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November 2012 > Santa Olivia: Second Half.

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Jill Guccini Finish the book? Throw your thoughts at me!

Jill Guccini So those of you who commented before said that the beginning dragged for you. I can see this, although I actually enjoyed that backstory about Lou's mom and father, whereas there were parts in the middle that dragged a bit for me. While all of the Santa Olivia vigilante justice things, and the long build up to Loup's final match, were all really interesting things, I just felt so anxious about the match actually happening that I just wanted it to HAPPEN, ALREADY. Which in a way, is a compliment to Carey's ability to build suspense. I also wanted Loup to get it on with Pilar much earlier, but then again, if it had been dragged out through the whole book, perhaps it wouldn't be as good. But while what was going on with the Santitos was always enjoyable, I really wanted to know more about this world in general--what was going on outside of Outpost's walls, HOW North America got to be like that in the first place, etc. Which was why the beginning--and then the end--were some of the best parts for me, and why I'd be interested in reading the sequel if I ever actually had time. Did I love it enough that I'd push the sequel to the top of my reading list over all the other books I really want to read? No. But still, I enjoyed it, and Loup's role as a female protagonist WAS pretty kickass compared to the majority of other pop lit that this book could fit under.

Amy (folkpants) (Folkpants) | 50 comments I liked Loup's roll as a female protagonist, but I thought she lacked personality. The middle of the book also lagged for me...too much boxing and agonizing on the big match. And then, the match and the aftermath was rather anti-climatic. I wanted something huge to happen, like a full-blown Outpost uprising. (I wanted Outpost to revolt throughout the book, actually, and really hoped the Santa Olivia pranks would be the catalyst.) And once Loup was captured/taken into custody, I wanted her to rescue herself, or at least by the town or Santitos. I didn't like that she was at the mercy of a military person, even if he was like her. I am at least grateful that Loup and Pilar have their happy ending...for now.

Danie (daniexj) | 5 comments Folkpants, I think that Carey sort of used the whole 'can't tell if I'm hurting or not' to flatten out Loup's affect a bit? At least, that's sort of what I saw happening, and I agree, Loup sort of seemed to be whatever others thought of her, everyone else seemed to come first and I didn't feel like I knew what she wanted.

I don't know. I sort of couldn't stand Pilar. I mean, I get the character, and I guess the fact that I had any reaction to her meant that Pilar was a good character, but, personally I just couldn't stand her.

Tamara Kögel | 10 comments I really loved the beginning of the book and the Santa Olivia super-hero storyline, but then it turned into something like Rocky and that part just dragged too long for me.
I really liked Loup and Pilar together, I thought they were very sweet, and I shed a few tears when they got together in the end, which I really hadn't expected.

I agree that Carey could have included more info about the world outside of Outpost, it all stayed a little too vague. And the end happened a little too fast, and left open so many questions. but that's ok if there is a sequel.

overall, I really enjoyed reading it, in fact I couldn't stop and had it finished in 3 days, and I'm definitely going to read Saints Astray

Xejx | 5 comments Just finished the book and I really liked it. I agree that the beginning was a bit dragging but it was interesting still. The end was the most disappointing as it all happened so fast. We had a massive build up the "fight of a lifetime" with so many questions as to what happens after, so I felt it rushed in the end. The fight, the rescue all quite anticlimatic.
The character of Loup though fascinated me and I found myself trying to think/feel like her when I was out. Thinking about the characters in a book when I'm not actually reading is clearly a sign I'm enjoying the book.
Still, I'm quite looking forward to reading the next in the series as I want more of our hero Loup.

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