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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Destroyed - Post apocalypse.

A synopsis/brief outline:

The apocalypse came and went, leaving the world in a state of disarray. Militia's formed and so did Rebel forces - but which side are you on? The weak will fall and the strong will rise.

Militia / Rebel:
Skills (or extra info):

Why everyone in the group will enjoy it:
A Dystopian roleplay gives (hopefully) lots of different creative paths so everyone can do what they like with it!


This is Claire's entry for the Roleplay Challenge Event! Please give the roleplay a try and lets us know here: what you think of it!

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Zohal | 1418 comments Mod
Name: Mervei Reneval
Age: 25
Skills (or extra info): excellent swordsman, wise.
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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Name: Clio Chorai
Age: 18
Skills: Brilliant spy. Works undercover at Militia base. Best weapon is a bow.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Name: Ziah Trench
Age: 22
Info: Ziah only has one regret in life...she has only one set of sagrado steel fighting knives.
Apart from that, she is one of the Rebel leaders - spending her days kicking ass, consolidating the Rebel forces and planning the Rebels' next attacks. Fighting isn't a game. It's their only way of survival. Ziah knows better than to ever lower her guard - for anyone. That's a mistake she won't be making again...

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Mervei Reneval

"What are you doing here ?" I stated. The smell of the tunnels was getting to me making me irritated. The fact that one of our own was stealing supplies was only making it worse.
'P-please. I was only stealing some rice for my children. They haven't got enough to live.' The man pleaded. His face was shrouded with fear covered by his scruffy, brown hair.

'Neither have the rest of us. We only have what we've got. So you make do ... like the rest of us !" I hissed my face inches away from his.
"Yes, o-of course, my lady. I was not thinking."
"GUARDS!" I shouted. At the sound of my voice they entered their armour shining in the darkness of the tunnel. "Execute him."

And with that I left the tunnel, the screams of the man vibrating through.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Name: Peyton Taylor
Age: 22
Militia / Rebel: Militia
Skills (or extra info): Has amazing computer hacking skills, which are not needed so much anymore (but of course the Militia has access to them). Good with explosives. Used to be with the Rebels, but changed sides.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Peyton Taylor

Mervei walked into the room, the stench of the tunnels lingering on her clothes.

"Status update Peyton" she said, pacing the room.

I checked a few files on the computer I was sitting at, then turned to her and grimaced. "We have had no sign of them for weeks now. Our sources are no longer reliable. We need to widen our search"

She sighed and massaged her temples "Who can we send out there?"

"I'll do a soldier evaluation and let you know by tomorrow" I replied, already turning back to the computer, clicking away.

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Name: Trinity King
Age: 28
Militia / Rebel: Rebel
Skills: She's wonderful with just about any weapon, and she is very fit and muscular. She is a powerful opponent, but she hates guns.

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Trinity King

The next target flipped open and I threw a knife at it with careful precision, hitting it smack in the middle. The next target flipped at the same time as another one, and I threw the next two knives straight into both of them. A machine gun popped out of one of the walls and opened fire. Blanks, of course, but they left some nasty bruises and marks. I dived behind a block and threw a boomerang at the gun, which knocked it clean off, which stopped the fire.

"That's it!" A powerful voice called out.

I nodded, breathing hard. Training sessions were getting harder. I did a front walkover as I yanked my knives from the targets. The door slid open as I slipped the knives back into their sheathes on my hips.

"How did I do?" I asked Kask, the training supervisor. I took a long sip from my water bottle, looking over Kask's shoulder to see the results.

"Wonderfully," said Kask, his voice a mixture of approval and wistfull. Kask used to be one of the best fighters until he got his legs blown off by a bomb set by the militia. He was deemed too weak to fight anymore, so he oversees training now. He nodded at me. "You'd best get some food in you. You look ready to drop."

I poured some water on my head, nodding slowly. I had been doing training sessions since dawn and it wasn't even four o'clock yet. I nodded to Kask again as I left the training area and went into the cafeteria, which was filled with rowdy rebels. I grabbed a tray and filled it with as much food as I was allowed and sat by myself at an empty table.

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Anna (SylviaGrant) | 160 comments Her appearance:


Name: Jennifer (Jenny) Oswald
Age: 18
Militia / Rebel: Rebel
Skills (or extra info): excellent sword-fighter and is quite skilled with daggers when needed.

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Melissa | 869 comments Name: Kassandra "Kaz" Seymour
Age: 19
Militia/Rebel: Militia
Skills: Bomb/amunition expert

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Ziah Trench:

The knife sunk into the practice dummy, rocking it backwards so that it teetered before hitting the ground with a loud 'thunk' that rang through the room. Frowning, I walked up to the dummy and tugged the knife out - running a finger over the dummy's torso, rubbing the torn edges of the outer covering between my fingers.

"Miss," I called calmly over my shoulder, hiding a smirk. There was a long silence, before the sound of footfalls echoed through the West Corridor training room. Kale crouched next to me, his brow furrowed in disbelief.

"Miliass it did!" he swore, leaning closer to the dummy and searching for the red dot. I sighed and pointed to where it sat above the dummy's 'heart'...intact and glowing in the room's harsh light.

"Face it, Kale. You missed."
Kale rolled his hazel eyes and rubbed the back of his neck. "Gees, Zi. You ever gonna let this go?"
I got to my feet and gave the dummy a short kick, watching it with little interest. "If this were a Militia, Kale, you'd be dead. No, actually - you'd be dead and useless. A pathetic combination."

Kale followed me back to the throwing line. "Don't soften the blow now," he muttered, his tone joking with a hint of hurt. Kale's ego was the size of a Militia navy and twice as hard to take out. But doing so gave one so much satisfaction, it was hard to resist the urge. "Tell it to me straight."

"Your form is sloppy." I placed my legs in the correct stance, balancing my weight and keeping my shoulders straight. "Your breathing is wrong. You blow out with the throw, not in. And your weighting is all wrong - your wrist movements are too heavy and let's face it...that dummy could probably throw a knife better than you."

For emphasis, I grabbed my sagrado steel fighting knives from their sheaths in a whirl of movement - breathing out and keeping my eye on the remaining dummy - I flicked my wrists and sent both knives flying through the air.

Thud! Thud! The knives sunk into the dummy, sending it into the ground and pinning it there. Kale, arms crossed over his leather armoured chest, glanced at me for permission. I shrugged. Let him check. He cautiously made his way over to the dummy and I fought the urge to laugh.

Poor guy probably thought the next knife would find its target in his undefended back. Like I was that blasé to violence that I would do such a thing. Idiot.

There was a long silence as Kale took his time examining the dummy. I heard an intake of breath...before he stood and walked slowly back to me. Pausing a metre away, he opened his hand.

In his palm lay the red dot - broken into two perfect halves.

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Clio

The Rebel base was big, but it was nothing compared to the Militia Camp, an establishment I'd only just left.

I'd recently gathered some interesting new information about the Militia Camp that I think Ziah would want to know.

I was one of two spies who went undercover at the Militia Camp. It is dangerous work and to be perfectly honest, underappreciated by most at Rebel Camp.

I wove past smithing and strategy buildings and into the training area where Ziah spends most off her time training Kale.

And sure enough, there they were. I watched as Ziah threw a perfect knife at a practise dummy. I was a good hit and Kale, despite his massive ego was shocked by her skill.

They hadn't noticed me at this time. They only noticed me when I sent an arrow through the heart of the dummy beside the first.

Kale jumped with shock while Ziah turned smoothly to me, totally unfazed. Kale, getting over his initial shock, glared at me suspiciously. It was no secret that most Rebels didn't trust me because I work at the Militia Camp most of the time. They were ignorant, they still didn't trust me while the leaders did.

"Clio." Ziah smiled. "You're back which means that you have information."
I nodded, keeping my hood on and low though my long raven hair still tumbled down past my waist. Slinging my bow over my shoulder once more I thought of what to say, I didn't want Kale to hear information that should only be heard by leaders. "I think that you may find this interesting."
"Good." She turned to Kale. "You can go now.
He sighed but continued to glare as he stormed off.
"Now what is so interesting, Clio?"

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Melissa | 869 comments Kassandra Seymour

I squinted through the magnifying glass and stifled a groan, some idiot had gotten the concentrations wrong again. If they sent this off to be loaded into the bullets it would more than likely end up blowing the rifles apart, not to mention the rifleman's hands. I had just pulled out the magnets to separate the compounds when what I had deemed the 'panic' alarm started ringing.

I rolled my eyes, dropped the magnet and sprinted for the nearest exit. I made sure no one else was coming before slamming my hand down on the door button which would seal the lab. Mervei ran towards me and gripped my arms. "What did you set off this time Kaz?" I huffed, because obviously whenever something went off it was my fault. "It wasn't me this-" I was interrupted by a loud explosion. "time." I finished.

I hoped whoever had been working on that had at least had the decency to put it in an explosion safe container, if not then the Militia whether they liked it or not was going to be set back quite a while.

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Trinity King

After I finished eating I walked into a different training room to maybe help train some of the other beginners or watch a little. When I went in, however, I saw Ziah and Clio. If Clio was here, that meant that something was up. She had information.

"Trench," I said, nodding to Ziah. We have a mutual relationship... I don't strangle her and she doesn't throw a knife at my heart. A typical Rebel relationship. I turned to Clio, feeling that she was the safer out of the two. I don't entirely trust Clio, but she hadn't doublecrossed us yet. And she has no reason to. She hates the Militia as much as we do. "Chorai," I said in a commanding voice. "Now what's so interesting?" I winced, however, as Ziah said exactly the same thing at the same time, except she added "Clio" to the end.

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Anna (SylviaGrant) | 160 comments So is Jenny accepted?

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I don't think characters need to be accepted... No one said anything when I roleplayed with Trinity without anyone's approval, so I think you're good.

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Melissa | 869 comments Anna wrote: "So is Jenny accepted?"

roleplay characters don't need to be accepted in this group, you just post their info and start

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Aurora | 994 comments Mod

Name: Keira Spencer
Age: 26
Skills: Psychic, Agile, flexible, Dancer, Stylish(totally counts as a skill)

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Aurora | 994 comments Mod
Keira Spencer

"That," I wrinkled my nose in disgust as the chains were tightened around my ankles and wrists, "Is definitely not something I would wear. Ever."
The guard looked down at his clothes, then back at me, confused, "Why are you talking about that now? You're being held hostage!"
I flapped my hand from its confinements, "I know, right! But, like, this is hardly a problem compared to your outfit."
The guard frowned.
"You're new here, aren't you?" I asked, locking my brown eyes onto his, "Wife and two kids. Oh, wait. Wife and one kid. The baby died in the apocalypse, didn't she? You poor thing."

The guard took a step back, his mouth gaping, "How did you-?"
"Oh dear!" I laughed, "Your higher-ups didn't tell you about me? How unprofessional! By the way," I slipped my hands out of the weak chains, "You didn't tighten these properly."
The guard grabbed my wrists quickly then, realising I wasn't resisting, relaxed and tightened the chains.

He stared at me, "Why did you tell me that?"
I smiled, "Because it's the truth. I don't want you to lose your job. You have a family to go back to."

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Clio Chorai

I smiled at Trinity, I knew I could trust her to stay quiet when knowing confidential information. Though I was hesitant at first- every soul that knew information that exposed me as a spy, led to more chance of me being discovered. So I chose my friends wisely.
"The Militia have just captured a Psychic. Apparently she is of neutral standing but I was at a meeting where the Militia discussed means of getting her to work for them. They are all cruel and very persuasive. Should she join, our opperation is doomed to fail."
Ziah and Trinity nodded slowly , "That changes things." Ziah said.
I nodded. "I'm afraid tht you must make some sort of decision as to what we are going to do, for I am due back at Militia soon and I don't know when I can get the oppertunity to leave next."
"Thankyou, Clio."
I turned and left, my black Marauder's cloak blowing behind be.

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Melissa | 869 comments Kaz Seymour

I took a big whiff as I entered the lab. "Ah.." I said, exhaling, "nothing like the smell of gunpowder in the morning." I surveyed the damage as I sauntered over to my station. It looked as if the explosion gone wrong had indeed made it to a capsule before going off, too bad it blew the capsule to smithereens. Which meant I had to make a better capsule..... Great.

I spun around and squinted at the other bomb techs, "all right, who's was it?" A couple of the older techs ignored me but I saw Miranda jerk her head in JJ's direction. It didn't surprise me, he was always trying to prove that a woman had no place in working with explosives. And me being the best and brightest with said materials he just loved to screw with me, which meant working his ass off trying to out do me at every opportunity, most of his attempts failed miserably though.

I scanned more of the damage and was relieved that enough though the capsule had burst it had still managed to absorb most of the shock wave, leaving a very weak path of destruction in the back of the lab. Which fortunately wasn't near any gun powder or other explosives.

I wrinkled my nose as the smell of burnt hair wafted around the room, I didn't even want to know what that meant. Looking at my station and trying to ignore the smell I touched the photo which sat near the magnets I had dropped.

It was pre-apocalypse, when my family had been firework makers. The photo was of my grandparents standing with their arms around my parents, who were a lot younger at the time. Not even in their twenties. My eyes began to burn with the tell tale sign of tears and I looked away and blinked. Crying here wouldn't help, if Mom and Dad were with me instead of in a militia work camp they wouldn't want me to cry either. I thought it was ironic, I was creating weapons and refining powders which would kill anyone who would actually help me and my family. All while working for the people that held them hostage, ah well. As long as I played good girl for now my parents wouldn't be in any danger.

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Ziah Trench:

Clio's news about the Psychic was disconcerting, but I stowed it away to dwell on at a later date. Duty called. I gave Trinity a slight nod before turning on my heel and exiting the room, heading for the main corridor.

The sound of my boot heels hitting the metal floor bounced off the walls, the glaring lights shining off my weapons and metal cuffs. I nodded politely to the other Rebels I passed, many of them muttering a "Good day", or a quiet "Estar seguro ". My gait didn't falter as I headed for the south-east part of the compound, purpose in my every step.

I held a hand to the pad by the door, waited for the prick of the needle and then pushed the door open when the light blinked green - registering me and allowing me access. Dawson, a Techie, shuffled past, lifting his gaze from his IScreen when I cleared my throat.

"Oh, Miss Trench - Mr Fell is in his office." That was Dawson - always able to gage what I needed when I needed it.
"Thank you, Dawson. The DOW giving you trouble lately?" The DOW - Defensive Outer Wall - kept the compound off the Militia Grid.

Dawson sighed and rubbed his mess of black hair. "Not since I re-calibrated the left gate. There was a faulty nitrogen link and the lower ring of wires weren't linked properly but I got Stevens to take a look and so far I've had no trouble."
"Good, good." I paused, before adding, "I better head on up then."
"See you, Miss Trench."


"Why, Trench!" A voice, lazy and low, came from somewhere behind a stack of bursting files. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your scintillating company?"

Rolling my eyes I closed the door behind me and crossed my arms over my chest - eyes roving over the mountains of paperwork. "Well I'm not here to offer up my secretarial skills."

There was a dramatic sigh, followed by a squeak of chair wheels being put into use. Suddenly he was standing and I was able to see him clearly - roughly two metres tall, with his blue eyes sporting flecks of amber and waves of light brown hair, Luke Fell was something of a looker...and a genius to boot.

It was the genius part that got him one of the top spots at the rebel compound.

Being Head Soldado, Luke took his time making his way over - frowning at the steel knives by my side. "Someone forgot to mention it was 'Bring Your Weapons To School' day - are we having cake?"

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Like you don't carry weapons."
Luke grinned down at me. "Oh, I do! My charm, my swoonsome face-"
I held up a hand, interrupting his ego trip. "I got your com message. You need to see me?"
"Don't I always?"
"Be serious," I admonished, stalking past him into his office and shoving a stack of files onto the floor so I could take a seat in the chair opposite his cluttered desk.

Luke cringed. "There goes the compound's Water Report."
I picked up a pen lying on his desk and settled back in the chair - holding my hand closer to me and staring an inky design on it, comprising of swirls. "If it was important, you would have archived it."
"I'm lazy."
"I know."

He came around and exhaled loudly as he took his seat - stretching his arms over his head. "As brokenhearted as I am about the secretary issue, I asked you here to discuss the matter of your training." He paused, leaning forwards and creating a steeple with his fingers. "Trainer Lyn can no longer teach you."

I stared at him, expression cool. "Excuse me?"
He cringed again. "Don't give me the death glare, love." I upped the glare at the use of endearments. He broke and said, "Ok, look, it wasn't my fault - Trainer Lyn actually said she'd love to. But she reckons you have what it takes to be transferred into Squad 7."

The Rebel compound's forces were divided into seven Squads - the higher the number, the better your abilities. I was the youngest member of Squad 6, overseen by Trainer Lyn, a veteran of forty-two years. The chance to move up to Squad 7 was both amazing and yet, unbelievable.

"Are you certain?" I asked him, showing no emotion whatsoever. I did not want to show just how shocked I was by this announcement. Not even to Luke, who I had known for a good number of years and who I normally felt comfortable dealing with.

Luke nodded and grabbed a paper off the top of a stack and handed it to me. "The official notice is there. I need it signed ASAP, so as to give Trainer West due notice of your changeover. He'll be taking you as well as Jackson, Clio, Jen, Pilot and Kat." A smile worked its way onto his face. "Congratulations, Trench."

I looked up from the paper and I gave him a small smile in return, my earlier success at training boosting my confidence. I could do this. I would make my parents proud - their sacrifice would not be for nothing. "Thanks."

The corners of his smile deepened. "Now about that secretary job-"
I chucked the pen at him, and he snatched it out of the air with a laugh.

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Clio

I met Dawson as he left the Tech department.
"Clio." He nodded, smiling his usually geeky grin. "How is the Militia base?"
I felt a smile spreading on my lips. Dawson was a good friend, I spent mist of my time talking to him when I got back from Militia.
"Interesting." I shrugged. That seemed to be the new favourite word of the day. "It has brought to my attention that I-"
"You need some new means of transmitting information to Base." He finished.
I grinned. "How'd you know?"
"Lucky guess?" I pushed him and he laughed.
"Anyway," He continued. "I have considered it and I have been working on a new comm device."
"When will it be ready?" I asked.
"I'm not sure but I'll let you know when I am. I'm needed at the South Quadrant, wanna come?"
"No, I should catch up with people. I haven't seen them in a couple of weeks."
"Alright then. Bye Clio."
He began heading off in the other direction.
"Dawson!" He turned around
"I got promoted to Seventh Division."
"Congratulations Clio!"
"Oh, and Dawson." He sighed good humouredly and turned.
I chucked him a Militia communicator, they were much more efficient then Rebel ones and I new that Dawson had wanted to replicate them for ages. "Don't worry, I broke it so it's untrackable. It's still valuable right, because I went through Hell to get that."
He smiled like children used to on christmas. "It's perfect! Thanks."
I turned and made my way to the residences. Where was my confounded cousin when I needed him?

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Peyton Taylor

I was still sitting at the computer, hours after Mervei had left me, trying to figure out who would be best to send out.

"What are you doing still here so late at night?" a deep male voice came from behind me. I swung around on my chair and found a tall, blonde, handsome, muscly guy leaning against the door frame.

Tyler. My best friend. The same best friend I was in love with. Of course he didn't know... that would just be awkward.

"We are going to widen our search for the Rebels. Mervei wants to send out another team, and I'm trying to find the best candidates" I shrugged, like this was something I do every day. It almost was.

He crossed his arms "Don't you know where the Rebel base is? Surely you have some sort of leads"

I shook my head and said "I've told you, I don't remember anything"

But that was a lie. We kept going over this lie, in circles, never stopping. I remembered exactly where there were Rebels hiding, but I wasn't going to hand that information over at any cost. I used to have friends there, and despite where I sat now, that wasn't going to change the past.

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Trinity King

My suspicions were confirmed. Keira. Once upon a time we had been friends. Then we had a disagreement. Hard to have a disagreement with a psychic person, but I gave it my best shot. Well, she'd better get herself in order and pick a side because nobody's gonna let a psychic girl stay neutral for long. Whatever side she picks... - well, lets just say that if she chooses us the war is as good as over. I could practically see what we could do with a psychic soldier. Almost a super soldier, like those old cartoons about Captain America and stuff.

I marched out of the training room. All I knew about Keira would be no use to Ziah. I almost sighed in frustration. Ziah acts like she owns the rebel base, even though she knows that if we both got to fighting, there would be no winner. She acts like she's the best, but she's not. I'm actually older than her! Sometimes I even doubt if she has a heart.

Something needed to be done about Spencer. I refused to think of her in friendly terms anymore. If we were going to be unbiased about this, I couldn't have any attachment. Rebel rules. Unspoken, maybe, but it's still a rule.

And there were rumours that Trench was going to be moved up to Squad 7. If so, she'll be the youngest person to hit that squad... ever. I can't help but say I've got a slight grudge. A slight one.

I passed Trainer Lyn in the hall. She tapped my shoulder, turning me around. "Yes, Trainer Lyn?" I asked.

"Soldier Trench has been moved up to Squad 7," she said. "You'll have to take her place in Squad 6." When she noticed my expression, which I was having difficulty concealing, she couldn't resist a small chuckle. "Don't look so murderous, Soldier King. You'll get to that squad in no time. I can guarantee it."

That didn't exactly improve my mood, but I nodded curtly to Lyn to show that I understood and kept walking.

It felt like all I did was training. I never got out on missions. Everyone said I was one of the best - then why didn't they send me out? How am I ever supposed to prove myself worthy of Squad 7 if I've almost never been in combat? Because everyone was fawning over Trench, with her dark eyes and tattoos. Because I wasn't worth it. Jealousy left a bitter taste in my mouth. I was becoming a trainer, not a fighter. I didn't want to be a trainer. I had almost no leadership because I hadn't been out enough. I nearly slammed the wall in frustration. People just didn't understand, let alone the emotionless leaders of the Rebellion.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Ziah Trench:

I headed to the barracks - holding my hand to the pad and watching as the lights flashed green before walking quickly through the doorway that appeared in the shimmering depths of the metal wall. I heard a hiss of machinery as the door clicked closed behind me, the wall returning to its smooth state. Glancing at the watch on my wrist, I gathered that I had less than an hour to myself before dinner, and then evening training.

The barracks were divided into the male barracks and the female barracks. Each barrack comprised of a nice little 'common area' - meant for mingling and sharing recon stories over mugs of lukewarm coffee...but mainly used as a reprieve from the constant chatter in the sleeping quarters and the World War III over bathroom rights.

The Trainers slept across the hall from us other Rebels - there to keep an eye on us as well as break up fights, check the cleanliness of the rooms and to stop any 'fraternising' between genders. Each barrack had five levels, accessible via a flight of winding stairs. The levels were filled with sleeping quarters. There was only one bathroom every second level (hence the wars), and in the Female Barracks, this was a bit of a sore spot.

I headed past the common area - after confirming that I was indeed Ziah Trench at the identification pad by the front door - and up the stairs to the second level, walking straight into my private quarters, the second room from the left end. The great thing about the barracks was that each person got his/her own room. Privacy and relief from staring eyes, snubs and constant scrutiny, the barracks were the closet thing to a haven any of us was going to get on the Rebel compound.

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Aurora | 994 comments Mod
Keira Spencer

My eyes widened as a muscular, scarred man entered the doorway, a huge sword attached to his back.
"My gosh!" I exclaimed, "Are all the militia as unfashionable as you? Look at what you're wearing!"
His hand slammed down on the table, "Tell me. Where is their base?"
I paused, then tilted my head, "Who what when where why?"
"You know who I'm talking about." He sneered.
"What when where why?"
He gritted his teeth in annoyance, "I've told you the what, when; now. The where is what I'm asking and the why is obvious."
I sighed, "Calm down. Let me get this straight. You want the location of the rebel's base and you're asking me for it."
"And what do I get out of this?"
"You get to leave unharmed,"
I burst out laughing, "Really? Don't you mean 'We'll keep you as a prisoner and make you work for us.'"

He snarled, "Do the job, then we'll figure out the reward."
I raised an eyebrow, "It doesn't usually work like that."
"Ok then," He unsheathed his sword, "Let's do this the hard way."
I tsked, "Violence is not the answer, my boy. You know, there are two easy ways to get me to do something."
He walked behind me and held the blade against my skin, "Spit it out."
I moved my neck away from the blade so it didn't touch my clothes or my hair, "Well, the first one is to beat me in a dance-off."

He snorted, "That's ridiculous."
I shrugged, "The second way is the ask nicely, with a please and a thankyou."
He glared at me long and hard, then sheathed his sword, turned on his heel and exited the cell, slamming the door shut behind him. Through the small window I could see him lock the door with a key.

I laughed inwardly. The militia had thrown me into a low-security cell, a very old, hardly renovated type of cell for weak prisoners. They thought I was weak. Well, they were right, of course, but wouldn't you expect them to put a psychic into a higher security cell? Like, those ones had a nice coat of paint on the walls, a white colour which matched my nails. How awesome would that be? Being in a cell the colour of our nails?

I chuckled, then crossed on leg over the other, waiting for someone else to come in for a chat.

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Ziah Trench:

I raced down the main corridor. Already I was regretting the unsuitability of the compound's required training gear - for women, it comprised of a fitted black tank top with a fine flexible chain mail on the sides and across the collar to absorb impact, as well as loose black pants and soft black fabric shoes. I would have preferred the pants to be of a lighter material, but we can't have everything. At least we weren't being made to wear skirts.

Hurrying into the training sector, I scanned the timetable on the wall. Squad 7 was in Room 24. I passed corridors lined with training rooms - most of them empty, the lights off, but a few of them contained one or two of the lower squads as well as some individual training sessions. Finally, I spotted Room 24 and allowed my hands to be scanned at the door before entering.

A guy was already in there, beating the hell out of a half-holo dummy, his fists connecting with the dummy's central nerve clusters before finishing the routine off with a deadly shot to the windpipes. Every movement was deadly, efficient and executed with an elegance that made it look like dancing, rather than fighting.

I stood where I was at the door, watching. The holo winked out at the windpipe hit and the remaining half of the dummy collapsed to the floor, broken and letting out wisps of smoke. The guy still didn't ease, his stance remaining tense as he turned around to face me.

Amber eyes narrowed. "You're new," he said, his tone giving nothing away. He had a nice voice, deep and pleasant, but devoid of emotion like his expression. "Are you Ziah?"
I nodded slowly, but said nothing. He raised an eyebrow. "Cat got your tongue, Newbie?"
"No," I replied, crossing my arms over my chest.
"Good." Muscles shifted under his shirt as he bent down, lifting up the smoking dummy and walking over to the disposal unit. "You need your wits about you in my classes."

His classes? The pieces clicked together. He must Trainer West - Zach West. Suddenly, I felt foolish for having spied on his private training session, or workout. Whichever it was. And with muscles like his, he definitely worked out.

"The others aren't coming today," he said out of nowhere, breaking through my thoughts on his physique. "I wanted to spend this lesson focusing on what you do and don't know - testing your limits, so to speak. Think you're up to it?"

I shrugged. "There's only one way to find out, isn't there?"
West gave a small smile. "Then I guess we'll see."

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Ziah Trench:

"We'll start with Capoeira," West said as we faced off. I nodded and rolled my shoulders, readying my muscles.

Capoeira is an African system of unarmed combat and relies heavily on leg techniques and leg kicks for attacks and dodges for defence. I'd trained in it a few times, but had done nothing serious. I mainly stuck to the base forms, like judo and karate - the ones the Trainers knew more about.

Obviously West worked differently.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Peyton Taylor

As I swung at the punching bag, I couldn't help but wonder how I ended up with the Militia. Then his face came into view and there was no denying it was all Tyler's doing.

I tried to focus on my boxing, as he wandered behind me, putting his hands on my waist, leaning down to whisper in my ear
"Focus or you'll miss"
His warm breath tickled my ear and my neck.

Boy did I have it bad.

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Ziah Trench:

By the end of our session, I was aching - but in a good way, like I'd worked and used muscles that I never knew I had, the pain almost a reward for all the effort I'd put in. West gestured to the drink slot by the towel rack and I took that as permission to take a break; walking up to the slot and pressing the button.
Grabbing the water bottle that fell out, on a whim I pressed the button again and brought the second bottle over to West. He took it from me, slinging his towel around his neck.

"Thanks." His eyes met mine.
"No problem," I replied, controlling my breathing and heart rate whilst taking small sips of water. It was a standard training exercise that one developed over the years. Pretty soon my breathing was back to normal and I lowered the bottle, screwing the cap back on.

West set the now half empty bottle at his feet and started rubbing the towel over his brown hair. "So," he started, giving a minuscule smile. "Newbie. Want to know how you did?"
I fought the smile that rose to my lips. "On a scale of 1 to 10?"
"On a scale of you either sucked or you didn't."

He arched an eyebrow, but just said, "Well, unless today is the best day of your life, or you only tend to fight well once in a blue moon, I can safely say that you don't suck. were okay."

I didn't comment, but smiled inwardly. 'Okay' was Trainer talk for 'You did well'. Some may believe that I fight for personal satisfaction...but there was something nice about people acknowledging you for the fact that all those years of effort finally counted for something. I had made the most of my parent's sacrifice and that was what mattered.

"I think you'll do alright in our Squad," he continued, letting the towel fall back around his neck, and propping his hands on his hips, studying me. "You'd have to come here for one Squad lesson a day, standard - although we may have some days with two or three, depending on Militia forces, attacks and the like. And you'd also have to have one private session a day, too. The rest of the Squad have been up to scratch for most of the year, and though you're pretty good, you need to stay up to par. Am I understood?"

I nodded. "Loud and clear, Trainer."
"Good." He grabbed his towel and walked over to the disposal unit, throwing it in. "I'll have the Head Soldado get your new timetable to you as soon as possible. Until then..." He gave a light lift of his shoulders. "I expect you to remember when the lessons are on. Any questions?"
I frowned, before shaking my head. "None that I can think of at the moment."

He nodded and held out his hand. I brought mine up to meet it. The handshake was firm, resolute.

West narrowed his eyes like something amused him, before letting go and saying, "Until this afternoon then, Newbie."

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Clio

I finally found my cousin, doing what his does best. He leant against a poll with hi arms croseed and a flirtingly seductive smile on his lips. He was chatting up a girl I'd never met before, she blushed and giggled at whatever he said, and knowing him, it probably wasn't particularly complimentary nor funny.

My cousin was the same age as me and he had black wavy hair and blue eyes like me, so many people thought we were siblings. Though when you got to know us, it was obvious that he has my uncle's cockiness while I have my mother's elegant charm.
Despite all of that, he is mt cousin and only living relative so we are pretty close.

I took off my hood, people say I look like my mum, but she was beautiful and I really don't see the resemblence.
"What's so funny?" I asked, walking up to them. "Last I heard, Michael Chorai hasn't said a single humorous thing in his life."
They both turned to me, though they both had very different expressions. Michael smiled welcomingly at me whike the girl beside him paled and went completely still.
I intimidate people, I wish I didn't but as a spy, that's tge reputation you get.
"Clio, I was wondering when you'd show your beautiful face around here once more."
"You only say it's beautiful because it looks like yours, Michael." I replied evenly.
My cousin shrugged. "So my compliment had aome selfish intentions," He turned to face where the girl was standing. "it still has the same- where'd she go?"
I laughed. "Sorry, I scared away one of your dates."
Michael shrugged again. "I was going to dump her anyway. I met this really hot girl in my office."
Oh yeah, I conveniently forgot to mention that Michael Chorai is one of the best Strategists at Base and most of the missions are planned by him and his team. This girl has probably been there the whole time, but Michael only notices other girls when he is dating one. Such is the way of Michael Chorai.
"Come in, Clio." He said. "Let's get lunch."

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Aurora | 994 comments Mod
Keira Spencer

"Four kids." I said, smiling, "Three boys and a girl."
The other prisoners were silent, waiting for an answer from a middle aged man with a short beard.
The bearded man paused for suspense, "Correct!"
The prisoners around me cheered.
"How many brothers do I have?" A woman yelled from the cell next to me.
I reached out my hand to her from between the bars and she grabbed onto it, hand shaking excitedly.
"Two brothers!" I announced.
She shrieked, "That's right!"
The prisoners cheered again.

I smiled. I'd been in this cell for a few hours now, the militia obviously wanted to give me time to 'think things over'... without any food or water. The woman in the cell next to me had kindly offered some of her water, but I'd refused. That's when she asked me why I was here. I'd told her I was psychic and she sceptically asked me to prove it. And that's how I'd made the jail feel less daunting and more happy.

"Where is my father?" A thin teenage boy called from the cell opposite me. I stretched my arm through the bars, trying not to touch the disgusting rusty things, and managed to touch his outstretched fingertips.
I focused hard, closing my eyes. The answer usually came easily, but I wasn't feeling anything.
I breathed slowly, clearing all thoughts from my mind but it stayed blank. Then, a picture flashed into my mind. It was only a split second, but in that split second, I understood the situation.

A man, fearful face covered in scruffy, brown hair, cowering in front of a brunette.
"Guards." The brunette shouted. Armoured men trooped into the tunnel, awaiting orders.
"Please God." The man gave an almost inaudible whisper but I heard it loud and clear, "Protect Josh."
"Execute him."
The man screamed, his cry echoing through as I was jolted out of the vision and I fell to the dusty ground.

A tear streamed down my cheek as I turned to face the young teen in the cell in front of me.
"Josh?" I whispered. He nodded frantically, eyes watering.
I stood slowly, my voice sympathetic, "I am so sorry."
The jail was silent except for my voice.
Josh bit his lip, "Is he...?"
"I am so sorry." I said again.

He turned his back and covered his face as the elderly man in the same cell pulled him to his chest.

I sat on the chair in my cell, wiping my tears. I couldn't wait to be out of here.

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((Where are we going to go with this?))

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
βιβλιοφάγος (a.k.a. Cat) wrote: "((Where are we going to go with this?))"


- The Rebels hear that the Militia are organising some event/some kind of important thing in the society, and they plan to sabotage it/go undercover and intervene.
- Some kind of clash of the two sides (some kickassery!)
- The finer details I think will come in time :D)

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments (My character is going to go back to Militia soon and get some details on said event) :)

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Ziah Trench:

That afternoon I stood in Room 24, dressed in a fresh training outfit that was almost identical to the ones worn by the other Rebels in the room. They stood around, sipping from water bottles, stretching or having murmured conversations.

Jackson, I recognised from Scouting - a compulsory service that each Rebel had to do once a month, for a period of two or three days, scouting the outer borders of the compound and getting intel on the enemy. Jackson had been pretty good, if memory served. He sported a buzz cut and was built like a mountain, towering over the rest of us, every muscle clearly defined as he took deep breaths and carried out a series of stretches to warm up.

Clio had entered the room with another guy who looked almost identical to her, his eyes narrowed as if in quiet thought. He leaned against one of the walls, as Clio talked quietly. She'd waved at me when I'd arrived and I'd smiled back. It'd be nice to have one friendly face in these training sessions.

Jen and Pilot, a couple if rumours were true, faced off and feinted at one another, quick and lethal. Pilot was slightly gangly but I'd heard that his intellect and quick thinking on the field more than made up for his lack of physical strength. He fought using his opponents weaknesses. Jen, bubbly on the outside, was a bomb ready to go off. Her winning smile and blonde curls hid a feral cat who could strike at a moment's notice.

Kat, small and silent, sat on one of the mats, her wispy brown hair pulled back simply from her pale face. She was a quiet person by nature - but it's the quiet ones you watch out for.

"Good. You're all here." Trainer West entered the room and immediately we all stopped whatever we were doing previously and made our way to the front of the room where he'd stopped and turned to face us.

He eyed us all before saying, "We have two new members of the squad. Michael Chorai-" At his words the new guy with Clio smiled winningly and gave a short bow. Clio rolled her eyes. "-and Ziah Trench." I didn't meet anyone's eyes, but kept mine focused on the wall behind West. "They are now your Squadmates. You will fight with them. You will protect them. And they will protect and fight for you."

"Now. For today's sessions, I am pairing you up based on conflicting abilities. Kat - you'll be with me. Clio...with Jackson. Jen and Pilot-" West broke off and rolled his eyes, his first display of humour. "Go ahead. I know it's useless to separate you two, and besides - you're total opposites."
"And as for the Newbies..." West's eyes met mine. "I guess they can pair up. Alright. Everyone to your mats and remember, fight clean. Fight dirty and you'll be out that door. Am I clear?"

"Yes, Trainer," we chanted obediently.
"Good. Now get to it!"

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Clio

I smiled at Ziah as she made her way over to Michael. That would be an interesting fight- Michael was sly and manipulative while Ziah was obviously the one more suited to combat of the two.

I walked to Jackson, he towered over me and was twice as broard.
"Clio, ready to be beaten?" Jackson asked.
"In your dreams, Jackson." I said, drawing my knives from their sheaths.
The aim of this exercise is to get your oponent into a position where, if you were intending to, you could kill them.
I usually used my knives, Jackson used nothing but his bare hands.
He opened his mouth to reply and I used this moment of distraction to kick him in the face.
Of course, it didn't hurt him that much, but it gave me an oppertunity for further attack while he was shocked.
But Jackson was in the same division as me for a reason, he wasn't just brute strength. I only had enough time to give him a small cut along the left arm before he caught my offending arm and brought it painfully behind my back.
I gritted my teeth and kicked him in the stomach, momentarily winding him. He stagered back, releasing me as he did so.
We looked at each other, smiling excitedly, I'd forgotten how much I loved kicking Jackson's arse, I knew his weakenesses but he knew mine. I'd still win.
He seemed to read my mind, for he said, "Not this time."
And we charged.

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Ziah Trench:

"You know," Michael said lazily, his annoying drawl reaching me where I stood checking my sagrado steel fighting knives. "It is hard to make black look good, but you manage to pull it off with honours, Trench."

Not commenting, I rubbed my thumb over the hilt of one of my knives, before giving the other an experimental twirl.

"Did I forget to mention the knife factor?" He winked. "I always did prefer feisty women."
I raised an eyebrow. "Please tell me that your supposed 'ability' isn't flirting. I will be sorely disappointed."
Michael waved his hands at me, showing off a pair of steel-capped gloves.
"Ah. Hand-to-hand combat."
"Indeed." He smirked. "I am all about hands-on activities."

Barely suppressing an eye-roll, I eased myself into a passive fighting stance, awaiting his attention. "Whenever Your Highness is ready," I called to him, smiling sweetly.
"Hmph." He didn't comment, but I noticed he raised a hand to his hair, checking it. Shaking my head, I tightened my grip on my knives. "Fine. Be no fun. Let's fight, then."

He gave a wicked grin and then his hand came flying out of nowhere to try and connect with my face. Dirty move...but still, a clean shot. I ducked and, concentrating, feinted a stab at his exposed midsection. His hand came up to meet the blade of my knife, steel meeting steel in a screech of disharmony.

His grin widened and he gave a slightly breathless, "Whoa, Trench. If you wanted to be this close you should have-"
I cut him off by pushing forwards on my blade, knocking him off balance and sending him backwards. He fell into a roll and jumped to his feet, coming at me with a series of jabs aimed at my midsection. My knives met his gloves each time.

A few moments later, I saw my chance and fell into a roll...coming up behind him and then reaching back I hooked my knife through his belt and tugged. He fell backwards onto the mat. He flipped, ready to get up, but I threw my knife - pinning the material of his pant to the mat. Another throw and the other leg was pinned too. He struggled, but I knew they wouldn't give.

He stopped struggling and gave a dramatic sigh. "You've got me where you want me, I suppose?"
I gave a small smile as I stood over him. "Indeed."
"Kinda hot."
"Give it a rest."
He winked. "Not until you cave. Besides." He nodded at himself, indicating his present state. "You don't win. You haven't got me cornered in a threatening position-"

He blinked as in a quick whip-like motion, I was straddling him with a knife at his throat. "What?" he asked, dark eyes meeting mine in confusion. "How-"
"Sagrado knives," I explained, "come in 'pairs' of three. I always have the third one on me, ready to strike when the enemy thinks my 'pair' is engaged elsewhere. Neat, isn't it?"

He gave a small smile of appreciation. "It is. Very nice. Congratulations."
"For what?" I asked, shrugging. "You're not my enemy. You're my Squadmate. This is simply an exercise and I did not 'win' anything but experience." I eased off him a little, taking my knife off his throat and tugging at the other two. "It was actually-"

I broke off as his leg, now freed, hooked mine and he flipped me down onto the mat. Spluttering in indignation, I rose to get up, but he'd rolled on top of me, pinning down my arms with his steel-capped gloved hands and grinning smugly. "Let. Me. Up!" I snarled into his face which was barely two inches from mine.

"Now, now." He waggled a finger in my face, before poking my nose, still grinning shamelessly. "Be nice. I'm not your enemy...isn't that what you said?" The sly dog. Narrowing my eyes, I stopped struggling and sighed.
"You're right," I mumbled. Michael's face inched closer. "But," I added, smiling slowly, "That doesn't mean I can't kick your arse."

And I kneed him. Where it hurt.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit!" Michael's face clouded in pain as he scrambled off me and to his feet, doubling over. "What the hell did you do that for, Trench?" he gasped, staring at me.
"Sexual harassment."
He rolled his eyes. "When I'm sexually harassing you, you'll know it, babe."
"See. Right there. Harassment."
He walked over, slowly and wincing in pain. When he reached me he held out his hand. I eyed it warily. "Oh, for the love of - just shake it, Trench. I promise I won't bite." The grin appeared. "That is, unless you want me to-"

I shook his hand and then stepped back, smiling. "You might need some ice for that."
He sighed. "Was that really necessary?" When I nodded he waved a hand in defeat, walking over to the cooling unit. "I'm not giving up, you know, Trench," he called over his shoulder, giving me a wink.


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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Clio

Parry. Duck. Kick. Turn. Flip. Jackson and I were still going, we may be opposites in fightings styles, but when it comes to endurance and determination, we are very much equal.
I sidestepped his charge to tackle me and tripped him up with my foot. This was when I finally had a chance at winning, I jumped in his back and pinned both his arms to his sides with my knees. Then I held each of my knives at the front and back of his neck.
I laughed. "Got you again, Jackson!"
I said getting off his back and sheathing my knives once more.
He held out a hand and I shook it.
"I'll win next time." He said, smiling.
"Keep dreaming, boy." I replied and began walking away.

I went over to the newbies. "How'd it go?"

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Ziah Trench:

I tilted my head to where Michael was holding an icepack to...well, you get the idea. Clio's gaze followed my gesture and her eyes widened, as she let out a little laugh. "Oh, Michael. What did he do?"
"He basically propositioned me."
"Did not!" Michael objected, making puppy eyes. "Our interactions were purely clinical and training-based. She's a firecracker!"

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Clio

I stared at both of them, one eyebrow raised as they argued about who was to blame.
Jackson came up beside me and gave me a questioning look.
"Michael got kicked in the balls." I explained. "What they're figuring out now is if Ziah is in the wrong for unnecessary attack, or if Michael is for sexual harrassment."
Jackson snorted. "Michael cares about his reputation too much to harrass a woman. All the other women waiting at his feet would run."
I laughed, "Michael can come on a bit strong though."
Jackson shrugged, "That's who he is."
"Yeah, but if you did that to me, I'd think kicking you in the privates would be a justified reaction."
"Let's just say that they're both wrong and go get something to eat." Jackson said, he turned to Ziah and Michael. "You two coming?"
They both glared at each other. "Yeah ok." They said in sync which, it seemed, annoyed the other even more.

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Trinity King

"Try harder," I growled to James, wrapping my legs with lightning speed around his neck and hammering into a pressure point with my left fist and holding onto him with my right. "You're doing terribly."
"You've never gone this hard on me," James whined, wheezing as he tried to get my legs off of his neck.
That was true. I was going harder than usual on him. Why? I wasn't quite sure. But I didn't let up. "I've been a bit soft on you lately," I lied.
"You made me hop on hot coals while parrying two trainers with samurai swords!" James complained. "You said I was good."
"You can't be just good," I whispered into his ear. "You need to be fantastic to ever get high enough in the rebel government."
James, after fighting my hold for a few more minutes and failing, tapped me to tell me that he'd given up.
"If I was a Militia soldier, you'd be dead by now," I snarled at James, in an unnaturally bad mood.
James held up his hands in a gesture of surrender. "Alrighty, keep your hair on, King," he said tiredly. "But can you let up? I've been on guard duty all week up in the slops."
I relented... a little. "You take a break. I'll try to find something easy enough for you to do."

But just then I heard a loud beeping come from my watch. It could only mean one thing.
I was being summoned.
And not only that, it meant a mission.

I smiled. "Laters, James," I said, grinning like a maniac. "I've got a mission."

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Ziah Trench:

Meals in the Rebel base were served in a cafeteria-like environment - a large hall, with six long, steel tables lined with benches instead of individual chairs. The three main meals of the day were served at set times, but due to our training and the amount of physical activity, light foods such as fruit, snacks and plenty of water, were available around the clock.

"Are you alright there, Michael?" Clio asked, watching as he piled his plate high with chocolate muffins.
"Peachy." He caught me watching and grinned. "Would you like a muffin, Trench?"
"Seeing that it might come with some kind of silent contract, no."

Jackson grabbed an apple and offered me the basket of fruit. I took out a plum and returned the basket to its place, moving along the line. After grabbing a muesli cookie (some kind of oatmeal - not too tasty, but too much sugar wasn't good for me anyway), I followed the others to a deserted table, sliding onto the bench next to Clio, opposite Michael and Jackson.

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((Michael and Jackson... LOL))

message 47: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments HAHA I didn't realise! XD

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Aurora | 994 comments Mod
((Hahahahaha! OMG I so did not notice before you pointed it out!))

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Aurora | 994 comments Mod
Keira Spencer

"Can I pretty please have an ice cream sundae?" I asked the next girl who entered my cell.
She stared at me, unimpressed, "You are the psychic?"
I froze for a split second when I realised she was the woman from my vision. The one who'd ordered the execution of Josh's father.
"You are the evil woman who doesn't bring her prisoners ice cream sundaes when they ask very nicely?" I smiled, regaining my composure, "You don't seem like the type to say please and thankyou so are you here to challenge me to a dance-off?"
Her eyes narrowed, "Can you make things easier for all of us and just tell us where the rebel's base is?"
"Easier how?"
"You get to live."
"Well that makes no sense." I chuckled, "If I don't tell you, you'll kill me? I seem to be your only lead in this situation. You're not going to kill me."

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Ziah Trench:

I bit into my oatmeal cookie and swallowed the mouthful of crumbly goodness before saying to Clio, "How long have you been in Squad 7 for, Clio?"

Clio tapped the side of her mouth, setting her protein bar down. "I think it's been...eight months?" She shot Jackson a questioning look. He gave an affirmative nod and she turned back to me, nodding. "I think it's something around that number. We used to have Trainer Ora up until two months ago. West is her son, so she gave him the spot when she had to move to man the west base by the coast."

"How about you?" I asked Jackson.
"One year," he replied. "I skipped 6 after graduating from 5."
I gave him a small smile. "Impressive."
"I could say the same," Jackson retorted, gesturing with his apple at me. "Trainer Lyn is almost impossible to please and you are - sorry, were - the youngest member of her squad. And you'd barely been in there for a year when they transferred you to Squad 7."

I cringed a little at the praise, rubbing the back of my neck. "I just like to work hard," I replied, poking at the remaining half of my cookie. "I was actually quite upset when I found out that Trainer Lyn could no longer train me. She was my trainer for both Squad 5 and 6, and her methods are strict, but rewarding."

"I remember having her for a Dawn Session, once," Clio said. Dawn Sessions happened once every month, where we were put into groups at random, divided into our separate genders, and given a Trainer at random to give us drills and the like. And it occurred at dawn, as the name suggested. "Around forty, short, steel-coloured hair and a habit of saying, 'Toughen up!' constantly?"

That got a grin out of me. "A very accurate description."

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