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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 1294 comments Mod
((Begin! Enjoy!))

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Zoey (zzoey) | 8 comments ((O.O I didn't realize this place was still alive...PARTY!!!))

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Athena (hina_moongoddess) | 1147 comments ((ZOEY!!! lol. yeah. it wasn't. But then Ross and I found the Egyptian rp and decided we wanted to start a new one because he loved the old one so much.

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Zoey (zzoey) | 8 comments ((I should join. Yet I don't know what's gone on, what kind of character to make, yadda yadda.))

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Athena (hina_moongoddess) | 1147 comments ((uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ hmmm........ let's seee.... we should probably make like... an egyptian discussion topic so that we aren't spamming the rp.... :P))

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Zoey (zzoey) | 8 comments ((Good idea...as I spam it further...))

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 1294 comments Mod

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Athena (hina_moongoddess) | 1147 comments ((love you falls!!!))

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Woolfie Silverbane (Nightlightknight) Kharis had always preferred the evening patrols to the morning ones, the corridors of the palace weren't pregnant with life during the hours of darkness, making it less of a chore to observe the passing of page, handmaid, claimant, priest, and warrior among the multitude of others who thronged the palace going about whatever business brought them there. The silence spoke to him, as the only sound to be heard was the immediate cold slap of leather upon sun heated stone, the murmur of activity in the distance, a way away from the private corridors and thoroughfares frequented only by the denizens of the sprawling royal complex.

The light clinking of a foot of sheathed steel against leather armour, and the muffled thud of of an unlit torch upon his opposite hip added backing sounds to the steady tramping of disciplined march, 'Halt! Who goes there?'
'Salim, guard of the citadel, how fare you?'
'All well, carry on.'
Night guards were not known for their conversation, halting patrol meant disrupting the timing of the watch, and that could mean a fatal slip, exactly the sort of thing that Kharis, captain of the palace guard, would not permit.

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Athena (hina_moongoddess) | 1147 comments Jamila flinched as the woman grabbed her by her chin and jerked her face forward. "You are a worthless girl. If I hadn't owed something to your mother I would have shipped you off to be a slave," she hissed. "Don't you dare leave the boys room at night do you hear me?" She growled.

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 1294 comments Mod
Trae held back a sigh as the doors to the throne room were closed behind her. She resisted rubbing her forehead so she wouldn't smudge the gold paint plastered there. She stopped herself from rubbing the exhaustion from her eyes to avoid black and gold makeup coming off on her hands. She tried not to run or stagger as she made her way toward her rooms, and made sure her posture was as correct as always. It had been yet another long day standing beside her father as he dealt with the boring parts of being Pharaoh. And she was barely in line for the throne. Her brother had seen to that, just by being born. Why couldn't he have been a female instead?

It would certainly simplify her life quite a bit. But of course not. She had to claw her way onto the throne. And she would, if that's what it took.

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Woolfie Silverbane (Nightlightknight) Kharis was passing outside the royal apartment suite, when he stopped, his eyebrows rose and dipped as surprise and a frown traded places upon his forehead. 'Damn that harpy, who is she tormenting now?' he groaned, knowing full well the particular behavioural quirks of the Pharaoh's choice concubine when inebriated. Senethna was a proud heartless beauty even when she was sober, but once she had had too much palm wine inside her, she could be downright nasty.
Knocking on the door he pushed the wooden pair open to reveal the scene and the source of the scolding.
'Leave her be Nethie,' he said in a bored voice, 'poor girl is obviously no match for you.'

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Athena (hina_moongoddess) | 1147 comments Senetha sneered but left, having nothing else to say.
Jamila started to get up. She kept her eyes down and walked out of the room, heading towards the kitchen silently. She was simply under orders that was all. She glanced behind her to see if the guard was following her.

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Woolfie Silverbane (Nightlightknight) Well that was over much quicker than I thought, Kharis mused to himself, as his eyes followed the swaying of Senethna's hips as she made her way unsteadily into the adjoining chambers, still managing to appear both sinfully attractive and aloof at the same time, even while visibly drunk.
Turning to regard the victim of her inebriated rant, he found the girl gone. Turning to his left, he called after her. 'Hey, uh, it's Jamlia isn't it? Are you alright?'

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Athena (hina_moongoddess) | 1147 comments "I'm fine," she called over her shoulder as she walked down the dark hall way. She pushed open the doors to the kitchen and walked inside. All the slaves that make food were asleep so she went about making the prince what he wanted.

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Woolfie Silverbane (Nightlightknight) Kharis knew that she was rather new to the palace; he had seen her being introduced to the prince a little over a threescore ten days previously. Her response raised her somewhat in his estimation, not many girls could stand up and take what Senethna could dish out.
Nodding his acceptance of her reassurance that she was unaffected by the encounter, he exited the chamber, shutting the doors behind him, and proceeded along his route.

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Athena (hina_moongoddess) | 1147 comments She finished making the food then headed back to the princes room. She saw that guard again and stopped, watching him for a moment or two. She bit her lip thoughtfully.

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Woolfie Silverbane (Nightlightknight) There she was again,' Kharis caught a glimpse of her, bathed in a pool of torchlight, watching him, a tray in her hands, upon it a bronze plate of what looked like tender slices of cured meat, quail most likely, given the prince had displayed a predilection for the bird's soft, juicy flesh. A pitcher of what would most assuredly be grape extract absent the alcohol completed the offering, and a gilded goblet stood sentinel and empty beside it.

There was something in the way her too large eyes seemed to sparkle momentarily as she watched him, her throat flickering as though either about to engage in speech or swallow. Kharis took a step towards her, and she disappeared into what must have been a doorway in the wall.
'No, wait, please!' he blurted.

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Athena (hina_moongoddess) | 1147 comments Jamila stopped and headed back to look at him. "Yes?" She asked softly, biting her lip nervously.

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Athena (hina_moongoddess) | 1147 comments ((I'm sorry it's so short babe. :( ))

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Woolfie Silverbane (Nightlightknight) Her question threw him momentarily, and he was caught in that awkward moment between expecting her reaction to go a particular way down which his conversation would have ambled casually, and facing the conversational equivalent of a brick wall. How long he stood there gulping like a fish words rising like bubbles only to pop into nothing when his tongue attempted to give voice to them.
But before he could formulate a sentence, she spoke.

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Athena (hina_moongoddess) | 1147 comments "I really do need to get to the Prince sir. Can I help you with something?" She asked softly.

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Woolfie Silverbane (Nightlightknight) 'Oh, uh, of course,' stammered Kharis, unable to meet her eyes. He had assumed that there was something there, that she had seemed about to say something, but clearly he had been mistaken. 'Carry on, sorry to have bothered you.'
'Stupid.' he snapped at himself as he walked away, furious with himself.

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Athena (hina_moongoddess) | 1147 comments She smiled slightly, amused and then went into the Princes' room. She fed him silently before he went back to sleep. She sat in her bed shush was in the corner and sighed softly.

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Woolfie Silverbane (Nightlightknight) Returning to the barracks as he completed his shift, Kharis removed his leather armour and swordbelt, and hung them up upon the wooden stand before seating himself on the simple wooden bed, and removing a vial of oil and a rag. As he oiled his armour, his mind wandered, as it often did, and inexplicably lingered on the stand out moment of that evening, that look in her eyes that meant so much more than she had said.
Sighing he put away his gear, disrobing to his loin cloth and wrapping a towel around his waist as he headed to the bathing house. 'One day, I'll find out the secret behind your eyes Jamila, mark my words.'; he murmured to himself, entering a secluded area by the river, and disrobing, before slipping into the Nile for a bracing cold bath.

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Athena (hina_moongoddess) | 1147 comments ~next day~
((*Sits and waits for Falls*))

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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 1294 comments Mod
((Have I made the Prince yet? Or did someone else? I forget these things. Unless someone really wants to, and he hasn't already been made, I'll make him.))

Trae occasionally wished she was born a man. That way she'd have a direct line to the throne, no questions asked.

Instead, she had to awake early, aroused with the sun as a servant gently woke her. She had to sit for hours as her body was prepared for the day, gold and black paint daintily placed all over her body, highlighting every feature that placed her as a female. And she had to do so with no complaints. At least today she had to do whatever she wished. Pharaoh was attending to less important matters, and relieved her of attending. She was grateful.

Soon, however, she found herself wandering the halls of the palace, looking for some entertainment. Perhaps she'd visit her brother.

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Athena (hina_moongoddess) | 1147 comments Jamila stayed with the young prince, watching him play. She sometimes participated if he insisted, but other wise usually stayed in the corner and simply watched over him.

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Woolfie Silverbane (Nightlightknight) Kharis made his way down the corridor, his left hand resting in protective anticipation upon the hilt of his curved sword. Unique among the palace guard and warriors in general, he wielded his blade left-handed, but compensated for what was perceived as a handicap, by besting his opponents regularly during the frequent sparring contests the guards engaged in in order to hone their swordsmanship. Indeed, having completed his duty the previous evening, Kharis now had the morning off, and had decided to put it to good use.

'Princess.' he murmured, bowing deferentially as she drew level with him, walking in the opposite direction, his eyes downcast, forbidden to meet the gaze of royalty.

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