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((rp here))

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"That was some great flying." Jon said to Katana just after their narrow escape.

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"Set course for Hellios Prime. I know a guy there. We should be able to cash in our haul."

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Jon started to leave the deck just as something hit them. Jon ran and took the seat next to Katana jumping on the computer. A voice came on over the speakers "Ah Jon I found you. My guns are pointed straight at you. Surrender or die." said the voice. "Clive you bastard that should be obvious." Jon said. "Get us outa here Katana"

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"How does he always find us?" Jon said to himself. "I'm gonna check for damage."

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"Good. I'm gonna make something to eat. You want anything?"

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"Sure" Jon said leaving the room and walking into the kitchen.

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Jon walked back into the room with a bowl of ramen and handed it to Katana. He sat at the controls next to her and punched the coordinates into the hyperdrive. "This should be fast enough." Jon said pushing a button activaqting the hyperdrive.

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"This is gonna be a pain in the ass. For once can't we just steal some cargo and go and sell it without any trouble."

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"Land down over there." Jon said pointing to a landing platform.

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"Alright lets go." Jon said grabbing his gun belt and sword.

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"I'm not really sure." Jon said stepping onto the lift.

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((brb like 20 mins. i made you a mod))

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"Lets find some clothes and try to blend in." Jon said.

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When they got to the platform Jon walked over to a door off to the side. "Hey over here."

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"Come on. Quick before somebody comes."

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Jon entered the room it was a locker room. "Perfect." Jon said smiling.

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Jon started going through the lockers and found two robes. He handed one to Katana. "Here this should be good enough. We should try to find a pub or something and get some info." he said as he put the robe on.

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After Jon put on his robe he walked across the hallway and into the other locker room. "You find anything?"

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Jon smiled "Your like a magnet."

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"Alright we need to get you to a computer, see if you can find anything out." Jon said walking towards the door leading from the landing platform to the city.

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"Ok." Jon said as he followed a man in a maintenance uniform down a hallway.

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Jon pulled the man into a room while no one was looking and put his gun to his head. "Your gonna help us if you want to live. And don't try anything stupid."

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Khan sat in a holding cell waiting for the bounty hunter to come get him. "I hope Jon got my message." he said to himself.

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Jon hit the guy in the back of the head with his gun knocking him out. He walked over to Katana, "Any luck?"

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"His name is Khan and hes about 17." Jon told her "Hes probably lists as a pirate."

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"Is there a comm link in the cell?" Jon asked.

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"Put me through now" Jon said.

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"Khan" Jon said. "Jon? Is that you?" Khan said jumping up. "Yes. I got your message. Are you ok?" Jon asked. "Ya, but you gotta get me outta here Clives on his way to get me." Khan replied. "Just hang tight I'll be right there." Jon said. "Alright just hurry." Khan said. Jon turned to Katana "Find out where he is and lets go."

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Jon took the lead with Katana giving directions. He headed to the holding cells.

((kk bye))

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All of a sudden the door opened and there was a man standing there with guards on the ground around him. "Its about time" Khan said. "Well if you could have escaped why did you need us?" Jon asked. "Well if I escaped and had no ship to get away on, it wouldn't have been much of an escape." Khan pointed out. Jon laughed "This is Katana my pilot and first mate, Katana this is Khan, my little brother." Jon said. Khan smiled, "Hello".

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Katana turned right into Clive, bumping into him. Jon reached for his gun "Hold on just a second. Are you sure that's such a smart thing to do?" Clive said tapping Jon's forehead with the barrel of his rifle. Jon raised his hands. "Well well and I thought you got away. Today's my lucky day."

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Jon smiled "Thats why I love having you around." he said to Katana. As he walked over to Clive he grabbed Katana and kissed her on the cheek. Then he turned to Clive and grabbed him taking his own handcuffs and locking his hands behind his back. "Looks like today is your lucky day. I'm not in the mood to see anyone die today." Jon said as he kicked him into the cell. "You'll regret it." Clive said as the plasma shield engaged. "This is a nice rifle." Khan said examining Clive's gun. "Put it down and lets get outa here." Jon said.

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"No thank you for saving my ass again." he said as he took her hand and started running back to the ship. "Lets get the hell outa here before someone notices." Khan followed still examining Clive's rifle.

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Khan was pointing the rifle at them. "I'd move if I were you." he said as the elevator started to open. Khan braced himself and pulled the trigger. Jon tackled Katana pulling her out of the way. "Wtf was that?" Jon said standing and pulling Katana to her feet. Khan smiled and pointed to the elevator.

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In the elevator were four dead bodies of what looked like bounty hunters. Khan smiled and threw Clive's rifle on his shoulder. "I think I'm going to keep this." he said. Jon looked at the bodies "How'd you know?" he asked. "What the point of being good with technology if your not going to use it." Khan replied tapping his left eye. It made a metal ticking sound. "Thermal vision along with many other useful things."

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"When did you...nevermind lets just get outa here." Jon said stepping into the elevator. Khan followed whistling.

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The elevator stopped and they got off. "Umm... which way?" Jon said looking up and down the hallway.

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"Ok" Jon said following her.

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"I like where thats headed, but I think we should get back to the ship." Jon said smiling.

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"This way." Khan said from the other end of the hallway. Jon smiled and took Katana's hand running off after Khan.

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Jon and Katana rounded the corner meeting up with Khan. They were in front of the door to the landing platform with their ship. "There's guards all around. I think the best solution is to go in guns blazin and get to the ship." Khan said. Jon agreed and pulled his blasters. Khan raised the rifle and aimed at the door. "Go" he said as he fired 3 shots though the door.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) ((can me get a summary?))

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Jon followed. Khan stayed back, shooting through the walls using his Eagle Eye to see. Jon reached the ship and lowered the hatch "Go start the ship. Take off as soon as possible." he said to Katana as he covered her with his blasters.

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Khan started laughing, "This rifle is awesome." he said still shooting from the other side of the wall. "Come on Khan, I'll cover you." Jon yelled. Khan replied, "Just go, don't worry. Leave the hatch open." Jon nodded and ran into the ship. He entered the bridge and sat down next to Katana, at the weapons terminal.

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"Alright just hurry." Jon said using the ships turrets to blast away some guards.

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Khan heard footsteps behind him, "Damn" he said when he turned around and saw all the guards coming. He reached into a pack he had on his side and pulled out a small metal ball and rolled it down the hallway toward the approaching guards, "BOOM" Khan said just before it blew up blocking of the hallway from more guards coming. Khan smiled and turned back to shooting the guards on the platform.

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"Aww man I was having fun." Khan said. Jon laughed, "Just like when we were kids."

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"Another perfect getaway." Jon said. Khan walked around the ship checking it out. He stopped in the garage and started rummaging through things.

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