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message 1: by J.C. (last edited Nov 27, 2012 04:43PM) (new)

J.C. Hendee (JCHendee) | 27 comments Having setup several texts herein that are self/privately published (Barb and I do this as well as work under contract), no link works to Amazon or B&N that uses and GR script generated (?) affiliate link, entering an ISBN or ASIN. Lots of variations tried, and even the title search option does not work... though the title is in these store listings. Kobo works, but GR isn't generating affiliate code from what I see in the URL.

This needs to be fixed immediately, or GR becomes less worthwhile for authors over the long run.


message 2: by Peter (new)

Peter (pete_C) | 433 comments Is this a function of the Amazon mandated data divestiture? I had read something about that in another thread some time ago.

message 3: by J.C. (last edited Dec 04, 2012 10:04AM) (new)

J.C. Hendee (JCHendee) | 27 comments It has to do with that in part. Essentially, by whatever publishing source distributes the work, if there is (1) no ISBN assorted to the specific Amazon edition [Kindle] and/or (2) the publishing source has not or cannot insist on ISBN display... then Amazon is no longer listing the ISBN and therefor the GR system link to the item except through an ASIN. Often even the title search fails.

Best practice... create an Amazon and/or Kindle specific edition of the text here at GR, even if it uses the same ISBN as your widely distributed text. Use the Amazon ASIN to link that specific edition and all will be fine. Be sure to "combine" all editions of the same exact text so that when GR readers search it out by author or title... the "other editions" section of the page will display the multiple editions you have entered into the system.

If you need to see how this works, look up any of my privately published short works through my profile.

Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) | 7 comments For Barnes and Noble nook book editions, their bnid that always starts with "294..." gets entered into the isbn-13 field (isbn-10 left blank).

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