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I wasn't sure where to post this, but here goes lol.
to see the full review just mosey on over to
The following books have adult situations, adult language and sexual situations.

We reviewed from Historical to Paranormal :) Come out your lil comfort zone and have a taste of something else. These were some awesome reads...

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Wildly Inappropriate by Eden Connor
Review by Leelia Mendoza

**** ½ Four & Half Star Review

What can I say that will make you understand how great this book is!

I swear.

I looooved this book.

I’m not one for BSD, but I am telling you, I was shocked that I enjoyed the read. I really liked the interaction between Daniel and Cynda. Moreover, the character play was awesome.

That first scene caused me to stop and say,
“Wait…what?” hahaha!
There were some really steamy scenes too, and I absofrickenlutely loved the scene where she thought he was gone, did her lil naughtiness, and he was outside the glass... Wildly Inappropriate (Devilish De Marco Men, #2) by Eden Connor

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Negotiating Skills by Laurel Cremant
Reviewed by Katrina Davies

*** Three Star Review

This was a very cute read. I loved the characters, and the fact that an African-American hottie could have both brains and beauty. I loved the interface between Veronica (Ronnie) and Victor, and you could just feel the chemistry between... Negotiating Skills by Laurel Cremant

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T.M.T.N; kissing cousins...

***** Five Star Review
Review by Amanda Pierce

This book flippen rocked!!!

I am so lovin her! Her books are just getting better, what we're at like 6 now leeli? Haha.

T.M.T.N kissing cousins is jam packed with extras you didn’t get in the first book T.B.M.D; which we absofrickenlutely loved too.

Nevertheless, if I had to say, I am telling you this one tops the first by leaps and bounds. As well, the Council finally rears their ugly head, and all bookie fly’s... T.M.T.N; kissing cousins (#2) by Alexandria Infanté

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A Kiss of Ashen: Twilight Ashen

Twilight Series Book One by Rae Lori

review by Sarah Evans

*** Three Star review

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the relations between the characters. And I expect many good things from Ms. Lori. This is one of those books, that once you pick it up, its hard to put down.

However, to every sunny day... A Kiss of Ashen Twilight (Ashen Twilight #1) by Rae Lori

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*** 1/2 Star Review for Paradise Found by Crystal Hubbard

Review by Katriva Davies

Alyssa and her mother live in a time when race is blatant, yet her mother looks exotic because she’s Spanish and native American. She's a slave who can’t own the land her husband wants to leave her and his daughter. When Alyssa’s... Paradise Found by Crystal Hubbard

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**** 1/2 Star review for A Lad's trousers by Alie Infante

Reviewed by Selena Bhrams

Zayla is a runaway mulatto slave, who dresses herself as a boy to escape. She winds up on a ship as the captain's cabin boy, and the adventure begins.
This book was scorching hot, Christopher made me dream of him, and the chemistry between him and Zayla just sizzled off the page.
However, what i liked most about the book, was the love affair between Christopher/ Stone and Zayla. This man would do whatever it took to not only protect her, but prove his love to her, even at the behest of his money, family, and an island full of bigoted people.
What also drew me about the book, is although the Civil war is a back drop, the author doesn’t beat us over the head with race, racial slurs, or the civil war... A Lad's Trousers by Alexandria Infanté

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**** Stars for Bewitching the Werewolf by Caroline Hanson

Reviewed by Lelia Mendoza

I completely loooved this book!

It was charming, witty, funny and a very sexy short.

One of our readers recommended this, and I am absolutely glad I listened to her! I loved it from start to finish. It was funny, entertaining, and downright sexy.

Megan Stephens is a witch who’s been hired by werewolf alpha, Zackary Connor’s mother... Bewitching the Werewolf by Caroline Hanson

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*** 1/2 Stars for T.C.B.M; the Arvantes by Alexandria Infante

review by Sarah Evans

What can I say about this book...

This book was well written, fresh, smart, romantic, sizzling, and the main characters Emmalinda and Magnus scorched the pages.

This book is from the Teaching between Midnight and dawn series, and since I was a novice, I was elected to review it.

The premise, Magnus is part of a secret order, but isn’t happy with his life. He wants power, so he casts a spell to a demon... T.C.B.M; the Arvantes (#3) by Alexandria Infanté

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**** Four Stars for Sherry's Wolf by Maddy Barone
Reviewed by Mandy Pierce

I really enjoyed this book.

I like the fact that the Native American wolves sounded sooo hot, especially the main character. Equally, i liked the creative backdrop of a nuke fallout... Sherry's Wolf (After the Crash #3.5) by Maddy Barone

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**** Stars for Dark Premonitions by Alexandria Infante
reviewed by Selena Bhrams


That is what I thought of this book!

It rocked, and I couldn’t put it down.

So, most of you know we’re advent readers of Ms. Infante, we just love her books. I think in total we're at 8 from both series.
That being said, what this woman does is just insane! Now, I really enjoyed books 1-3, but so far, book 4 is the best to me!
The book has to do with Eirnin, Lychelin’s long lost brother. He bites the main female lead character Sabhania by accident, and the shite as the Brits say, hits the fan.
I think what I love most about her books, is they’re fresh, the British slang is insanely funny (mosses got shanked by dobbey, he was init!), and although a paranormal, very emotional. You can feel the love between the characters, even if they're fighting for their lives.
This book is not only sizzling hot, but the scene between Danni and Nia, not only shocked me, but I was like “Oh, My, God” that was fricken hot, and I’m not even gay. I was... Dark Premonitions; the seeker (#4) by Alexandria Infanté

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*** 1/2 Star review for Open Door Invitation by Dee Carney

reviewed by Amanda Pierce

I completely loved it!

Although a short, it kept me completely involved, and I could feel the heat between the characters.

I don't want to say too much, because... Open Door Invitation by Dee Carney

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*** Stars for Big Girls Do it Married by Jasinda Wilder
reviewed by Sarah Evans

A good read.


although recommended by our readers, they didn’t tell me it was a series!
Ugh, so I felt... Big Girls Do It Married (Big Girls Do, #5) by Jasinda Wilder

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*** Star Review for Once Burned, close to the heat by Dee Carney
review by Lelia Mendoza

This was a sizzling book lol!

I kind of reminded me of Iron Chefs or something, only sexier!
While it isn't a typical Contemporary... Once Burned (Close to the Heat, #1) by Dee Carney

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There were several more reviews in both paranormal and historical, however if the author receives lower than 3 stars, we opt not to post the review on major sites like this, just our own. We kinda feel for the author.

If you would like to see the rest of the reviews, check prior months, hang about, or maybe even become a member, then trot on off to ;)

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