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Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 347 comments Mod
I’m Michael J. Sullivan, but I’m sure you know me better as Robin’s husband. This is really her turf. She knows her way around her. I on the other hand get lost in all the groups and never know what to look for. I miss stuff all the time and every once in a while I am wandering these halls and stumble on a post written months ago. That was the case recently. I happened to pop into a category called “favorite authors.” I hadn’t been there before and I was just scanning through the posts listing Tolkien, Rowlings, Jordan, Pratchett and Feist and stopped spinning the mouse wheel when I spotted the following, posted back in early January:

“My favorite author is Brandon Sanderson - though I'm reading someone now that might knock him off the top of the heap - I'm really enjoying The Crown Conspiracy - if this author doesn't screw stuff up at the end.”

I was stunned, but not nearly so much as when I scrolled just a bit further and read:

“So I'm going to change my vote...I still adore Sanderson don't get me wrong - but Michal Sullivan nosed him out - Sorry Brandon. Maybe when I read the second book for both of you it might swap back.”

I think I sat staring at that for some time in disbelief. The thing that really shocked me was that the person posting this wasn’t Robin. Robin hasn’t even made a post on this thread--I don't think she knows it exists--which also surprised me.

This is the first time I think anyone, (other than Robin,) has ever publicly stated that I was their favorite author. This might sound strange, but that’s a pretty big deal for me. A lot of people have been very kind in their reviews, but this goes beyond that. I mean, this is a list with some pretty huge people—some legends and someone—someone I don’t know in the slightest—put me on it. This might never happen again, so I want to bask.

Jane, whether you know it or not, this was a wonderful gift you gave me. Even if I blow it with book 2, and you rejoin the ranks of Mr. Sanderson, at least I have this moment—I was someone’s favorite author once. I wish you could see the smile.

Michael J. Sullivan

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 56 comments awwwww, how sweet! Unfortunately, there are too many good authors out there that I can't pick a favorite, but I can pick the authors that I will read and read again, for sure.

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