Guardians of the Night (Moonwarriors, #2) Guardians of the Night question

What is your favorite part in this book?
Rusty Nugent Rusty Nov 24, 2012 05:50PM
Mine is when Mary's sister, Vilaria, was wanting to tell Mary and Walter who they once were. But the wolves said no it's not their life to live. And she fought them about it. And then ran off to tell them when they were being attacked by an evil werewolf.

My favorite part is the foursome between Walter, Stytentos, Mary and Sandy. That was so hot and steamy. It starts off with the two women, which it's Marys first time being with a woman. So, later when the men walk in on the women, they just stand there with mouths open wide. Then, Sandy said "Well, are you going to join us or not?" And it gets even hotter and sexier. But its done tastefully and romantic. (pants with tongue out)

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