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((Please write a summary here after each page so others don't get lost. Thank You.))

Set in the future 100s of years after a nuclear war. Crime and poverty are every where. There is an organization of criminals that rule. They've used their special powers to gather followers and enslave the planet. Those who have escaped slavery hide in small encampments set up in secrecy in hope to live better lives. In one of those secret covens lived a young man who discovers he has special powers. He goes on a journey to find others like him to join his cause and fight to take back the planet.

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umm Takasuya formed a group (Kousei) and set out to kill the members of Skurifaisu. He met Ice who decided to join him. she turned out to be a member of Sakurifaisu, but wanted to continue traveling with Takasuya. They ran into a guy Tent and his sister who keep disappearing and popping up randomly. Then they went to kill Ivy and when they got there Valisity was there and they fought and Valisity left and Ivy joined Takasuya and Ice. Now there headed to Africa to kill the member of Sakurifaisu in charge of Africa.

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Valisity is training her followers

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can i get a summary

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