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Natalie McDonald
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Hey guys! Remember that girl, Natalie McDonald, who got Sorted into Gryffindor in Goblet of Fire? Yeah, she was a real person!

Natalie McDonald was a hardcore Potterhead living in Canada and dying of leukemia. She wrote to JK, voicing her fears that she would never reach the end of the book. JK found the letter after ending a holiday and feared it was too late. She still wrote back, explaining what would happen to the main characters. She got a letter back from Natalie's mother, telling her that Natalie died the day before JK's letter came. JK was deeply saddened and decided to tribute Natalie by putting her into the book to honour her memories. Natalie's mother's other children read Harry Potter, the mother kept the letter and showed it to them when they finished Deathly Hallows.

So sad, huh?

that is SO sad and very nice of j.k.r to do such a thing too!

I'm sure when she go to hevean she some how was told or just knew what would happen. I hope there are Harry Potter books in hevean. If not we should read for her.

deleted user OF COURSE there are Harry Potter books in heaven!
Jan 28, 2013 11:37AM

That is just the sweetest thing ever JK has done.

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OMG, that is so sad! And so sweet!

Hmm. Fair play to JK Rowling for doing such a nice thing, but she was taking a bit of a risk and I can't see her publishers being that happy that she did it. The little girl may have been dying, but that didn't mean that the girl's parents were nice, trustworthy people. How did JKR know that the parents wouldn't just sell the letter to the press so that they could reveal what happened to the characters? Stranger things have happened.

It is cool

That is so sad! Natalie didn't even get her wish - and when you are sick, books become an important part of your life. That was so sweet of JK Rowling to do that - it must've meant the world to Natalie's parents.

Wow... That's real touching... That's so kind of her. J. K. Rowling is a wonderful person, isn't she.

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that is sad....but how did you know that??

Sparrowlicious ... or maybe the mother of the child "told the world". Because you know, people like to talk about these kind of things - especially the ones whom it ...more
Feb 14, 2013 11:08PM

Beautiful, but sad.

That is heartbreaking for any person.

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