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message 1: by Dante (new)

Dante Palombo This book is a parallax to the popular book, Ender's Game. Ender's Shadow is about Bean, one of Ender's friends and his most trusted lieutenant, and the events that lead up to Ender's Game's climax. Bean, raised on the streets of modern-day France as an orphan, was genetically altered to make him a savant, at the cost of severe imbalances in his pituitary gland(which regulates growth). He is incredibly short, but it is revealed that he will continue growing forever and die at an early age.

LindaJ^ I really liked Ender's Shadow. While not as amazing as Ender's Game, it was fascinating to see what happened in Ender's Game from a different viewpoint and to learn about Bean. I've read all the Shadow series books (and all the Ender books) and enjoyed them all. It was interesting to see what happened on earth post-Ender's Game, and especially with Ender's siblings.

Victoria im in the middle of the shadow series. I was half half on enders shadow. My favorite parts were his life in Rotterdam and the part *spoiler* when Bean catches Achilles.
But im also an Ender fan so i didnt like how it diminshed some of Enders achievments by making bean the real mastermind behind them. That bugged me, other wise so good. I loved loved loved the shadow of the hegemon.

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Will I love how Bean just knows how Achilles is up to something. Bean is also very similar to Ender because he's brilliant and they try to use him. like Ender he also had a brutal, painful, childhood. In many ways Bean and Ender are like twins.

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Will I loved Ender's Shadow. Bean is so much like Ender its amazing they aren't related. They both have brutal, painful, childhoods. Both are deprived due to their guieneuss (sorry if its spelled wrong), and they both have problems in Battle School.

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