All Clear All Clear question

Michael near the end - spoilers
Alison Alison Nov 27, 2012 06:38PM
Question: When Michael saw Binnie, did she not mention Mum and Dad? How is that possible, when Eileen was still unmarried on VE Day? Or did I miss something?

Eileen didn't marry the vicar, Mr. Goode, until after they met again during the V-E Day celebration. Remember, he was in the army and the (fantastically) met up during the celebration.

I just finished rereading this and as I remember she only mentions Mum. This happens in 1944 after Eileen has decided to stay in the past but before we know that has happened. I think Willis wanted us to think Eileen was stuck in the past and that Polly had died by 1944. I thought it got a bit confusing here.

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