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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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Daniel (DannySCR) | 1 comments Would love to discuss this!

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Corrie (CorrieShatto) Hello! I'm new, just joined =)

The theme from this story that really stuck with me (among others) was when Sam confronts Charlie about how he let Patrick slip into self-destructive behavior after everything went down with Brad's dad.

It didn't come out really at all in the movie too - which I guess means Chbosky didn't really want to highlight it. I read this before the movie was out and I guess I expecting them to touch on it more. I'm fine that they didn't.

But some of the things Sam says to Charlie in that chapter really stuck with me and I've found myself thinking about it months later. The idea that a true friend doesn't stay silent. Especially when their friend is in trouble. They don't hide, or wait it out. They pull them out of it. Which I guess is ironic coming from Sam, seeing as how much trouble she's been left to rescue herself from. At the same time it's not. Having been abandoned like that, maybe she can see most clearly how necessary and desirable it is to have a friend that will try to pull her from the torrent.


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