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Shomeret | 1185 comments Now I'm about two months behind. What happened? I got an invitation to register for Net Galley which provides ARCs from publishers. Apparently, my blog was old enough to meet minimum criteria. Normally, you need to be approved by a publisher to receive a Net Galley ARC. I was under no illusions that publishers would approve me if I requested an ARC. I just don't have enough followers or views of my blog. I'm averaging about 200 a month. So I'm downloading Read Now ARCs that interest me. These don't need to be approved, but the quality level is for the most part really high. I want publishers to have a favorable opinion of me, so I'm prioritizing Net Galley ARCs when I don't have other reviewing commitments with deadlines.

So it's taken much longer to post September reviews. I doubt that I'll complete October's reviews this year.

Here are my September reads:

1) Farewell Bergeracby Frederik Nath
(historical fiction) Source: The Bookplex Started: 9/1 Finished: 9/2

Why Read: After avoiding books about WWII for some time, I started reading them several years ago. Nath is a UK neurosurgeon who is definitely a lover of all things French. His blog has travel photos from the Dordogne where his WWII trilogy takes place. This is the second book in the trilogy. The first is The Cyclistwhich deals with a Vichy collaborator. Nath is a good writer, so I hope to read that one eventually. Farewell Bergerac opens with an embittered MC who has lost his son in the Spanish Civil War.

Comments: Nath really loves his French literary allusions. It's nice to help preserve French culture in an increasingly Anglicized world. The MC goes through a process of transformation after a journey to Spain to find his son's body. The book has a thriller aspect. I found the book well written and suspenseful. Rating B+ See my September blog review called "Panache and Pathos in World War II France" at

2)Blade Runnerby Oscar Pistorius (memoir) 186 pages. Source: Library Started: 9/3 Finished: 9/5

Why Read: I watched the Olympics coverage on Oscar Pistorius at the London Olympics this summer and just had to find out more about him. He's a South African track athlete with no legs who runs on prosthetics that were specially developed for athletes.

Comments: His inner strength and fortitude are amazing, but so is his compassion. In addition to being an athlete, he is also an anti-landmine activist! Rating A. See my October blog review "Oscar Pistorius: Athletic Phenomenon and Anti-Landmine Activist".

To Be Continued...

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Ann (AnnRumsey) | 11178 comments Shomeret:
That sounds like a good reason to be behind, more ARC's! We'll look forward to your October books whenever you are ready to post about them.
Both of these first two books sound very interesting. I have found myself enjoying the aspects of the Maisie Dobbs books set after WWI with references to those early 20th century war years. I should consider more books regarding WWII - this looks to be a good place to start.
Shomeret wrote: "Now I'm about two months behind. What happened? .... So it's taken much longer to post September reviews. I doubt that I'll complete October's reviews this year. "

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