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message 1: by Emilie (new)

Emilie | 156 comments Mod
HI! I just thought if we wanted to, we could talk about ourselves.
I am emilie, i have been doing ballet for 8 years. I am on pointe, i have been for 6 months. ya, it's fun

message 2: by •Clara• (new)

•Clara• T | 137 comments hi! i'm clara. i've been dancing for 12 years and i have been in competition for 8 years and en pointe for six years. i started pointe when i was 7, but i broke my ankle and had to work for 2 years back up to pointe. :[ so yeah. that's me. <3

message 3: by Gabby (new)

Gabby R. | 245 comments Mod
Hi, I'm Gabby! My dance studio got torn down about 7 years ago, so I stopped dancing. I wish I was still able to dance. Now I pretty much don't do anything active.

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