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message 1: by Ishita (new)

Ishita | 25 comments I just finished two horrible books that are supposed to be about Richard but other than the blurb on the dust jacket , there was very little of him! One is The Warwick Heiress and the other is Pawns of Power. It seems in my search of books on Richard I am dredging up some strange ones!
Ooh, I finished Anne Easter Smith's The Virgin Widow. Even though it is a " romance" I did like it a lot. Whatever the historical accuracy, I never tire of Richard and Anne's story.......:)

message 2: by Teresa (new)

Teresa Gibson | 2 comments Anne O'Brien wrote The Virgin Widow, and yes, it is a wonderful book!

message 3: by Ishita (new)

Ishita | 25 comments Oops! Yes, Anne o'Brien! I do not think Anne was a wall flower as most books show her to be To be a warlord's wife you gotta have some spunk.......And we know nothing about Anne being frail or sick. Yes, she died young but it could be for any reason, including tetanus! Lol.And Richard was a well rounded character here too.

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