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Alex walked up to the dorm, where she'd stayed last night. She unlocked the door and led emi inside "home sweet home"

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Emi followed Alex through the door and took a deep breath of relief "Thank god we're out of there!," She came up and through the door into the dorm and said "Oh it's lovely!"

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"way better than my house, an hell yes! That was a mad house!" ale said in a frustrated tone, floppig down on the couch

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Emi followed Alex onto the couch, sitting down, resting after a long day of walking and standing. Not even thinking about going to class. Class was for morons. Who needed an education when you had these luxiory rooms baby?! She nodded saying "Is it really that bad?,"

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"I just hate it, mostly because my family is there, but yeah..." Alex trailed off with a shrug

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Emi nodded and brushed a hand through her hair "I can totally understand that. What are they like?," She inquired.

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"dad is a charting snob. Mom is way too passive. Amanda is always talking about Harry Styles. Quinn is always worried about beig popular. And then there's Charlie, he's the cutest kid ever." Alex explained

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Emi nodded and listened with ease. It seemed her family wasn't all that bad compared to Alex's, but that didn't mean she couldn't sympathize with Alex. She held her hands into her lap and said "I'm really sorry. My parent's are nothing like that. I hope they don't wear you down,"

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Alex shook her hea "I dont let them, I do what I want. What about your family?"

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Emi let out a breath and shook her head with a smile "My family? Oh god. Erm... I don't think we should go into that."

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"why not? Tell me" Alex said, looking interested

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Emi shook her head "Trust me, you'd shun me for the rest of your life if you knew how messed up my family was," She stuck out her tongue playfully, her heart pounding to know if Alex would find out the truth about her family.

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Alex rolled her eyes "yup, that's me. Judged of the year. C'mon, tell meeee!" she pleaded

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Emi let out a little snort of a laugh, not caring that she had the slightest notion of sounding like a pig. She took a deep breath and started in "Well first off I'm adopted. Old family was kinda a bummer ya know? I have 2 dads. Not very normal, huh? They're really nice and all, but if people find out that I have two dads. They're going to think the whole family is queer." She rolled her eyes and bit her lip secretly worried.

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"who would think that?" Alex wondered aloud "that's so stupid...that's like saying my mom is a passive rug, so my sisters and I are too. It's just ridiculous"

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Emi's face got red with embarrassment and tried to hid it by pulling up her uniform sleeve over her hand and then putting it up to her cheeks. She nodded slowly, tugging on her sleeves once the redness was gone "Yea, different isn't accepted." She rolled her eyes with a smile.

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Alex raised a brow at her friends blush "what is it?" she asked, obviously confused

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Emi quickly shook her head and laughed at the naiive and sillyness of both of them "Oh nothing. Silly!" She declared and got up, smoothing out her skirt then skipping for a minute, before stopping to think, looking out the window at the rest of the world.

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Alex laid down on the couch, one arm flopping off "emi, I gotta question"

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Emi looked a little surprised, raising an eyebrow she sat down on the floor in front of the couch, in front o f the space that Alex was sitting on "Shoot it girl,"

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"why am if forced to be around people so much?" Alex half joked, a smile tugging at the sides of her mouth

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Emi saw the smile that was tugging at the edge of Alex's lips and she almost let out a little laugh, but held it in. "Because maybe those people are just attracted to you. You might be their stars." She said with a little joking wink.

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"attracted? Interesting verb, cuz no guy has liked me since freshman year" Alex chuckled

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Emi quickly hid her ace for a moment, then came back out agian. She didn't know she would become this shy, but she wasn't really, she didn't know what she was at the moment. A weird mood most likely. "Oh really? At least that's something! I haven't had anyone like me."

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Alex waved a had, as to dismiss the hought "oh hush, there had to have been at least a few"

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Emi shook her head in a very up tight and strict tone "Oh I'm afraid not, dearie! I'm not the most likeable person." She said with a devilish smile.

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Alex chuckled "Mhm, sure, whatever emi"

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Emi raised an eyebrow "You don't believe me!" She practically fake gasped "Then I won't believe you you silly!"

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"we are just so untrusting!" Alex grinned

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Emi let out a little laugh "Totally! Or if I can even trust that you said that!" She started to pace a little, devouring the words that had come out of Alex's mouth.

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"can I even trust that you're a person?! What if you're a figment of my twisted imagination?" Alex said, faking wide eyes

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Emi narrowed her eyes, playing along "Oh I am Alex. I am definietly. Come I can show you how to fly."

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Alex made her eyes widen even more as she ran to the window "I believe! I believe I can fly!"

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Emi put her hands on Alex's shoulders and put her lips close to her ear "Come on. You can fly. Fly with me." She whispered.

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Alex nodded and opened up the window, then stood on the ledge. Too bad her dorm was on the first floor.

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Emi went up right behind her and counted down, slowly, savoring the breath that Alex could probably feel on the back of her neck "Three, two, one, fly." She gave a little push on her back with both hands.

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Alex jumped out of the tree, suspended in the air for about two seconds before her feet evenly hit the ground, her arms still outstretched

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Emi clapped and sat on the ledge, dangling her legs out from under neath her and gave a little wave "How did it feel to be superman darling?"

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"suepergirl. I'm a feminist. And actually, pretty damn good, maybe I'll jump from a roof next time" Alex joked, sitting on the edge of the sidewalk

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Emi gave a sort of dark look. She knew Alex was only kidding but still, it wasn't something to joke about, she tried to light up her face by saying "Not unless I don't let you,"

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Alex noticed the dark look and felt bad. So she played along "oh fine fine, I'll ask for your permission first conscience"

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Emi laughed a little more and conituned to swing her legs lightly against the overhanging ledge "Perfect! I
ll even come up with a contract!"

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"Capitol, capitol my dear emi" Alex chuckled a bit, hugging her knees to her chest

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Emi let out a little snort, almost trying to make a laugh up for it afterwards, but failing utterly. Instead she just shook her head and smiled "Oh Alex, what are we going to do with ourselves?"

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"uhhh, sit around all day, and hopefully snag some Doritos from a cabinet do the world an be righted once again!" Alex said, laying back so she was looking up at the sky

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Emi quickly thought about the idea and nodded "Sounds like the good live to me." She thought about it some more, substituting the Doritos for Cheetos and the cabinet for someone's hand. She smiled at that and let her eyes gaze up at the clouds.

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Alex looked up at the sky when a thought came to her. Dad hadn't bothered to see of she was at the dorm last night. He hadn't cared enough to know if she was safe. Huh.

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Emi noticed a bother look that came across Alex's face. She rolled onto her stomach and put her head between her hands "What's wrong doll face?" She asked.

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