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message 1: by Juliet (new)

Juliet Hotel You can call me Jeremiah. I tend to be a gamer more than a reader, and a writer less than either but I still get a story written or read once in a while.

Last thing I finished reading was The Dark Tower, I put off finishing the last book for a couple years cause I didnt want the story to end :D Before that was the Chronicles of Dune (and while in the hospital I ended with Patricia Brigg's Moon Called, on my lap now)

I am one of those self-critical writers that tends to trash old projects (unfortunately) but I have in my possession a few short stories.

Since this is my first time in these forums and I found rather little discussion on the topic here I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of Erotica (as opposed to Romance) and it's place in Literature in general.

Even though all my stories are short or mini I have written the spectrum from non-erotic spy vs. spy cute romance to hardcore gorey rape and violence to satanic nightmare fantasy and back to desperate space-cruiser bunk last chance romance.

To me there is an extra challenge in writing Erotica, which I love, that doesn't exist with Romance, and that is how do you communicate something deeper to the audience when the subject is based to begin with.

Does violence and rape, and purely based sexual content belong in contemporary literature or shall it forever remain in it's shadowy niche?

also: im 6'2" with thick shoulder-length dark hair, blue eyes, slim, and well endowed :P

And, if anyone has any advice for men who want to write romance and erotica for women I'd love to know.

message 2: by Juliet (new)

Juliet Hotel Also the reason I haven't written much lately is because I've been carefully working on a large project. The outline is functional, it'll be five novels, the subject is one character and the rest is just apocalpyse after apocalypse.

The synopsis would be: A satanic cult, manipulated by an ancient society of martian scientists, in an attempt to bring forth Satan, causes a nuclear disaster, which becomes the catalyst for 1. Highly mutable parasitic virus (mutant zombies) 2. Coastal collapse, natural disasters 3. Nuclear war between USA and China 4. Hell overflowing onto Earth, undead and demonic takeover of the planet 5. Accidental robot apocalypse 6. One unfortunate protagonist who has to survive it all. And thats just the first book :D

So now I've got the outline done and I think I know what stylization and format to write it in it should be maybe five or so years before im done! woohoo.

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