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message 1: by Ms. Flagg (new)

Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 49 comments Mod
Reflecting on character is something that all good readers should do throughout their texts. To better understand your protagonist, choose one of the following questions.

1.) Describe an important choice that your protagonist had to make.

2.) What is your protagonist's greatest strength?

Please consult your rubric and models to ensure that you are doing your best work!

For a “4”: Did I….
• Write a topic sentence that provided the title, author, and genre of my text?
• Provide context of what is happening in the text, so my reader understands what I’m talking about?
• Find a direct quote from the text that proves my idea?
• Thoroughly explain the significance of my quote/how it proves my idea?
• Check for correct punctuation and spelling?

message 2: by Ilijah (new)

Ilijah A | 40 comments In my book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the protagonist Harry is a teenager wizard who has an enemy named Voldemort who tried to kill him as a child but only left him with a scar and his parents dead. An important choice my character had to make was to go up against one of the most dangerous wizards. Harry could have gotten himself killed but he did it to save everybody else, it was between him and Voldemort. “I'm going to keep going until I succeed — or die. Don't think I don't know how this might end. I've known it for years.” This quote shows how Harry will fight even if he dies trying. I think Harry's greatest strength is his mind because in any tough situation he knows how to get out of it. Therefore Harry's most important choice was to take on Voldemort even if it was very dangerous and can be harmful to others, but he did it to save others and it shows that good overcame evil.

message 3: by Andy (new)

Andy Chen | 44 comments In Carl Deuker's realistic fiction novel, Night Hoops, an important choice Nick Abbott had to make was team chemistry. Nick is a 12 year-old boy that wants to try very hard to make the varsity basketball team. After Nick had made the basketball team, another kid, Trent Dawson, also made it to the team. What Nick is struggling at is team chemistry. He has bad team chemistry at point guard. He is so selfish that he doesn't even share the ball or move the ball to his teammates. However, his Mother was disappointed with Nick's attitude when playing basketball, and she decided to make both teammates work together as a fair teammate. Nick's Mother bought a basketball court at the back of their yard, So Nick can change his Basketball IQ and have team work. His mother once stated,"No team chemistry, no victory. Team work is the result to winning a ball game. She then guide me to the back yard and there it was, a basketball court! Here, you will work with Trent on how to play well together as a teammate." This quote shows this is an important choice to make for Nick because he is the leader. And since he is a leader, he must take his Mother's advice and have team chemistry. Like hi Mother said, no team work, no victory, Nick and his team can only win basketball games, unless he change his role as a player and share the ball.

Nick Abbott's greatest strength is hogging the ball. In games, he always put up more shots than any of his teammates. As a point guard, he barely have any assist, because he is just that selfish and doesn't share the ball. He could move the ball around, but he chose not to. And, this is why he doesn't have good team chemistry. Nick may be a very selfish basketball player and doesn't have good sportsmanship, but he can really shoot. Nick is a selfish player that is very good at shooting jumpers from long distances and scoring layups. This is Nick's greatest strength.

message 4: by Karen (new)

Karen (allergic2haters) | 37 comments Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1) by Maggie Stiefvater
In Maggie Stiefvater's fanstay romance novel, Shiver, the protagonist Grace had to make an important choice which is to hide Sam in her house to protect him to stay human with her instead of being a werewolf all his entire life. Grace had to make a decision if to leave her boyfriend to be a werewolf all his life or stay with her to have a happy life. “I let him stay in my bedroom to keep warm during the autumn as he cannot return to pack member Beck's house as it won't be warm enough.” This quote shows that Grace's important decision was to keep Sam alive and protect him to not be a werewolf all his life and to be her boyfriend still in life. Therefore, Grace's important decision is to protect Sam for Grace's relationship with him.

message 5: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Mok (SydneyMok) | 43 comments In the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- Time by Mark Haddon, he protagonist has an important decision to make which is to chose to either trust his dad and move back with him. He chooses to move back with his dad because even though he lied to him saying that his mother was dead but she just got an affair and moved in with someone else. His dad says "Christopher, look... Things can't go on like this. I don't know about you, but this.. this just hurts too much. You being in the house but refusing to talk to me.. You have to learn to trust me.. And U don't care how long it takes.. If a minute one day and two minuters the next...." (218). This quote shows that Chris' dad wants to be forgiven for lying to him. Chris has to choose whether to trust him and he does because for all these years, his dad was always there for him and dealt with all the trouble he causes.

message 6: by Bryan (new)

Bryan | 41 comments In Rick Riordan's mythical fiction novel, The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson's greatest strength is hi knowledge of the gods of mount Olympus. Through out his life, he has been such a clumsy oaf when it comes to field trips. When one of his teachers spoke up about the Olympians, Kronos and Zeus who were Titans. "Kronos didn't trust his kids. So, um, he ate them, right? But his wife hid baby Zeus, and gave Kronos a rock instead" (pg 5). This quote shows that Percy seems to know a lot about the Gods of Olympus, because he explained every detail about the titans and their battle against one another.

message 7: by Yamil (new)

Yamil Cifuentes | 40 comments In R.L. Stine's realistic fiction, "The Masked Mutant," the choice Skipper (Protagonist) made was to either go to the lair and find out who is terrorizing his life or stay home and pretend nothing happened. And the choice Skipper made was to go to the lair and find out who is terrorizing his life. "I should not sit around and do nothing. I have to go to the lair, all the info I need is in my comic book." This quote shows that Skipper don't want anything else but to find out who is behind all this. That was Skipper's greatest strength in the book from all of his moment.

message 8: by Wesley (last edited Nov 27, 2012 06:20PM) (new)

Wesley | 50 comments In Christopher Paolini's Fantasy novel, Eldest, one of my protagonist, Roran's (Eragon's cousin) important choice was to stand up. He had a duty to defend his home town,Carvahall. . As a leader, He has been directing the villagers to do what ever he wants then to do. He made them go into the dangerous Spine to keep them safe. However Roran Just told Sloan, Katrina(Rorans wife) father)that they are getting married. Sloan gets mad and runs off to his butcher shop. Before they depart to the Spine, Sloan and the Ra'zac ( monsters) attack and capture Katrina. "I could either give up and die or I could try to escape Balbatorix's trap no matter the cost" This shows an important choice Roran had to make. He made the right choice, to escape Galbatorix's trap and rescue Katrina. I think he made a good choice to do this. I would've have done it too. Therefore the important choice Roran made was to stand up.

Roran's strength is his wife. He is very protective of her. When she is in risk of attack he always rescues her. When the Ra'zac attacked, Christopher put He was invincible because Katrina was in danger. This show how his greatest strength is Katrina. Katrina gave up her mother's inheritance, and all her money to marry Roran, if she wasn't Roran's greatest strength then they shouldn't be married

message 9: by Corey (last edited Nov 27, 2012 06:25PM) (new)

Corey | 43 comments In Rick Riordan's fanstry novel, the Sea of Monsters, Percy Jackson's greatest strength is fighting. Percy Jackson is a 13 year old boy who had a strange dream about grover his best friend. After he finds out he goes looking for him and golden fleece. After finding Grove and the golden fleece, Percy learns from Polyphemus the monster that he has been attracting satyr from all over the world who been looking for Pan. Pan is like a god for satyr and he has been missing. After he fights with the monster, he gets the golden fleece. "Fighting is what I trained for and fighting is everything," This quotes shows how Percy like to fight and what he does with fighting. Therefore Percy greatest strength is fighting

message 10: by Zoe (new)

Zoe | 25 comments In Christopher Paolini's fantasy novel Eldest, one of the important choices that Eragon had to make was to help the Varden in the war. In the novel, Eragon is sent to Ellesmera to continue his training with Oromis to prepare for a war that is coming in the near future. He is taught about how to use spells that can kill people, and how to use a sword better. Eragon hears that Galbotorix's army is being sent to the Varden to destory them. He then returns to the Varden. "The war has begun." This quote shows that helping the Varden in the war is one of his important choices, because there is a possibility that he could be killed.

Eragon's greatest strength would have to be him and Saphira. When Eragon gets tired from fighting for a long time, Saphira shares some of her power with him so he has enough strength to fight. This shows that Saphira is his greatest strength.

message 11: by Jamilah (new)

Jamilah B | 37 comments The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

In Alice Sebold's nonfiction novel, The lovely bones, an important choice my protagonist had to make was getting into the hole with Mr. Harvey. This choice is important because its a matter of life or death. If she gets in the hole, she's dead, if she doesn't and runs home, shes alive, but she chose to go into a stranger's home and have a drink of coca cola, so she died. "The end came anyway." This quote shows that when Susie entered the hole, there was no escaping."I don't know why you think you're leaving." So therefore a important decision my protagonist had to make was getting into a hole with a strange.

message 12: by Altamir III (new)

Altamir III III (longdeoking) | 27 comments In the realistic fiction novel,darkness Before Dawn by Sharon M. Draper, the biggest decision that my protagonist had was when she broke up with Andy. That is because all of Andy's expectations of school, and friends, and life was all on her. That was because Andy was in a car accident and killed his best friend Robbie Washington. They were both 17 years old. And that accident had affected a lot Andy. And the best person to console him was Kiesha (his girlfriend/protagonist on this book). But then, when they had a really stupid fight, they broke up. That really affected Andy a lot. So what would Andy do. What nobody wants from somebody. He stayed home from school and took his fathers rifle and shot himself on the head and died. Suicide. He was 17 years old. Then that made the protagonist really sad and now she gets badly affected by this decision. So that's the greatest or biggest decision she has made.

message 13: by Altamir III (new)

Altamir III III (longdeoking) | 27 comments Darkness Before Dawn error problems.

message 14: by Kenjo (new)

Kenjo | 41 comments In 50 Cent's autobiography, From Pieces To Weight, an important choice my protagonist had to make was whether he should start dealing drugs with the help of his dead mother's friends. 50 Cent was a young curious kid growing up in the dangerous neighborhood of South Side Queens. His mother was poisoned when someone put a toxic chemical in her drink and left her to die. At age 6, 50 has found the drug dealing business an easy way to earn money. He stated, "I wanted to find a way to wear the clothes all the dealers wore. I'd never be able to ask my grandparents for a pair of jordans." This quote shows that 50 cent had to make a big decision whether he would risk his reputation and do illegal things for clothing and shoes or just sit on the street watching his mother's friends walk by in expensive clothes, driving big expensive cars. Obviously, working with dealing drugs would earn him a lot of money but he would have the risk of getting caught by his grandparents or the police. He just knew how to do things like that in a sneaky way to prevent himself from getting busted.

My protagonist's greatest strength is being able to hide things away from people. An example of this is when 50 began to earn big money, enough to buy new shoes, he would leave them at his friend's house and go back the next day to put them on and go to school and walk around so his grandparents wouldn't be suspicious of where he got them. He also managed to keep his crack cocaine hidden away from his older siblings and grandparents.

message 15: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Sanchez | 14 comments In the diary entry by an anonymous writer called , "Go Ask Alice" the most important decision the protagonist had to make was whether or not to go back to her old routines of doing drugs daily. " Chris and I are thinking about quitting our jobs because it's getting so that we don't have any time for what WE want to do." What "WE" want to do is referring to drugs as one of the things that the protagonist and Christ want to do, this proves that they are starting to become addicted to drugs. This was an important decision because drugs are really effective. Also, she wanted to do drugs even more since she was in love with her boyfriend Richie and spend time with him, that's all they really did.

message 16: by Rashel33 (new)

Rashel33 | 6 comments In the nonfiction novel " it happened to Nancy" by Beatrice Sparks. A important choice my character Nancy had to make was dealing with the fact that she had HIV she had no idea what she has gotten into. She thought she had fallen in love with the guy who ends up raping her. My character Nancy greatest strenght would be how she got to deal with the fact that she had HIV when people found out they tesed her but she didnt mind at first she was hurt she didnt want to go to school she didnt want to live anymore.

message 17: by Aaron (new)

Aaron | 29 comments In Jeff kinny's realisic fiction novel Diary of a wimpy kid The Third Wheel one dicision my protagonist Greg had to make is to either go to the valitines day dance with his date Abigail and Rowley or let his mom drive him to the valitines day dance with no date. Greg had picked to go to the dance with Abigail and Rowley even though he thought it was kind of wierd having Rowley along with him but he had no choice because he didn't to show up with no date and he didn't want his mother to enbarace him I think his choice was important because if I was Greg I wouldn't want to come to a dance with no date thats why I think that was the right decision that Greg made.

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