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message 2: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Peace | 8 comments Chapter Twenty-four, Page 206
"Sarah gives me a concerned look. These boats have no cushions or life preservers. And the river water is cold. Even if they know how to swim, they'll probably succumb to hypothermia before they can reach safety."

Garrett is faced with an extremely hard decision to make. Either he can flee with Sarah and Pauly to Canada and let Rebecca and Harry drown, or he can get them to Canada and save the others. This is a difficult choice to make, because Harry and Rebecca were the ones that kidnapped him in the beginning of the book. He finally decides to go back and save them. I think he made this decision because despite everything he had been through up to this point, he is still a good person inside, and he cannot let people die, no matter who they are.

message 3: by Jacqueline (new)

Jacqueline Auman | 8 comments The Grapes of Wrath Journal 7

Chapter 28: Page 491; “Then it don’ matter. Then I’ll be all aroun’ in the dark. I’ll be ever’where—wherever you look. Wherever they’s a fight so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there. Wherever they’s a cop beatin’ up a guy, I’ll be there. If Casy knowed, why, I’ll be in the way guys yell when they’re mad an’—I’ll be in the way kids laugh when they’re hungry an’ they know supper’s ready. An’ when our folks eat the stuff they raise an’ live in the houses they build—why, I’ll be there. See? God, I’m talkin’ like Casy. Comes of thinkin’ about him so much. Seems like I can see him sometimes. ’”

Tom has been through quite a lot. Since getting out of jail, he's witnessed justice and injustice, he's heard tales of woe and tales of happiness, he's seen death and he's seen life, and he's had his world completely overturned. Events such as these can either make a man great, or make a man evil. Tom has chosen to be the unifying force that will overthrow the men that caused this kind of harm to so many people. There could not be a better leader than him. All he has to do is take the desire that all of these migrants have and use it to fight for the justice they are all yearning for.

message 4: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 8 comments Chapter 10, page 179:
"I wondered if Germaine had picked the building on purpose for the annoying buzz. It sounded uncannily like her voice."
◘ Even though she had asked her sister for help earlier in the novel, she still has a hateful attitude toward her. It is partly because she is jealous of how successful her older sister has been compared to her.

message 5: by Stacey (new)

Stacey Dedden | 8 comments Chapter 17: Page 236

"Then he turned to me and said, Look ummm, I want to thank you for coming down to support Jeffrey. Maybe I haven't been saying it, but I'm really very proud of you. You're turning into a good man."

This passage is important because Steven's dad is finally seeing how much Steven actually does. This is when the conflict between Steven and his dad is resolved. Steven also feels a little better about himself since his dad is finally noticing what he does. Steven also resolves a conflict within himself because he felt a burden of everything being put on him about Jeffrey. Now that his dad see's what he has been doing and is actually helping out, Steven feels like Jeffrey will get everything he needs now to get better.

message 6: by Caylin (new)

Caylin Neal | 8 comments Page 249 chapter 12
"When the school day had finally ended, I walked to the parking lot without enthusiasm. I did not especially want to walk home, but I couldn't see how he would have retrieved my truck. Then again, I was starting to believe that nothing was impossible for him. The latter instinct proved correct - my truck sat in the same space he's parked his Volo in this morning. I shook my head, incredulous, as I opened the unlocked door and saw the key in the ignition."

This passage is important because, it shows how nothing is impossible for Edward and that he would do anything for Bella to protect her and to make her happy.

message 7: by Jet (last edited Jan 08, 2013 02:57PM) (new)

Jet Nuestro | 8 comments Chapter 17: Page 204

"There was a blance, Railborn knew. Nothing was achieved without loss. Without sacrifice. 'I shed all ties that held me there.' Gutta's life was not a gift but an exchange-a bargain for which he now had to pay 'I take nothing with me but my flesh. Even my name I leave behind.' He flicked away a tear that had no business being there, now or ever. 'And I swear never to seek the Downside again, for as long as I live.'.

Here we see an example of Coming of Age, as Railborn makes his transition from being a Downsider to a Topsider. Even though this transition was forced, we see Railborn accepting his new way of life as he realizes that there is no chance for him and Gutta to go back to the Downside and live their old lives again. FInally, as the realization of this sinks into him, he also realizes that he knows he made the right choice, he knows that by doing this, he manage to save his friend Gutta from certain death and lived a new life with her alone. Just as he wanted it.

message 8: by Clay (new)

Clay Groeschen | 8 comments Chapter 9, pg 127..."The glue of mutual need that bonded us so tightly together for all those years is melting away."

This phrase is used to describe her relationship with Gale at the moment. In my perspective, it also represents the nations against the Capitol. They are all divided and they do not have a central cause that will make them come together and fight. Katniss is trying to be that leading force, that Mockingjay. However, it takes a lot more than being famous to get a massive congregation to work for the benefit of you.

message 9: by Brooke (new)

Brooke Stevers | 8 comments ""Oh, was that why you didn't want to go to college?"added Germaine. "Because you didn't want to stop getting presents?"" Chapter 5, page 63.
Was this really the reason? Or was it just another torturing joke made by her sister?

message 10: by Gabrielle (new)

Gabrielle Willis | 8 comments Chapter 14 pages 174-175
" it had happened before in other towns and states. The family of a girl suspected him but no one else did. He had perfected his pattern to the police, a certain obsequious innocence peppered with wonder about their procedures or useless ideas that he presented as if it might help."
This is important because he has done this type of thing before, yet he continues to get away with it. He has this perfect plan that nobody has even figured out. I wonder why nobody suspects him if he is constantly in the areas that this type of thing keeps happening.

message 11: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa | 8 comments "There were several things I could have said. But I didn't.
Bob said, ' Violet changed her will and left your dad everything.'
'Did he know that?' I said. 'Maybe he didn't.'
'He knew it,' Bob said. 'We talked about it. He told me.'
'And what did he say?' I asked
'When the old girl goes, I'll be as rich as sin,' Bob said, and stared at me hard."
Chapter 26. Pg. 186

This makes it seem that Pete really did go along with helping Violet die. But was it just so he could get the money she was going to leave him? If he did do it for the money; is the money the reason why he disappeared? Or did he not want to be blamed for her murder, if her death happened to be determined as a murder? I believe he just wanted to get the money so he could disappear because he did not like his life as it was, since he always felt he couldn't please people and they were always disappointed.

message 12: by Brian (new)

Brian | 8 comments Chapter 13 pg.113

"In a bizarre way, the distraction of the pain is almost a relief from the worst torture of all-the hours alone with nothing to do but think. You begin to ask yourself what you could possibly do to get out of this damp, chilly room and off this cold, grimy floor."

In this quote, this delinquent is finally starting to realize if he does good, things will go the way he wants him to. When he ignores the rules he gets punished and ends up doing something he doesn't want to do. He will finally become mature. He just needed a little discipline to get started.

message 13: by Jarrett (new)

Jarrett Stephenson | 11 comments "Rue has decided to trust me wholeheartedly. I know this because as soon as the anthem finishes she snuggles up against me and falls asleep."
Chapter 16, Pg. 208

Katniss has made an alliance with Rue and I think that this is a good thing. But I think that this is also a bad thing. If Katniss really wants to win the Hunger Games, she will eventually have to kill Rue, and making an alliance will draw the two closer together and make it harder to kill her.

message 14: by Justin (new)

Justin Lehkamp | 8 comments Quote 3- "That's the worst part about living with someone like uncle jean."
"If uncle jean was smarter, he'd remember he's got bills to pay, and that whale watching isn't about saving the world. It's about making money to pay those bills." Ch.11 Pg.81

This quote is important because it foreshadows the possibly bad relationship between Pierre and uncle jean. Pierre is getting tired of uncle jean telling him what to do and will eventually never want to be around him.

message 15: by Raven (new)

Raven Haney | 8 comments Ch. 21 Pg. 170
Frankie stood caressing her calf, visibly glowing with pride.
Frankie the elephant that was charging at the owner a couple of months ago was now showing off her baby to him. I felt astonished. The elephant herd had come such a far way. It also made me feel happy. Even though the elephants were mistreated so badly by humans they learned to trust again with love.

message 16: by Caine (new)

Caine Crowley | 8 comments Chapter 21 pg 270
"how shall we answer those who throw stones at the windows of God's house? WE SHALL THROW THE STONES BACK!"
A cleric is making a speech to the church about how sin and sinners wish to rid the good people from earth.The man that shows up later in the passage with stones to stone a man to death. This shows that even good men are capable of evil.

message 17: by Zachmehuron (new)

Zachmehuron | 8 comments Entry #7 Polak pg.26 ch.4 “Bobby checked his watch. Then he reached for the sports bag he’d left on the stairs and slung it over his shoulders. “Hey, Josh,” he said as he got up from the stairs, “we’d better get a move on. My folks are going out of town tomorrow. I told them I’d be around tonight. You know-family time.” Response: In reality Josh does not know too much about family time. Josh does not spend family time with his parents because his new stepfather. Josh wishes his family could get along like Bobby’s

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