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Rustin Petrae (RustinPetrae) | 30 comments My novel and novella will both be free for three days starting 11/29 -12/01! Pass the word along and if you happen to like it then give it a rating or review or both.

Book One: Dragon

He was an enemy.

She saved his life.

The rest is history.

Rooks have embraced science and technology, even inventing helpful, microscopic, robots called nanos to create nearly any machine they want to meet their needs.

The Terraquois are their opposite. They have embraced the spiritual and have a deep bond with nature. It is this bond that allows them to transform into the animal that resembles their own, inner selves.

These two races have fought each other, often with brutal savagery, for centuries. But things change when the Rook prince, Rone Varlamagne, is shot out of the sky and left for dead in the desert by an unknown force. Keiara, the daughter of the Terraquois chieftain, is the one to find him but instead of killing him, she decides to save his life. It is one act. One conscious choice, but it changes everything for them and the entire face of Purga.

Together, they face foes from every direction...and they will stop at nothing to protect each other.

Cat's Paw

A dark/paranormal fantasy, Cat's Paw centers around a 15 year old boy named Tad.

In his neighborhood, something has happened. Something tragic.

He sees the effects that this horrible event has in his neighborhood but is powerless to stop it. Until a strange cat shows up. The cat follows him around everywhere, refusing to leave him alone. And with its appearance, strange things start happening. Haunting nightmares. Instructions from a dead girl. And the cat that seems to tie them all together. Its up to Tad to figure out what's going on and how to stop it.

Because, a secret has been buried and uncovering its truth is the only way to stop what's happening.

Enjoy everyone. Rustin

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Rustin Petrae (RustinPetrae) | 30 comments You can find them on

Book One: Dragon

Cat's Paw

message 3: by Christina (new)

Christina The link's don't work...

message 5: by Kaz (new)

Kaz | 4 comments aaarrgghh! missed the dates for the kindle free ebook! its got great reviews on amazon though! Book One Dragon sounds really interesting! i need to set the group updates on regular. i got this one too late.

message 6: by Rustin (new)

Rustin Petrae (RustinPetrae) | 30 comments I'm sorry to hear that. You can get a free copy in exchange for a review. Just need your email address and I can send you a mobi version. Let me know.

message 7: by Kaz (new)

Kaz | 4 comments Ok. a review i can do! plus if i love it ill recommend it to friends. my email is: a mobi version should be fine. thank you! I've got a feeling ill love the book!(i hate it when i miss out on opportunities to get a book)

message 8: by Rustin (new)

Rustin Petrae (RustinPetrae) | 30 comments Thanks. I'll send that to you as soon as possible.

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