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A Lake in the middle of the forest is both romantic and home to fresh-water dwelling Pokemon.

Its much easier for water Pokemon to interact with the Land Pokemon here.

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✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((I'll make the charrie later, if thats ok. :3))

The clear water sparkled against the bright blue sky. A golden Pokemon with red eyes and 9 long, beautiful, flowing tails stepped out of the long grass, and bent her head down for a drink. When she lapped up the water, the sun shone down on her.

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( Kay )

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((Am I a good Roleplayer? xD))

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( Yes, yes you are. I'm quite impressed. I have yet to think of a Pokemon to join her though. )

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((Thanks! You're also an amazing Roleplayer, I love your posts. :D))

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A blob of pink and cream bounded out of some green bushes and accidentally fell into the water. The water burst upwards, and fanned out, splashing all within its reach.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) The Ninetales let out a cry of surprise, and quickly stepped back. "Who did that?!" She growled, not pleased that she had been interrupted from her drink.

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A furry face surfaced from the water, coughing and sputtering water out. It was a Skitty.

"Oh no, I got wet..." Kumi said with a huge frown before swimming over to the edge and pulled herself out. She shook the water off her fur and looked to Ninetails who looked quite mad.

"Oh nooo, did I splash you? I'm sooo sorry. I just can't stop when I start running." Kumi said quickly, flailing her paws around.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) "That's fine. In fact, I was just leaving." She growled, and started walking away. She still kept her eyes alert, for berries. For her family. For them to be happy.

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"Oookay, I'm going to the berry fields." Kumi said and bounded into some bushes, knowing where a good treasure trove of berries were.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) The Ninetales flicked her ears slightly. She turned around, and padded after Kumi. "Did you say berry fields?" She asked. She had lowered the fur on her back, trying not to intimidate the young Pokemon.

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"Ooh yes." Kumi said, prancing into a field of different berries. Because they were near the lake, they were called The Berries of the Lake, but they ranged from Pecha berries to Razz berries, plus more. She ran around a patch of pecha berries, her lively energy was apparent.

There were other Pokemon picking at berries but none of them were hostile to the new comers.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) The Ninetales dipped her head. "I'm sorry I snapped at you earlier." She said to Kumi, before choosing a good patch of berries to pick for her family. I hope Tails isn't giving Sparky to much trouble... She thought worriedly, and picked the berries faster.

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Kumi shook her head and picked a few Pecha berries and ate them, chewing with her mouth closed. "Mm-Mm. Star says Fire don't like Water. My fault. Not mad." She said and flicked her tail.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) AFTER ENOUGH BERRIES ARE PICKED, WOW, I'M LAZY. xD

"What's your name?" The Ninetales asked Kumi. Behind her were 10 hand woven baskets of various berries, enough for 3 Pokemon.

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Kumi had been busy licking her paw when the Ninetails addressed her. She looked up quickly. "Kumi. Just Kumi." The Skitty replied.

She had been named after Star's friend Kumiko but it was a long story.

"What's yours? Who's the baskets for?" Kumi asked, curious.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) "I'm Cleo. The baskets are for my mate, Sparky and my daughter, Tails, it's kind of hard to feed them." She said. "It was my turn to get the food for today, we can't go down together because Tails will wander off by herself somewhere." Cleo explained.

((Brb, Shrek the Halls is on. xD))

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( I dunno that )

Kumi smiled, her face lighting up like a Christmas tree as Cleo spoke. "Oh, you have such a pretty name!" Was the first thing she said in her excitement.

"A mate???? Wow! I want a mate some day. He'd have to be big and brave though." Kumi said, obviously a dreamer. She had an interest for fairy tales too. "Can I meet Tails? I like making friends." Kumi asked.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((K, I'm back. :3))

Cleo smiled. "Thank you. Sure, you can meet Tails. I think she'll like you." She said, and then asked, "Will you help me carry the berries up to the cave?"

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Kumi grinned brightly. "Of course." She picked a basket up with her mouth, and heaved it up, groaning a bit as it weighed her down. She was determined though and wasn't going to let Cleo down.

"Mmrrdy..." Kumi said through her mouthful of basket handle. She was ready to follow Cleo where she needed to go.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) Cleo nodded and slipped her nine tails into the handles of the baskets. She lifted her tails skywards, so the baskets went down them, and they wouldn't fall off on their own. She headed towards the direction of the caves, walking slowly so Kumi could keep up.

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Kumi trudged after Cleo, doing her best to keep up. It was obvious she was straining to do so, and stumbled right or left, but never did she fall, and no berry was spilled.

Despite the strain, she seemed happy that she could help out. It pleased her to help people.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((Can we go to the caves now? ^-^))

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( I did post in caves )

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((K. :D))

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Tokugawa swam in circles quietly, waiting for the young Riolu to catch up.

((I would post a longer message, but it's late at night and I have to sleep soon.))

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Lou-Lou burst out of the trees and slowed to a walk as she saw the lake. Her eyes widened as she stared across the glittering expanse, for she had never seen a body of fresh water so large before.

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Tokugawa laughed. "Never seen water before?" He made a surge of water closer to the shore and stopped. "Have you never been IN the water?" His eyes grew big and shocked.

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Lou-Lou shook her head and thought My...former trainer was too busy....er....'training' me. I didnt have time for any kind of simple pleasures. she went to the waters edge and knelt to drink the water, feeling the cool liquid slide soothingly down her aching throat. Before Mark had rescued her from her former Trainer, he had been choking her and hurt her throat to the point that she could no longer speak.

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Tokugawa's eyes widened. "Never?" he cried. "Then you must try!" He splashed a bit of water up at Lou-Lou. His fins flared as he sent a small wave onto the shore. "I live in the water! You must get in here."

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Lou-Lou fell backwards, startled when he splashed water onto her. Hesitantly, she walked into the water until she was about waist deep, the cool liquid moving around her. she rocked with the water, and a small smile, never seen since she belonged to the trainer, formed on her face. This is nice she told him

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Tokugawa laughed. "I love the water. It is soothing and kind and hides any tears you might shed from pain, sadness, or anything else. Come here when you like. My family lives out in the ocean, but I come here often too." He swam small figure eights in the water and grinned.

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Lou-Lou sat down in the water. I will definately come here as often as I can. she thought to him

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