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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Title: Back to the Future Themed roleplay

Outline: So a bunch of kids have applied and been chosen out of millions to take part in a government experiment. These kids are totally oblivious to what they are getting themselves into and that they were specifically chosen from all the rest.
The aim of the experiment is this: Recover what has been lost or what was missed all together from history.

The kids were chosen to go to different time periods alone or in pair that they suit the most in order to blend in with the society of the time.

But some parts of history really shouldn't be found.

Character Name:
Time Period:
Why they were chosen for that period:

Why will everyone love the roleplay: because it's fun! It's a mix of facts and fiction and everyone can choose a time period to go to.
I think that it is good fun :)


This is Rachel's entry for the Roleplay Challenge Event! Please give the roleplay a try and lets us know here: what you think of it!

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Melissa | 869 comments Name: Olivia Moretti
Age: 16
Time period/place: 1592, Verona Italy
Why she was chosen: Olivia is a possible descendant of Benvolio, Romeo Montague's cousin. She was brought up with an innate knowledge of Italian traditions and customs. She has the knowledge and the abilities to blend with the people of that time.
Appearance: Rich dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, small build and short stature.

What she's after: Romeo's dagger and Juliet's wedding ring.

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Character: Alana Flynn
Age: 16
Time Period: Celtic Arthurian England and Ireland.
Why chosen: Celtic herritage, my whole family is Irish to the core, though there have been English people here and there. My grandparents make me know my ancestry off by heart. Though our knowledge doesn't span that far back, we might have been related to king Arthur.
Appearance: Red head. Short and thin with green eyes, like all the girls in my family.
Looking For: The sword in the stone. Proof that King Arthur exists.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Name: Ashley Whitt
Age: 17
Time period/place: May 1842, London.
Why she was chosen: Ashley's grandmother was a direct descendant of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, until she married Ashley's late grandfather and became estranged from her family. Ashley was brought up in present day London, with a love of fine literature, tea, scones and of course men in top hats. Her confidence and wit will aid her well, especially should she happen to be invited to the 1842 ball at Buckingham Palace!
Appearance: Long, honey-brown hair, grey eyes, medium height and willowy.

What she's after: The Crown Jewels and Victoria's ring.

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Name: Johanna Lucas
Age: 16
Time Period/Place: Summer 1712, China
Why she was chosen: Johanna is an American through and through. Her heritage is in America and America only, as far as anyone knows. But when her father remarried a Chinese woman, Johanna found a whole line of heritage that she is determined to discover. She believes that she is related to Quianlong, the sixth emperor of China.

What she's after: The diary of the Quianlong to discover more of her heritage.


Johanna Lucas

I thought my day was bad when I woke up and saw that the healthiest thing in the pantry was fruit punch. Meili loves junk food. I'm a health nut. Are you already seeing the gaps between me and my stepmom?

I wearily ran a hand through my knotted red hair and glanced over at the clock. 5:30 a.m. I hated waking up so early, but it was the only time of the day that I could get away from Meili other than school, and school isn't much of a getaway with her texting me every five minutes, demanding an answer.

I could get the mail, and maybe grab something at the grocery store. My dad probably wouldn't care, and Meili would freak. I smiled slightly at the thought. Still in my Wow Wow Wubbzy pajama pants (don't ask) and tank, I slipped on my flip flops and grabbed the car keys and went out the door. I'd probably turn up on one of those "Weird People at Walmart" YouTube videos, but frankly, I didn't care.

The world was still dark as I backed out of the driveway in my father's sedan and zoomed away from my quiet little suburb into the city. I stopped for a minute at the mailbox that was a little ways down from our house. Slipping the key in and grabbing the bundle, I turned the light on to check the haul. Usually just fashion magazines for Meili and invitations to fancy dinners for my father, but this time there was a letter for me. Curious, I opened it with a smooth movement of my fingers and unfolded the letter inside. I speed-read it to make sure that it wasn't just some boring letter from the library about overdues or something.

It was pretty much just as boring, but it wasn't about the library. I had to come into some doctor's office to get a prescription for my allergies. It was some new medicine. Shrugging, I tucked the letter into my purse. I was kind of desperate to have these allergies taken away. They had been bugging me since last spring.

I sped off to Walmart, completely oblivious about what would happen over the next few days. If I had known, I would've burned the letter and pretended I had never gotten it.

Of course I didn't do that.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments (Just a quick question - how are we actually going to be role-playing together if we are all in different time periods?)

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Claire wrote: "(Just a quick question - how are we actually going to be role-playing together if we are all in different time periods?)"

We'll have meeting points - maybe something like you can only go into the past for a certain amount of time before you have to return to the present and give an update on your progress, etc?

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments yeah, kind of like in Avatar :)
You can only sty in the past for a certain amount if time.

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Alana Flynn

I live in England and people say that I have an accent, but their the ones with accents. Posh and girly as they are. At school, people always giggle when I answer questions and they pester non stop, asking me to say completely random sentences just so they can hear it. They say it's thick but I don't really know how an accent can be thick. Do I speak lower? Slower? Do I say things wrong? Because I don't, their the ones who have the weird way of talking. Not me.

I wish I still lived in Ireland, my grandparents do too. They live with us, you see, and they spend every waking moment complaining about London.
"The people here are too prissy!' My grandfather whined just the other day.
"It rains too much!" My grandmother complained, though we come from Ireland, where it rains just as much as in London.

They're really not being fair. You see, my Pa is a successful lawyer and he got an offer from a firm that was too good to turn down. It's still weird to picture my dad standing up and giving a case to a bunch of serious faced English men. He's big and muscular with red hair that all of us girls got, but my brother Theo got my ma's blonde. But that's what my pa does for a living and my grandparents should respect that.

But they don't.

Their new favourite complaint is, "We are throwing away our ancestry!"
Now that's a topic that cuts right to the bone in the Flynn family. My relatives have told me that we have some special Irish blood in us.

I just interpreted it as, "We have a lot of whisky in our blood, Alana! You can't go move to London. The whisky isn't nearly as good! And don't get me started on the potatoes!"

My relatives were drunk at the time.

Anyway, I was recently told by my grandparents that we have special Celtic blood in us, we may even be related to King Arthur.

If he ever existed.

And that's what brings me to my weird and wonderful story.


We were sitting around the dinner table, listening to my grandparents drone on and on about how much they hate it here. We'd only been here a month!

Anyway, we all sat there- Gandmother, Grandfather, ma, pa, Cara, Shevaune, Allia and me, Alana.
Ma leant over to me, "Please change the the subject. I might die if I listen to them any longer!"
I giggled and nodded. As soon as my grandparents had stopped for breath or a drink of whisky- you know, either one, I told them my exciting news.

"You all know about the government history project that I signed up for? Well, I was accepted. Out of millions of kids, I was chosen. I'm one of only a special few."
There was a round of cheers at the table.

"Good on ya!" My grandfather smiled. "Go teach those sissy poms what a strong, intelligent Irish girl can do!"
"So what will you actually be doing?" Pa asked.
I shrugged. "It said something about ancestry and investigations, so I signed up. Oh, I forgot to tell you.,"
"What?" Ma sighed, she was used to me giving her important information at the last minute.
"It starts tomorrow."

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Ashley Whitt:

"Good grief, Ashley." Mother's perfect sloping nose wrinkled in on itself, her lips pursing together in a pretty line of dissatisfaction. "It simply will not do. Twirl for me."

I obeyed, turning slowly in a circle, staring straight ahead, feeling the fine fabric of the dress swish against my legs. Completing the 360 degrees, I stopped to face my mother once more. The nose wrinkle hadn't disappeared.

"No. No, this will not do," Mother repeated, this time with a determination that belied her willowy wisp of a frame. "Take it off at once. Darlise did a horrid job of it."

I felt a twinge of sympathy for the family dressmaker. "I am sure she did her best, Mother."
Mother raised an eyebrow, her lips pressing tightly together. "Then her best simply isn't good enough, is it? Now hurry and take off that ridiculous dress at once - we've tea with Mrs Norton and her daughter in half an hour."

Sighing inwardly, I retreated into my spacious walk-in wardrobe and unzipped the back of my dress, letting it fall to the floor in a pile of lace and beadwork. Poor Darlise. She must have spent days completing that dress for that charity ball Mother was hosting - but with Mother, only the best was accepted.

I slipped on a white pleated skirt, paired it with a dark blue boatneck sweater and a pair of wedge heels - glancing swiftly at my reflection, making certain that my hair was smooth and still neatly coiled at the back of my head, before I exited the wardrobe to face my Mother.

She nodded when she saw me, snapping her phone shut. "I informed Darlise of her... shortcomings...and she apologised profusely. Little good that will do, seeing the ball is next week . The nerve of her, honestly. Anyway, Ashley, grab your coat - we'd best be going. I've reservations at the Orangery and Mrs Norton is never tardy."

"Yes, Mother." The two words that never failed to fall from my lips.

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Rachel (Velliya) | 424 comments Alana Flynn

It usually takes an hour or so for my mum to actually consider things. Usually she hears something but doesn't really pay attention to it until the conversation is past.

This was obvious when she walked into my room about an hour after dinner.
"Tomorrow!" She barges in. "You can't go tomorrow!"
"Ma." But she wasn't listenning.
"Are there contact details?" She ranted.
"Ma!" Still nothing.
"I could have been told earlier but-"
"MA!" I cut her off and handed her the information (though it was vague if you ask me.) "Those are the contact details."
"Oh. Sorry darlin' I was just flustered."
"I know." I said and she pushed me onto my bed. "Hey!"

But she was gone.

Half an hour later she walks back in. "Apparently, tomorrow's just a briefing and they'll be another one next week. You can go to that one instead."
I sighed. "Whatever."

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Johanna Lucas

I hung up the keys on the hook, kicking off my flip flops, and took another sip of my spinach/artichoke/hemp seed/strawberry/cocoa powder smoothie and turned around to find myself face to face with my stepmom.

"Joey!" Meili just about screeched into my ear. "I was so worried! Where were you?" She tapped her long, red fingernails on the counter impatiently. "Joey, this is the second time this week!"

Joey. My idiotic stepmother's name for me. Apparently she doesn't have enough brain cells to remember that my name is obviously Johanna. "Gosh, Meili," I said, feigning ignorance and boredom. "I was only out to Walmart and Jamba Juice. I got the mail too. Nothing serious."

Meili just about exploded. "Walmart! At 5 in the morning! Do you realize the sort that hang around there at that time of the morning? Thieves and human traffickers! My poor nerves!" She clutched a hand to her chest.

Ignoring her, I set down the clump of mail and my bag of groceries. "I have to go to some doctor's office to try out a new prescription for my allergies," I said vaguely.

Before Meili could spout another bout of cries about her nerves and the trouble I was causing her I thumped up the stairs and flung myself into my bed.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Character Name: Sienna Lloyd

Age: 22

Time Period: 1813, Hampshire, England

Why they were chosen for that period: Distant descendant. Know's Austen's works inside and out and hopes to use her novels as clues.

Appearance: Long red hair, brown eyes, petite

What she's after: Jane Austen's second novel, Pride and Prejudice

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