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Shomeret | 1185 comments 6)The Blue Skyby Galsan Tschinag (historical fiction) 209 pages. Source: Library Started: 9/17 Finished: 9/17

Why Read: This is a book about a boy among the Tuvan people. For more background on Tuva see Tuva or Bust! Richard Feynman's Last Journey. The author is a Tuvan leader. The cover says "Mongol". They may currently be part of Mongolia, but the Tuvans aren't Mongols.

Comments: The young MC was strongly influenced by Communism, but there are references to shamanism, reincarnation and animism. Unfortunately, there isn't significant spiritual content. It's mostly the daily life of Tuvan herders. Rating C

7)The Eight of Pentacles (Eileen McGrath Tarot Series #1) by Eloise Hill (paranormal mystery) 289 pages. Source: Library Started: 9/17 Finished: 9/19

Why Read: I went to a branch of my city's library system that I'd never previously visited to see a movie. They had this book on display in the mystery section. It's a local author. The MC is a psychic and a Tarot reader who is working with a PI. I'm interested in the paranormal aspect.

Comments: It started off being fun. The author knows Tarot and it takes place in a very familiar setting. I recognize all the neighborhoods and can visualize them. Unfortunately, it gets into a typical sort of plot. Other than the MC, I wasn't interested in the characters. I gave this a B.

8)The Gray Earthby Galsan Tschinag (historical fiction) 301 pages. Source: Library Started: 9/21 Finished: 9/22

Why Read: I wasn't impressed with the author's first novel, but I thought that the MC would mature in this book and that it would improve.

Comments: This book takes place under Stalin when Tuva was part of the U.S.S.R. The MC is forced to attend boarding school. The irony is that he was a good Communist before boarding school, but let's just say that boarding school wasn't such a great experience for Tuvan children. It was something like Native American boarding schools. There's a great deal of wonderful shamanistic content. Rating A

9)Apollyonby Hilary West (contemporary fiction) Source: e-book from author Started: 8/21 Finished: 9/25

Why Read: The author wanted me to interview him. I told him that I needed to read one of his books in order to come up with pertinent questions.

Comments: This book takes place at a UK private school. The MC is bullied for being unconventional. This sort of tragedy has been multiplied many times. The technique of having all the characters give their view of the MC at the end worked very well. I gave this a B+ for good characterization and a provocative theme. See my October blog post "Hazed and Dazed: The Miseducation of an English Schoolboy" at

To Be Continued...

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Ann (AnnRumsey) | 11176 comments Shomeret: So unusual to see you with longer than 1-3 days to finish a book! This window is more like me! Between the 2-3 weeks to listen to an audio and my constant juggling and switching from book to book, it often takes me weeks to finish. It was nice of you to read the author's work so you could interview him. So many times when you see an author interview on TV you can tell they didn't read or only skimmed the book.
Shomeret wrote: "9)Apollyonby Hilary West (contemporary fiction) Source: e-book from author Started: 8/21 Finished: 9/25"

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