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message 1: by Leila (new)

Leila (leilatre) | 44 comments I'm getting ready to pull the trigger and buy a Kindle 2. Anyone here using Kindle or similar devices? It looks like the price of downloads is reasonable and the Amazon catalogue is quite large. I'm hoping to keep going with the 1001 list using the Kindle. Any feedback or other thoughts on mobile readers?

Christina Stind | 183 comments I'm kind of old-fashioned with books - I like having the actual book on my shelf to have and to hold. But I'm fascinated with the kindle - and if it was available outside US, I would definitely look into it...

message 3: by Kristin (new)

Kristin Leila,

I'm also considering Kindle 2. It looks really neat, and the voice that can read the books to you is what has me really considering taking the plunge. It's a hefty price tag, but I did just get my income tax return! I usually carry 2-5 books around with me at a time, and that gets pretty heavy...a kindle would solve that problem.

message 4: by Ravenskya (new)

Ravenskya  (ravenskya) I know some people with a Kindle 1, and they swear by it... I would consider buying a K2 but have nowhere near enough "expendable" cash to justify one. I will be envious if you do get one :)

message 5: by Samara (new)

Samara I just found out about the Kindle and it looks amazing, even though I love to pick up actually books as well. But alas, I don't think it's available outside the States so I'm out of luck :(

message 6: by Billy (new)

Billy (roundaboutwayreader) | 2 comments I'm very interested in getting it, but I also like to have hard copies of books worth keeping (which to me includes virtually all books worth reading). I don't like the idea of paying twice for something. The portability is wonderful and I will probably buy it anyway, but I think the kindle "copy" should be a free download if one buys a hard copy first. Similarly, if you already own the hard copy of a book, it should be possible to find and download an electronic version (admittedly this is probably impossible to achieve).

message 7: by Ravenskya (new)

Ravenskya  (ravenskya) Not if you purchased the book originally from amazon.

message 8: by Leila (new)

Leila (leilatre) | 44 comments Billy, your idea sounds reasonable (assuming Amazon purchases of the hard copies). I wonder whether Amazon has considered something like that. I guess there must be some portion of the cost of the e-books that is royalty payments, so maybe not entirely feasible, but a good idea.

My main reason for considering the Kindle is that I really don't have storage space for all the books I read in my loft-style apartment. I'm not overly attached to hard copies and I generally end up giving away books periodically, so having them all on a little device would actually be helpful for me. Plus it seems great for travel because you don't have to try to guess how much you'll end up reading or schlep around a bunch of books in your luggage. I'll update here if I do end up getting it to let you all know what I think of it.

message 9: by Jessica (new)

Jessica I have a Sony Reader 505, which is like the Kindle but without wireless (but also a more compact device with the same size screen). I got it last May and I am completely in love with it. If you aren't in the US, consider it as an option (it is available in Canada and Europe).

It's funny, I used to be one of those people who never wanted to part with my paper books, but now if I have to read one I groan a little. I can't carry a giant hardcover in my purse :p I've got 60 books on my Sony and haven't even used up half the memory (and that's just the base memory, you can put SD cards in for more space).

Also, since they're ebooks, you can get a ton of the books on the 1001 list for free. If they are in public domain, then they don't cost a dime. At last count I had, 200 or so of the books on the list were available as free books formatted for the Sony (and Kindle would have a similar estimate).

Hope this helps!

message 10: by Niche (new)

Niche I have an iphone and have downloaded books on it. And I haven't finished a single book yet! The aesthetics are just so wrong. I want a Kindle but I'm afraid of the same thing.
Plus my husband said I can have one IF I give him my iphone but I love my iphone.

message 11: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Niche- what bothers you about the iPod touch? I can't read on it because of the backlight. Eink however seriously looks EXACTLY like a paper page, except sometimes a little clearer. If you're nervous, you should go to a local Borders or Target, which have Sony's on display.

message 12: by christine. (new)

christine. (futurememory) | 6 comments I have a Kindle, and it's really not the same as reading on an iPhone. The screen makes all the difference in the world. E-ink really does look like paper; it even has that same grainyness that comes from printing something.

I really do like my Kindle. It's great for reads that are a bit longer than usual, because it's infinitely lighter than something the size of War and Peace. Plus, the Kindle actually doesn't have WiFi. It taps into a Sprint network, in a similar way to the iPhone tapping into AT&T. So you can go online on the commute, or anywhere that doesn't have readily available WiFi access. GoodReads is even accessible via Kindle!

It's a fun little device. Is it for everyone? No. Does it replace real, bound books? Nope. But it's good for what it is. Being able to change the text size and having a dictionary readily on hand really enhances the experience, too.

message 13: by Leila (new)

Leila (leilatre) | 44 comments I'm glad you like yours, Christine. I ordered mine today. SHould have it in a week or so!

message 14: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristilarson) | 266 comments I have had my Kindle2 for a week now, and I love it! It definitely can't replace 'real' books, though. I was nervous about getting it (cost, the joy of holding a paperback), but it is so nice to have. Not every book I want to read is available for it, but that's fine too. It's really easy to use, and the screen does look like a real book page.

message 15: by Kathy (last edited Mar 22, 2009 12:06PM) (new)

Kathy (kathyf) | 1 comments I've had my kindle for a year now. During that time, I have bought over 100 eBooks, and only 1 in paper format. I LOVE the kindle. I, too, thought I would miss paper, but it turns out I don't miss it a bit. I travel every week, so that is part of the appeal, but everyone I know who's gotten one has moved quickly to doing all of their reading on it.

message 16: by Leila (new)

Leila (leilatre) | 44 comments I've had the kindle2 for about 2 weeks now. The first book I bought for it (aside from downloading compendiums of classics that are now out of copyright) was City of God -- the April book club book. I've read a fair amount of that book on the kindle, while reading some of my backlog of paper copies. Kindle still isn't the same as holding a book for me, but I can tell it will be wonderful for travel. I'm hoping that I'll get used to the kindle and learn to love it (nearly) as much as holding paper books. I think it will take a bit of adjusting to.

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