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message 1: by Cheree (last edited Nov 27, 2012 06:39AM) (new)

Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod
1. You cannot be a Legendary Pokemon.

2. You cannot be a shiny Pokemon.

3. No God Modding. Just because you are a Charizard, doesn't mean you're the baddest, biggest Pokemon out there. A Blastoise can still defeat you.

4. Don't kill other Pokemon unless you have that person's permission.

5. If you find a mate, keep your mating where the public won't see. The younger Pokemon don't need to be scarred for life.

6. As for cursing...for the moment, keep it to a minimum as I'm not sure how many children will join or not and wish not to offend them.

7. Be literate. Try to spell correctly and use periods and question marks where they are due.

8. Try to write three sentences. One liners aren't appreciated by anyone.

9. ALWAYS refer back to the Announcement page!!!!!!

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) Can I please ring in my opinion? ^//^

1) Aww... thats kind of disappointing. (My best RP character is a legendary, one having to deal with the fact people hate it, and it's looking for acceptance in people (and Pokemon)... and usually doesn't find it. D:)

2) Ok, but can we have special marked Pokemon?

3) I agree 100%.

4) What about if you have the other person's permission?

5) How are we supposed to hide it? Make a separate folder for mating?

6) Ok, I guess one of my favorite exploration teams can't be here. xD

7) I always do. :3

8) True dat. (But only for the RP, right?)

9) K.

message 3: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod
1. If I had allowed Legendaries, that would be the only thing people were and that's straight up fact. I believe there's more to Pokemon then the Legendaries. Yeah, they're cool, but people glorify them way too much. No offense to you. I know you like your Kyruem and that's fine, but what I tend to see with roleplays is, there's usually a first come first serve, right? Well, you got one person claiming 4 different Legendary Pokemon. That's not fair to others. Besides, with most legendary Pokemon, there is only one of each, and therefore I do not believe they should be capturable, nor played out. I want other Pokemon to be appreciated too because, hey, in the video game, my Flareon can defeat Articuno, Regirock, and Kyruem, which, technically means Flareon is stronger, but people don't really get that. Its just really an annoyance I have. Personally I love Raikou, but because there's only one of him, I wouldnt' be selfish enough to try to capture him. If this rule is what's preventing people from joining, that only proves my point----that people don't appreciate the, "Lesser," Pokemon. I'm not trying to offend you or anything, I'm just trying to explain why this rule is set in motion.

2. Explain, "special marked," Pokemon.

3. Good good.

4. If you have their permission then it is okay.

5. Actually, yeah. I was planning to make a separate, "cave area," if people wanted to do this. I personally don't want to write sex scenes with Pokemon, but I know other people who wouldn't hesitate to, so...the option is there for people who want to...me, not so much. Its not a line I wanna cross. xD;;;

6. Exploration teams?

7. Good :'3

8. Yeah, for the RP. You're fine at the moment xD

9. Please do as I often post things. You don't have to check daily, but at least once a week.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) 1. Ok, but I never powerplay with Kyurem. (Or anyone, for that matter. xD)

2. Black Eevee, Magenta Skitty, ect.

3. ^-^

4. Ok. :)

5. Alright. xD

6. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. :3

7. :D

8. That's good. :D

9. Alright. :)

message 5: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod
1. Its not even about Powerplaying. I just feel the, "Lesser," Pokemon are unappreciated is all. I might make exceptions as time goes on though. For instance, I thought the Pokemon might see a Legendary from time to time and if, IF that happens, you'll have claims over Kyurem. But I dunno if I'm going to implement that or not.

2. Well, I'd have to say no to a drastic color change such as a black Eevee. However, a Magenta Skitty isn't far off from a normal Skitty, so that I would allow. Eevee normally has a light brown fur, so, you could make it darker, but it'd be considered a, "dark brown," if that makes sense? Cuz otherwise it would seem like a shiny to me. The fur could be such a dark brown that it looks black a lot though? *trying to compromise*

6. What does Mystery Dungeon have to do with a minimum cursing rule?

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) 1. Hey, I love the other Pokemon too. (Glaceon, Skitty, Ninetales, ect.) It's Kyurem's backstory that really made me love the poor Pokemon. ♥

2. Ok, sounds good. ^-^

3. I'd have to explain in private message, 'cause swearing isn't open to the public here. xD

message 7: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod
1. Which is fine but some people take their obsession with Legendary Pokemon over the edge. Too many times I've seen that most people ONLY have Legendary Pokemon in their party whether its a roleplay, video game, PokeFarm, various Pokemon Battle games on the computer...I've long grown tired of it as again, I feel the others are unappreciated. I do realize not everyone is like that, but there's enough for it to be a problem. I also share your like of Skitty and Ninetails. They're adorable. x3 I'm slowly warming up to Glaceon as well.

3. I'm still so confused but okay, explain in a private message.

✿❀ Moongeist❀✿ (MoonstruckBlossom) 1. I see what you mean. :D (I am obsessed with Kyurem though, in my team, there's 4 of them, a Skitty that I'll never evolve, and a Ninetales. xD)

3. I just did. =3

мєgαη ♥ღ❀ [ωє ∂ση’т нανє тσ тαкє тнιѕ, вα¢к αgαιηѕт тнє ωαℓℓ] ♥ღ❀ 1. That's sad, but I understand your point.

2. *sniff* Okay.

3. I hate it when people do that, so that's a good rule

4. Okay.

5. That's good, 'cause I'm just thirteen and I don't like that kind of stuff...

6. I don't have anything against cursing, even though I'm just thirteen, but I see your point.

7. Good. :)

8. That's true.

9. Okay.

message 10: by kuseyo (new)

kuseyo 1. I never roleplay legendary Pokemon, anyway, so s'all good ^ ^~

2. S'all good too

3. Pssh- of course

4. DX Kill one?! Never!

5. Mhmmm.

6. *salutes*

7. *twiddles fingers*

8. *twiddles fingers*


message 11: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod

Welcome. <3

I didn't know you liked Pokemon. x3;

message 12: by kuseyo (new)

kuseyo I DO :33

So I'm glad I joined

message 13: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod
*Hugs you* :"D

...I forget if it was I who neglected to respond to the RP or if it was you...

message 14: by kuseyo (new)

kuseyo I don't remember DX

I think it was me. It's usually me :'D

A habit I completely fail in breaking

message 15: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod
That's okay :'3

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

1. aw....sorry Celest the Celebi, you wont show up here.... XD nah its fine!

2. um....my Riolu isnt a Shiny, but her fur is silver, is that something I will have to change?

3. YES! I totally agree with that!

4. O.O kill another pokemon? NEVER!!!!!!

5. haha yeah that is agreeable.

6. I have never sweared beyond warrior cat swears.

7. Of course! That is always a good rule to have!

8. always! I love making long descriptive posts! The only time there isnt a lot is when Im tired or sick!

9. I will ALWAYS make sure to do that XD

message 17: by Cheree (new)

Cheree (Kumikoko) | 129 comments Mod
Well, yes. I know I have told some individuals about the color rules, but since I tend to delete conversations, I won't hold you accountable for knowing such.

Odd colors are actually not allowed because it would make them, "special." So...no silver Rilou.

However...if the fur is a light enough blue, that, when the light shines on it, it CAN LOOK silver...but just be a really light blue.

If that makes sense.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

okay, I can do that XD

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