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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod
The Grasslands are just fields of grass that stretch out for miles. Being open grassland, Pokemon like Milktank and Taurus gladly graze here, but it does leave them open for a predators attack from behind trees so they have to be careful.

It does tend to attract many different Pokemon though like Happiny and Ratatta.

The sun is bright here, making it another good area for Grass type Pokemon.

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Korrashitu neighed loudly. "A huge plain, all to myself!" She laid down and wallowed in the grass for a while. When the sun was high in the sky, Korrashitu tossed her head and stood up, shaking the grasses out of her glossy coat. She narrowed her eyes, then shot around the field, a blur of light as she zoomed through the grasses.

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod
( My better Pokemon are else where right now and coming up with a new one on the spot did not turn out so well but I don't want to leave anyone hanging. What I'm sending out is a mixture of human characters I have. I honestly don't know how well he'll work out but if he fails, I'll think of someone else. Please let me know if you get bored. I won't become offended as I know this particular Pokemon may not be the right one to click with Korrashitu. )

A Poochyena, Willow, roamed the grasslands. He was padding around cautiously, his ears straight up as he listened to the many sounds of the Grasslands. He doubted he had predators to worry about, since in a way he was one himself, but he didn't want to take any chances after the life he had been through. The grass here was quite tall, making him almost invisible, especially because he was quite short compared to some Poochyena.

The sound of loud, but graceful footsteps sounded in his ears, making him look up. It was easy to spot the peach colored Rapidash in the grasslands. It was a tall Pokemon after all, and the elegant fire was quite a sight. His first reaction was to be scared, and maybe even run away but there was a magesticness to the Rapidash that interested him, making him want to watch her.

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod
( I had an idea I want to bring my Poochyena else where...but if you come back, I can provide a new pokemon to interact with Rapidash so don't worry :'3 )

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod
Willow's instincts finally kicked in and before he made a fool of himself, he fled the grasslands, wanting to find a more secluded area.

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((That's all right, here, I'll go to a more... Active topic.))

Korrashitu whinnied, seeing a small grey streak rush away. "Wait!" she calls, but the Poocheyna couldn't hear her. She sighed and glanced behind her. A lush forest as just a greenish smudge on the horizon from where Korrashitu was standing. She laughed and raced off, the forest growing in size as she neared at a speed faster than sound itself. Korrashitu stopped before the forest, and walked in, her sides not even heaving from the exertion.

((Cont. in Forest))

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((K, picking up from Ice Fields. :D))

Ice Heart walked with Summer and Willow, feeling the sun on her back. Has an ice type, it was fairly uncomfortable. She reminded herself that the the Pokemon walking with her were as comfortable as she was discomfortable.

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod
The grasslands had straight sun. There was no tree for shade, just the tall grass.

Summer enjoyed the warmth but knew that Ice Heart did not. Willow felt the ice melt off him and was glad for that.

"Are you okay?" Summer asked Ice Heart.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) "I'm fine..." Ice Heart panted, laying down in the grass. She froze the small area around her to attempt at cooling off. The sun melted it, and the ice turned into cool water that became 'room' temperature in a few seconds.

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It looked like it was going to be hard to be friends with Ice Heart, as where Ice Heart was comfortable, Summer was freezing, and where Summer was warm, Ice Heart was too hot. It seemed like they were star-crossed-friends.

Willow perked his ears up, sensing the distress from both Pokemon. He tilted his head to the side as he though, the gears in his head turning.

"I...I wouldn't mind hanging out with you in the Ice Fields." Willow said, curling his tail around himself. "I'll be a little cold, but if I don't get wet, I'll be okay." Willow suggested.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) "Are you sure? I don't want to bring you out of your comfort zone..." Ice Heart panted, her ears dropping down, her tail fanned out, and her eyes were slightly clouded over.

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Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod
"Its okay." Willow said, trying to assure her that he was okay with it.

The cold didn't bother him unless he was wet. Summer nodded, to further encourage Ice Heart to return to some where where she wouldn't be suffering.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) Once Ice Heart saw both of her friends were ok with it, she stood up, and padded towards the north.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) ((Sorry for such a short sentence. D:))

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( Its okay. I apologize for my late response. I get distracted by different things sometimes or am too tired and ect ect )

Willow followed after her, flicking his tail. He would accompany Ice Heart and actually followed her rather eagerly. It might have been because she helped him out, or he was just lonely.

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