumple did. Now, Emma has magic, apparently, the magic of true love (blegh). I'm debating on whether Emma will be corrupt or not. For one, the magic is "pure" and made of goodness, but at the same time, sometimes, the temptation is too much.

I'm honestly worried about Regina. Now, she looks just like she used to, like an innocent, lost child. It's touching really. It's good that she's trying to change, but at the same time, loosing Henry is too much for her, as you can see from the preview.

What would solve this problem is if Emma went to Regina to ask for help with her magic. If Emma needed Regina's help, it would help deflate Regina's bruised ego. I think, at this point, Regina can be trusted.

About the Queen of Hearts... Was it always Cora? Or was it, at one point, someone else, and than Cora killed that person and replaced her? If you recall from the episode Hat Trick, Cora was already gone, and Regina was queen. I'm pretty sure the Queen of Hearts was played by Jennifer Koenig... Maybe the writers simply hadn't thought this far with the story. Anyways, that was seriously a brilliant plot move there.

message 3: by Siareen, Awww, thank you Klyme! How long did I not notice? (new)

Siareen | 144 comments Mod
It was... eugh. nothing special...

When do you see she still has the flower?
As to loving Cora after killing her one true love- that would explain why Regina blamed Snow instead of Cora- she couldn't blame Cora. I wonder if Cora had her under some sort of spell...

Of course Rumple could get out of that prison whenever he wanted. I'm totally not surprised.

Oh, wow. I didn't even realize that the last episode of Revolution was supposed to have a cliffhanger till right now :)

In my opinion, being corrupted by magic will only improve Emma, so what's the problem? she can hardly become even more blechy then she is now. magic only improves her.
But i doubt the writers will go there with her, because her magic comes from twu luwv.

I wonder what will happen to Regina when Cora does show up. should be interesting.

Did anyone else notice that the place that Cora and Hook got to doesn't really look like Storybrook?
For one, I don't recall Storybrook being an oceanside town. Maybe I forgot.
For another, that place almost looked black and white.
Maybe I'm just seeing things wrong, but to me it seems that Cora and Hook did not get where they wanted to go.

message 4: by Siareen, Awww, thank you Klyme! How long did I not notice? (new)

Siareen | 144 comments Mod
Also, about Hook. I was slightly surprised by his comment about more enjoyable activities to do to a woman on her back. It didn't seem like a very ABC comment, you know?

And I can't help but be suspicious by Hook returning Aurora's heart so easily. I was certain that it was someone else's heart or something...

message 5: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (Klymene) | 214 comments Mod
She had the flower at the very end, when Cora and Hook were on the ship and approaching Storybrooke... Let's see if I can find a picture. Aha! Here, look in Cora's hands, what she's holding: http://pmctvline2.files.wordpress.com...

Is Regina under a spell? I get the sense that Regina would have been able to sense that she was under a spell. It seems like Regina's magic is much more inborn and Cora's is more, made than born. Like Emma's magic is born.

Ha. Yeah, Revolution is not that great right now. That mother? Complete psycho. Charlie? More annoying than that annoying orange...

Yes, Emma is a pretty dull character at the moment. But it's kinda good for the story. Do we want to have a somewhat corrupt main character? Honestly, I think it defeats the purpose of a "good vs. evil" story. The main character can't be evil. Even in Wicked, Elphaba wasn't truly evil, just misunderstood.

I wonder if Regina even cares about Cora!

Oh, Storybrooke is an oceanside town. Here: http://ouat.roneyzone.com/wp-content/... It's Henry's "castle" after the storm in the one episode that Emma tried to bring Regina down... but failed because the land was actually used for a playground. It didn't look the same, but do you think it could be due to the curse?

I hope Cora and Hook didn't get to storybrooke, but the chances of that are just about nil. Where's the plot going to go?

Hook's comment was very much in character for him. Sure, it's not exactly like ABC, but I'd also like to point out that Graham's night time activities with the Queen weren't exactly ABC appropriate.

I'm guessing that is Aurora's heart. It fit, actually went into her.

message 6: by Katerina (new)

Katerina (Klymene) | 214 comments Mod
Oh, and at the end, I was on the edge of my seat, thinking "Oh! Bae is going to come in! He's going to come in!"

But noooooo. The cliff hanger wasn't Bae, it was Cora.

message 7: by Keira (new)

Keira Rush (ArtsyKR) | 55 comments I really want to like where the story is going so far but I was kind of disappointed. The episode itself started out awesome but I hate how they treated Regina afterwards. I understand why, but I hate it all the same.

Did anyone else just want to sock Emma in the face when she was whining in Rumple's jail cell?
You know what would have been an awesome twist? If Charming hadn't woken up from the curse. They were kind of hinting at that in the previous episodes. They also said that this world's magic is unpredictable.

Regarding the relationship between Cora and Regina, I know that there are some awful mother and daughter relationships but the bond between a mother and her child is a very hard one to break. At that time Regina was also evil so she was starting to understand her mother better even if part of her hates Cora.

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