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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
This thread is for the character forms of members who leave the group. Just in case they want to return in a few months, and don't have a copy of the character form :)

Just me being naively optimistic.
Only Mods (Me, Hina, Cat, Ethan) can post character forms here.

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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
Name: Poppy Willowston

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Old Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Personality: Poppy is a carefree, worry-free kind of girl. She
will always join friends, or anyone really, as long as it means fun.
True to her Ravenclaw Sorting, however, she loves riddles and challenges. As a matter of fact, this is commonly her idea of fun! Poppy will work hard at things she wants, doing research and keeping notes. She keeps a large folder of facts she has gathered over the years, which she will flick through every now and again if there's something she wants to find out.
Poppy is not very sporty but is willing to try new, exciting things.Poppy stands at 5"6. She has a willowy figure, and small feet at U.K. size 3. Her eyes are green/blue, and the feature she is probably proudest of.
She wears her hair in a bun or top-knot for work, but leaves it loose on weekends and during her free time, symbolizing what could be called her "wild side".
Also, Poppy wears a ring on her middle finger, left hand that was given to her by her grandmother when she started Hogwarts.
It is thin and silver, with tiny diamonds along it. In the middle of these diamonds is an opal, her birth stone.

Appearance: http://carmentafoya.files.wordpress.c...
Poppy has a small tattoo of the word "love" on the underside of her left wrist in joint, elegant writing.
She loves vintage/retro clothes. Her style:
These are the outfits she is often seen wearing.

Job: Journalist for the Daily Prophet.

History: As a young girl, Poppy grew up with her parents and younger brothers Oliver (in his fifth year at Hogwarts) and Nathan (in his final year), in the Scottish countryside. She is Half-Blood.
Poppy hated her Primary School, and her grades suffered immensely due to her unsupportive teachers. However, Poppy was a bright girl, just misunderstood and not encouraged. She began to study outside of school hours, and started her folder. She learned a lot and looked at school a different way.
By the time she reached Hogwarts, her folder was bulging.
Poppy did well in her O.W.Ls and N.E.W.T.s, and decided she wanted to write. She would love to work her way up at the Daily Prophet.
Poppy has always had a special connection with her Grandmother, and when she passed away when Poppy had turned 19, she was devastated.
She's always wanted to settle down before she reached her 30's, and had a few boyfriends throughout her time at Hogwarts. Poppy thought that she would end up marrying her latest boyfriend, but things didn't end well between them and they went their separate ways.
Poppy's best friends at school included two Ravenclaws and a Gryffindor, all of which she has stayed in contact with to this day.

Other: Poppy's wand is 11 1/2 inches, unicorn hair and springy.

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