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フェアリーテイル 14 [Fearī Teiru 14] (Fairy Tail, #14)
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message 1: by Melissa, The wiccan enthusiast (last edited Nov 26, 2012 06:24PM) (new)

Melissa | 6506 comments Sign up for mage jobs here. Just pull the posting off the board and complete the job to collect your reward!

message 2: by Melissa, The wiccan enthusiast (new)

Melissa | 6506 comments Celeste eyed the jobs on the board. None looked interesting but she tore down the one with the biggest reward. It didn't look like much of a challenge but the reward was easily worth the boredom. She scanned the poster to get the gist of it. It looked like some rich guy had a curse in his house or something. It was probably nothing more than a mild jinx or some mage trying to mess with the guy so it'd be easy money.

message 3: by Nova (new)

Nova Laurinaitis | 134 comments Denya seemed to appear out of nowhere, standing firectly in front of the board with a careful non-expression on her face.

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