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Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 49 comments Mod
Identify an important theme in your book.

Please consult your rubric and models to ensure that you are doing your best work!

For a “4”: Did I….
• Write a topic sentence that provided the title, author, and genre of my text?
• Provide context of what is happening in the text, so my reader understands what I’m talking about?
• Find a direct quote from the text that proves my idea?
• Thoroughly explain the significance of my quote/how it proves my idea?
• Check for correct punctuation and spelling?

message 2: by Karen (new)

Karen (allergic2haters) | 37 comments Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1) by Maggie StiefvaterShiver

In Maggie Stiefvater's fanstaty romance novel Shiver; the theme to this book is that love helps you get through tough times. Grace, a teenager, has a boyfriend named Sam who is 18 years old. Sam got in a fight with Shelby, who is a werewolf. After the fight, Sam got some of Shelby's blood on his hand and started to panic. Shelby and Sam went to the hospital and the doctor said Sam will be alright, but not Shelby. Grace (the protagonist) stood with Sam in a room where Sam was taking care of. "Mom thinks you're damaged goods, I told him. He kissed me again, closed his eyes for a moment, and then a third time, lightly." This quote shows that Grace really cares about Sam and shows that Grace is really in love with Sam. This is showing love when Grace is showing up to see how Sam is, and supporting him and not just care about him but loves him. Therefore, Grace is in love with Sam and the theme is love helps you get through tough times.

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Aaron | 22 comments In Rick Riordans fantasy novel The Red Pyramid, the theme in my book is don't trust anybody. Sadie and Carter are in the underworld and there ship captain who rides them to the Egyptian god Set so they could see him. But when they get back the boat is not there so they are forced to stay there until the next day. So Sadie starts panicking and she try's to talk to Set but there's nothing he can do. "What do you mean that I can't get another boatman over here to take me back!" "Don't back talk me or i'll make sure you never leave!" That quote shows that Sadie is upset with Set about the boatman who left them. But to me I think that Set did this on purpose so he could trap them and make them slaves or kill them.

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Bryan | 41 comments In Rick Riordan's mythical fiction novel, The Lightning Thief, a theme that would best describe this book would be that rumors can resolve in conflicts. Percy and Gover are at a camp, some kids there had mumbled about a few things and it told two messages to him. One was that he could be the son of a sea god, and the other was that monster would stop at nothing to kill him. "I'd been separated out as if I had some rare decease"(127). This quote shows that when people like Percy hears some rumors, it can result in some problems such as rumors that may cause you being in trouble, like a rumor that claims that Percy may have took Zeus's master lightning bolt.

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Sydney Mok (SydneyMok) | 43 comments In the book Begging For Change by Sharon G. Flake, an important theme is if you want something, you should make the effort and earn yourself. The protagonist Raspberry lives in a bad neighborhood where kids do drugs, drink at night, fight all the time and always loud at night. One of the girls in the neigborhood's name is Shiketa. Shiketa attacked her mother and her mom ended up in the hospital. Raspberry's father is a homeless man living on the street and came to visit. Raspberry's family is really poor and are always in need in money. She is always trying a way to earn money and would do anything for it but when her friend Zora and her father go out to eat for lunch. Zora's dad is right now with Raspberry's mom and they might get married one day. Zora went to the bathroom and tells Raspberry to hold her purse and Zora's father goes to the bathroom too. "I take the money out -a lot of it. Smell it. Put it away quick when the girl's bathroom door closes" (13). This quote shows that Raspberry stole money from her friend because she didn't have a lot of it which shows that she is greedy. Raspberry should be ashamed that she stole from her friend and when Zora found out, she knew Raspberry did it but she wouldn't admit it. Raspberry says she will never give the money back. Therefore, Raspberry should learn that if money is so important to her she should earn it herself instead of stealing and losing someone's trust.

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Andy Chen | 44 comments In Carl Deuker's realistic fiction novel, Night Hoops, the theme of this book is to never give up with what you really want to accomplish. Nick is a 12 year-old boy that is trying his best to help his team win the title in basketball. Since Nick was point guard and the leader of the team, he had to change his role as a player and share the ball more often against his rivalries. Nick and Trent were the most important player in the team, which both scores more than any other teammate. Nick really wanted his team to win the championship title in their last game against Garfield. However, sometimes when Trent wasn't with the team. Nick never gives up and tries very hard to lead the team and win games without him. Nick once told Trent,"I don't why you're here, or what you're here for, but you better get out of my sight if you don't want to help us win against Garfield! If you don't want to help, that's fine! We're going to win the championship without your help. Then, I pushed Trent out of the way and walked back to court." This quote shows Nick was very disappointed at Trent for ditching the championship game, and he still didn't give up because he lead the team to a championship without Trent, against one of the toughest teams.

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Corey | 43 comments In Rick Riordan fanstry novel The Sea of Monsters, the theme of the book is to never give up. Percy Jackson was capture by his enemy Luke who tried to kill him before. Luke wants the golden fleece from Percy but Percy doesnt have the fleece because they sent it to Camp Half Blood. Percy is stuck on the ship but he found a way to get out of the ship. "One on one," I said, " What are you afraid of?" (242). This shows that the only way he can leave and go back to Camp Half Blood. Percy Jackson doesnt give up and he didnt beat Luke but he did get out of that boat and to Camp half blood.Therefore, the theme of this story is to not give up.

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Michael R | 2 comments In Sharon M. Draper realistic fiction novel, Forged by Fire, the theme is anger. Gerald was only three and his mother would abuse him may I mind you Gerald is three and he was tough to never mess with his mother while she's sleeping. "If you don't sit your stinkin', useless butt back in that shopping cart, I swear I'll bust your greasy face in!"(1). This shows that anger drives his mother.Therefore anger fits this theme.

message 9: by Yamil (new)

Yamil Cifuentes | 40 comments In R.L. Stine's realistic fiction, "The Masked Mutant," I think the biggest theme for Skipper (protagonist) is Addictive. In my opinion, all he likes to do is lay in bed while reading his comic. Even his parents gets mad. And Skipper even lies to his parents. "I am telling you guys I am doing homework, jeez." This quote show that he can do or say anything to be lazy. Not only is he lazy at his house, he is lazy at school, the bus, and etc. I just wish his theme could be active.

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Elizabeth Sanchez | 14 comments In the book, "Go Ask Alice" by Anonymous, an important them in this book is that drug usage leads to negative effects. Throughout the book so far, the protagonist has tried many types of drugs and the end result lead her always in a bad situation. "Oh, I'm so ashamed! I can't believe I've sold to eleven and twelve year olds and even nine and ten year olds." This quote shows that because the protagonist was addicted to drugs she started to run out of money because of spending it on drugs all the time, so she started to sell it. Even, to little kids. She was going to strive for anything just to make money. Though, now when she found out her boyfriend cheated on her, which was the only reason why she went back to drugs she felt ashamed of her usage of drugs and the fact that she sold it to little kids.

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Ilijah A | 40 comments The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
In The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, a theme that best describes this book is war. The book takes place between 1930 and 1940. The main character Liesel Meminger who is nine years old, is Jewish and is in the middle of World War II with her foster parents. I chose the theme war because, the book is about World War II. It also mentions the Holocaust and about how everyone followed Hitlers instructions and how he slaughtered thousands of Jewish people. "He received a torch from the accomplice and lit the mound, which dwarfed him in all it culpability. "Heil Hitler"". I chose this quote because it shows how Hitler took over the minds of more than 90% of Germans and other people. Hitler sided and betrayed other country's and that started a giant war. In conclusion the theme I chose was war because The Book Thief is mainly bout World War II and about how Hitler slaughtered thousands of Jewish people.

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Wesley | 50 comments In Christopher Poalini's fantasy novel, Eldest, a theme that would best fit this book is you need to balance hard work with fun. In Eldest, Eragon goes to Ellesmera and meets the Cripple Who is Whole, one of the last riders in Alagasesia who was hidden from the king. He is from the old time named Oromis and his dragon is Glaedr. They have been training day and night, even though they have not explored and had any fun. One day Arya came to them and said, "You have been in Ellasmera for three days now and yet you have seen nothing of this city. I know that you have always wished to explore it. Set your weariness for once and accompany me." This quote shows how Eragon has just been working and training. He hasn't been exploring the land, just flying to Oromis and flying home and sleep. Now he is having fun and balancing his training, and because of his balance he is also doing better in training not have as much seizures from a back injury. Therefore a good theme for Eldest is to balance hard work with fun.

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Kenjo | 41 comments In 50 Cent's autobiography, From Pieces To Weight, the theme of this book would be don't go in the wrong direction or you'll end up paying for it. In the first few chapters, after his mother dies from poisoning, 50 turns to dealing drugs at a very young age. Everyone around him in his neighborhood was doing it so he decided he would hide his stash of crack cocaine in his closet so his grandparents wouldn't find it. He was hesitant about whether to do it or not but he wanted clothes and shoes so he ended up doing it for the money. He stated, "I never saw dealing drugs as a bad thing back then. Everyone else was making profit off of it." This quote shows how the people around 50 affected him and his decisions. He knew it wasn't the best thing to do but the money people were earning made him go off in that direction. He was arrested several times during his high school years. Therefore, the theme that best fits this book is don't go in the wrong direction or you'll end up paying for it.

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Gabby T. | 22 comments In Jodi Picoult's relistic fiction novel Handle With Care the main theme in the book is that if you love someone enough you would do anything for them. Charlotte is a mother of a child with ostemise impefecta. During her pregancy with willow her best friend Piper became her obstreican during the pregancy. she did not tell Charlotte that willow was going to be born with brittle bone disease still it did not ruin their friendship and Charlotte said that even if she did know Willow was going to be born with a disease she would have not aborted the pregancy and they continue their friendship. Until Charlotte visits a lawyer 6 years later because she wants to sue disneyworld for an incident that happened with Willow. The laywer Margin tells her that she dose not have a case against them but she dose have a case against her obsterican who happends to be her best friend. Charlotte considers it because she wants to get a surgery done on Willow which will help her break less bones and walk better. In the end she ends up sueing Piper even though she feels terrible about it to give Willow a better chance of livng. she says to Willow "I love piper but I will always love you more." this shows that she loved Willow so much she was willing to ruin her friendship with her bestfriend just to give a better life to Willow. This show that one of the main themes of the book is that if you love someone enough you would do anything for them.

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Altamir III III (longdeoking) | 27 comments In Sharon M. Draper realistic fiction novel, Darkness Before Dawn a theme to my book is to never let go of friends. I say that this is the theme because this book, or the whole series was about friendship and real lives situations. Now what happen was that two remarkable people in everybody's lives (in the book) was they died. One was Robbie Washington, who was 17 and died in a car accident because they let him go in the car and let him burn to death. Then, the person who most say that killed him was Andy, died mostly because he lost something very special that was his girlfriend, Kiesha, the protagonist of this book. Now why this is a good theme is because of this, Kiesha was more than a friend to Andy, but she let him go, and then we lost someone very special. And before that, if Andy, Tyrone and B.J (everybody friends) didn't stop trying to pull out Robbie, then he would still be alive.

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Aaron | 29 comments In Caroline Cooney's realistic fiction novel Whatever Happened to Janie one theme in this book is that never trust everybody. I think this might be the theme of my book because in my book Janie is sent to do something the person who told her was the man who captured her but Janie refuses to do the task that she was told to do but the man didn't care what she thought he said "If you don't do what I tell you to do I will not hesitate to kill you." This quote means that Janie should've never went to that party but her friend told her that they were going to dance have something to eat and then leave before midnight and Janie had to trust her sometimes you can trust your friends and other times you just have to bail out on them.

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