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Phoenix (Online Elf) | 4173 comments

This Week's Song

Weekly song picks will be announced in this thread on Friday Evenings. Please make sure that someone in your team is checking this thread every week and advising the rest of the team.

Remember that individual points are accrued by the strength of the link between your book and the weekly song. Possible links (other than Shelf/List) will only be listed for the first week.

♬ "Roxanne" - The Police (1978)


Possible Links:
Shelf/List= Men-in-Uniform [links to artist]
Plot= Fallen from Grace [sex work / prostitution]
Title= The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love
Cover= Backstage Pass [concert on cover & YouTube link]
Name= Broken Music by Sting [singer & author]

*Mystery Word: dance

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CaroB (CarobSimms) | 5559 comments List of Bonus Words:
Once the game begins we will randomly choose one of the words below for your chance to score an extra individual point.

1. shuffle
2. sway
3. tap
4. country/western
5. shake
6. stomp
7. shimmy
8. dancer
9. swing
10. bus-stop
11. jazz
12. rhythm
13. chiken
14. hokey/pokey
15. beats
16. performance

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Phoenix (Online Elf) | 4173 comments Here it is! The first song is now playing.

Week 1: ♬ Battlescars by Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe Fiasco (2012)

Lyrics: Click here.
Video: YouTube Clip here and for USA here.
Shelf: Military Romance
Word: No bonus word this week.

Good luck!!

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Phoenix (Online Elf) | 4173 comments Week 2 - ♬ Laid by James (1993)

Lyrics:Click here
Video:You Tube clip
Shelf: Obsessed Hero
Word: No bonus word this week.

Good luck!!

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Phoenix (Online Elf) | 4173 comments Announcement

Some of you will be checking in today to see what the new song choices will be for this week, so we moderators wanted to take the time to let you know about a few changes that are taking effect this week.

1. Firstly, a change of players. We've had 5 of our 7 teams change players in the last week. Please welcome Tea, Manvir, Kate, Angela & Judy to the game and offer any help you can, especially during the first week. And au revoir to Cheryl, Susanne, Dani, Anna and CaroB. Hopefully we may see you all in future rounds when life settles down a bit.

2. Miss CaroB will still be helping us to manage the game, but in a smaller capacity than she has been. She has a new job which will be taking up a majority of her time for the next couple of months. Miss Gisela, Miss Susan, Miss Lisa Kay and myself will all still be here frequently to help you out, never fear! To help us out, however, we will be simplifying some things:

3. The Spreadsheet will now only be updated when the team captain requests a dancer to be groovified in the Hey Mr DJ thread. We've changed the spreadsheet so there's only one entry for the team Read, Rated, Reviewed column. This makes it easier to see what the team score should be.

4. You will still get the list of song choices ahead of time, so you can try to work out book links ahead of the song being called, if you like. This will be done on Thursdays. Due to the increased workload for the moderators, we wont be able to answer questions until the song is called on Friday. Don't worry, we're still here to help! But we can't guarantee that we'll have the time to get here to answer your questions before the song is called. Once the song is called, we will definitely be here to help. *TIP1: When you're looking for book links, look at the significant part of the video and lyrics! For example - Blinds or curtains, clouds and trees, buildings or cars etc, might not have anything to do with the song. If it's just in the background, it isn't significant. But a clothesline with laundry drying, in a video where housework is a significant part of the clip, would count as a link. Or a car that was on fire, or a crumbling building, might count as a link for a video clip that showed them in a significant manner. There's more scope in the lyrics, but what we're looking for is something that links to the general idea of the song. Hope that helps*

3. It's all about teamwork. Some people can't read very quickly. Others are limited to library books. Points are important, but it's not the only thing that makes this game fun. Help each other out, make allowances for Real Life and don't be afraid to think outside the box. Some of the best things about the last round were seeing all the different books people were reading and having new series/authors to add to our TBRs.

Have a ball, have a blast, have a boogey!

Ok, let's start the music...

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Phoenix (Online Elf) | 4173 comments Week 3 - ♬ You've Got a Friend by James Taylor (1971) No Video

Possible Links
Lyrics: Click Here
Video: none
Shelf: Friends To Lovers
Word: shimmy

Good luck!!

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Phoenix (Online Elf) | 4173 comments Week 4 - ♬ Set Fire to the Rain by Adele (2011)

Possible Links
Lyrics:Click Here
Video:Click here
Shelf:Love Triangle
Word: Bus-stop*

Good luck!

*(we will also accept the two words consecutively without the hyphen)

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Phoenix (Online Elf) | 4173 comments Week 5 - ♬ Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men (2011)

Possible Links
Lyrics: Click Here
Video:Click Here
Shelf: Magical Creatures

Good luck!

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Phoenix (Online Elf) | 4173 comments Week 6 - ♬ I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift (2012)

Possible Links
Lyrics: Click Here
Video: Video
Shelf: Bad Boy

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Phoenix (Online Elf) | 4173 comments Week 7 - ♬ Warzone by The Wanted (2011)

Possible Links
Lyrics: Click Here
Video: Click Here
Shelf: Cheating (Shelf linked only, Shelves with similar names will not count.)

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Phoenix (Online Elf) | 4173 comments Week 8 - ♬ Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden (1997)

Possible Links
Lyrics: Click Here
Video: Click Here or Here
Shelf: Reunion
Word: Shake

Good Luck!

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