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message 1: by Jeffrey, Lentarian Fire Thrower (new)

Jeffrey Poole (Jaymikal) | 2287 comments Mod
Howdy! I'm a moderator here in sunny Arizona! It's gorgeous here at the moment.

I live in a small town on the CA border and we're limited in what bookstores we have here. Actually, we have one. *sigh*

Who else calls Arizona home?

message 2: by Jeffrey, Lentarian Fire Thrower (new)

Jeffrey Poole (Jaymikal) | 2287 comments Mod
If only the Power Ball winner was here in LHC. I wasn't even close.

message 3: by Jeffrey, Lentarian Fire Thrower (new)

Jeffrey Poole (Jaymikal) | 2287 comments Mod
You know you live in the desert when instead of being able to decorate pine trees in your yard all you have are pineapple palm trees. And yes, I decorated it with Xmas lights.

I hate that freakin' thing. It's not a pleasant piece of greenery to decorate. It has three inch long spikes near the base of the thing. On more than one occasion I've threatened it with a chainsaw if it pokes me again.

message 4: by Scott, Fabled Reviewer o' Tales! (new)

Scott (Bookblogger) | 1315 comments Mod
Are you saying you can grow pineapples in your front yard and are complaining?? That's just not right.

message 5: by Jeffrey, Lentarian Fire Thrower (new)

Jeffrey Poole (Jaymikal) | 2287 comments Mod
The only resemblance to a pineapple is the appearance. A gigantic pineapple with huge-a$$ thorns. I'll take a pic of it tonight with the Xmas lights on it.

Nasty thing.

message 6: by Jeffrey, Lentarian Fire Thrower (new)

Jeffrey Poole (Jaymikal) | 2287 comments Mod
On a real side note here, I have a question. Anyone ever see the ISS before when it's super dark outside? I did this morning and it was very cool!

I was walking my dog, Keeley, "Peanut" for you Bakkian fans out there, and while I was waiting by a mailbox for Keeley to finish checking it out, I decided to stretch my back and consequently looked up. In my little town here in AZ, astronomy is a really cool hobby as there isn't much light pollution. Anyway, I see Venus. Very bright up in the sky. Then Venus starts to move. Whoops, my bad. Obviously a plane.

As I stood there and stared at this moving plane it dawned on me that lights on a plane flash, and this wasn't flashing. So what was I looking at? I wondered then if it might be the space station. So I checked several ISS tracking sites and confirmed that at the time I walked the dog, the ISS was passing by overhead.

Pretty cool!! Makes me wonder if I can make my iPad track the station with my scope. Will have to tinker with it. :)

message 7: by B.C. (new)

B.C. Brown (bcbrownbooks) | 16 comments I'm a new transplant to Arizona. I live in Phoenix. Ferreting out the indie community here is proving difficult. There doesn't seem to be an solid resource to turn to like there was in Indiana. I swear, you could stroll into the public library and locate almost every writer in the county! Apparently it's time to put my Carmen SanDiego hat on and start sleuthing.

message 8: by Sean (new)

Sean McLachlan | 68 comments I lived in Tucson for 12 years and loved the hiking and road trips. It's been a while since I lived there but if you're looking for authors, check out Tuscon, the local relaxacon. Great place to meet like-minded folks and it's been going on for 30 years!

message 9: by Judy (new)

Judy Goodwin | 12 comments I'm one of those rare creatures. An Arizona native. (No, I'm not Hispanic or Native American either.)

In fact, I'm fourth-generation native Arizonan. My great-grandparents were one of the founding families in Tempe.

Got my BA in Creative Writing at U of A, and I currently live in Gilbert.

Oh, and I have a pineapple palm in my front yard as well. And it's nothing like a pineapple! I grumble because I'm constantly having to trim it.

message 10: by Christopher (new)

Votey Christopher (mad_cat) | 4 comments Not a native Arizonan, but my Mother was. I've lived here long enough I think I could claim it.

I am making a run at writing as a career and would like to connect to other writers. I live in Mesa.

message 11: by Hava (new)

Hava Zuidema (Havajz) | 3 comments I'm going to college in Arizona next year! I live in Michigan now so I'm excited for Arizonan weather. I've been to Arizona on multiple cross-country trips and loved it, I even wrote it as a key setting in my book!

message 12: by Kyra (new)

Kyra Halland (kyrahalland) | 60 comments I'm in Tucson, grew up in Scottsdale and Tempe. I enjoy writing fantasy in desert settings and other Arizona landscapes.

Hava: the weather is perfect right now. Good luck with school here and have fun!

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