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Query abandoned by poster > Help! Hero (vampire) is forced to change the heroine because heroine suicide??

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Princess271 | 1 comments Please help me find a book!!

It's a romance but I just remember the ending where the hero (a vampire) is forced to change the heroine because she suicide by cut her wrist and drowning in bathtub so hero will change her into vampire, then hero came and save her.

Any idea?
Thanks. :D

SamJ ★Needs a HEA★ | 126 comments There is a book The Last Girlwhere she is changed over at the end after she slits her wrists, although she did intend to kill herself and not force him to change her I believe. It is a very very dark book though.

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Kris | 13903 comments Mod
Spades by Kristy Evans? Spades by Kristy Evans

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Lobstergirl | 20617 comments Mod
Princess271, are you still looking for this? Was it anything mentioned?

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Sent a PM. If no response, the next Mod to read this can move it down to Abandoned.

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