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message 1: by Ali (new)

Ali (AliAlghamdi) | 124 comments Mod
"In this thread, everyone will post their reviews/opinions of the book they have read this week AFTER you rate/review it on your page. The purpose of this is so everyone can see what you read this week and read your review without having to visit each profile. Some of you have their profiles locked, so this saves you the trouble of unlocking it.


The format will be like this:

Name of book.
n/5 stars.

"Your simple opinion/extended review/one word that expresses what you thought of the book. GO CRAZY! Anything counts. Don't feel pressured."

Link to your review.

Also, this allows us to be organized, so even if a member didn't log in for about a month, they can add the book they've read to the appropriate thread.


As I've mentioned in the guidelines, one word or a simple opinion counts as a 'review'. I only called it that because Goodreads calls it that."

Now let's see your achievements, awesome people.

message 2: by Mohamed (new)

Mohamed Naser (Modidoody) | 54 comments عزازيل  by يوسف زيدان
لـ يوسف زيدان
Good book not as great as i thought it would be, i kept on waiting for "the important" thing to happen but i was surprised to find it summarised in less than a page ..

message 3: by Ali (new)

Ali (AliAlghamdi) | 124 comments Mod
حكايات من والاشيا
أحمد خالد توفيق
2/5 stars

 حكايات من والاشيا by أحمد خالد توفيق

مو الكتاب اللي تتوقعه بعد البداية اللي كانت ممتعة، لربما لو كان كتابًا منفردًا كان حصل على 3 كأقصى حد.

يبقى الكتاب جميل ولكنه مقارنةً بأعمال أحمد توفيق الماضية هذا لا شيء.

ɑƨħŵɑɡ ♥Team Magnus Damora FOREVER♥ (Unheard) | 62 comments The Dead Lie Down (Spilling CID, #4) by Sophie Hannah
Book: The Dead Lie Down
Author: Sophie Hannah
Genre: Fiction, Crime, Mystery
Finished Date: 01.Dec.2012
Rating: ★★

≈ This one was the hardest of the series to get into. It was so confusing and off-putting for some reason. The complexity of this case was just unbearable, while admirable how much effort was put into it. Despite that, I didn't feel not an ounce of care about what's going on, unlike with the previous books. The two main characters were not easy for me to understand either. ≈

message 5: by Sara (new)

Sara (Sarasization) | 53 comments The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, #1) by Stieg Larsson
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
by Stieg Larsson


Well it was kinda dark and gloomy but I loved the mystery and the hacking part.

message 6: by Johara (new)

Johara Almogbel | 52 comments McElligot's PoolMcElligot's Pool by Dr. Seuss

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A delightful short read about a boy and his undefeatable hope in things. Oh, and, fish. Lots and lots of fish.

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