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Everything you need to know to survive(Role Play) in the Arena and elsewhere:

-The Hunger Games will start when all 26 spots are filled up in each district(When 26 spots aren't filled, the arena will be closed)

-You can have 1 character per arena. NO MORE THAN 1!

-You have the opportunity to create only one character but post that one in all of the Arenas, the only exception- Their name has to change.

-When the 26 spots aren't filled, you will be in training(Located under arena)

-You will get notified on the Groups News/Announcements thread when the arena will open.

-There will be a huge description before you start in the arena, you must read all of it before you start, or else you might miss something and get yourself killed by a GameMaker.

-*The GameMakers are always watching *Evil laughs*

-You may participate in all the arenas if you would like, but it is your responsibility to keep them all under control and updated daily.

-Anything can happen

-If two tributes are fighting and it is getting unfair, post under the 'Arena Issues' thread to contact a moderator about it

More will be added, so keep checking up!

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Edited! Read 3rd dash for information!

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