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Create your vilian here. The world was split into different provinces and a villain from the organization Sakurifaisu (means sacrifice) was put in charge of each. (Just pick a province. First come first serve. You can all so join someone else' province and work under that villain.) The goal of the villains is to conquer the world and shape it in their image as to make it better. With them ruling of coarse.

North America: Inamori
South America: Damian
Europe: Ivy
Western Asia:
Eastern Asia: Norisena
Australia: Valisity
Africa: Kiara
Artic circle: Ice

Power: (if you want one)

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Name: Inamori
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Personality: Aggresive, rude, short tempered
Appearance: heres a pic
Power: Can concentrate her energy to make her stronger and faster, has the ability to sway the minds of the weak (Jedi mind trick), but what makes her strong is her fighting ability. Believed to be second to none.
Province: North America
Other: Holds second seat in the organization Sakurifaisu

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Name: Valisity
Age: 19
Gender: female
Personality: likes to get her way, controlling
Appearance: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v20...
Power: teleportation
Other: idk
Province: Australia

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Daisy Name:Ivy
Personality: bitchy, prissy, likes to get her way and whines when she doesn't
Appearance:long dark brown hair with streaks of blonde and purple, pale skin, slender.
Power: can have up to five animal charactaristics at a time as long as its from the same animal
Province: Europe

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((the world was divided into provinces and a villain assigned in charge of each))

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Daisy ((Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that makes sense!))

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((canadas part of the north american province. you can join that under Inamori or choose one of the listed above))

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Daisy ((I is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo confuzzled and hyper!!!))

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Daisy ((OMG!! There's a list! Thank you I would be totally lost otherwise!!))

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yes choose from the list

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Daisy Now is the moment where Suzi tells me to get out of her space bubble

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Daisy I'm hyper and when I is hyper I spin around in swirly chairs and poke people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Daisy Three legged cat with one eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 approved

3 pick a province. you can join someone elses of take your own.

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♥Pammy (Honey Divine)♥ wrote: "Name: Valisity
Age: 19
Gender: female
Personality: likes to get her way, controlling
Appearance: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v20...
Power: teleportation
Other: i..."

This okay Jon?

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pick a province there listed in the first post

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Ummm I edited that in the original post. I said Australia

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oh ok approved

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Name: Kiara
Age: 11
Gender: F
Personality: Mean, fiesty, skilled
Appearance: Tall, brown hair, brown eyes
Power: (if you want one) Ice
Province: Africa
Other: None

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So does then she's a follower of Valisity?

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then she can't b australia. Valisity is in charge of that Province

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Oh, what is open???

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it's at the top!

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I'll take Africa!!!

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Daisy Oh good we need yoU!

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Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 376 comments Name: Norisena 'Nori' Lotus
Age: 12ish
Gender: Female
Personality: Happy, sweet, fairly naive, isolated, gets her way in most things
Appearance: description
Power: Water (can manipulate it, freeze it, pull it out of the air, but she has to be somewhere WITH water. She can't conjure it.)
Province: Eastern Asia
Other: Her father was in charge of the province, but he was poisoned, and so she is now in charge. She hasn't had much experience, and she doesn't really know what's going on.

*sigh* I can never get images to work. Here's a link. http://media.photobucket.com/image/an...

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Hannah Name:Damian- Spanish form of Latin Damianus, meaning "to tame, to subdue" and euphemistically "to kill."
Personality:Strong, Selfish, Sadistic
Appearance:Black hair, Brown skin, tall, green eyes
Power:Manipulates Metal(like Magnito in x-men, love him)
Province:South America
Other: Villanous

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Hannah Cool, thanks

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Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
Personality:Is realy cold and doesnt care about anyone elses fealings
Appearance: Photobucket
Power: dark souls
Province:North America

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North americas already taken by my char but you can be second in command

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Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
sure i dont care

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