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Rebecca Zeno (Becca_Zeno54) | 1018 comments Mod
Here is where you create your character(s).

All characters must be accepted by a moderator before they start.

You may create as many characters as you would like, just make sure you keep them all updated.

Description: Werewolves are humans, until they turn into a werewolf. They are larger than wolves and very powerful muscular wise. They eat anything they can whether it's humans or any other dark one, even vampires, their teammates. There is only a small number of werewolves, and there is no way to repopulate them, so they must stay kept alive.




Rank: Beta, Alpha or Omega. There is only allowed to be one alpha. (Or just say if they are respected or not, or how respected they are)

Date of Birth:



Appearance:(Must be 4-10 sentences long)

Werewolf appearance:(Must be 4-10 sentences long)

Personality:(must be 4-10 sentences long)

Significant Objects:

History:(Must be 6-10 sentences long)





Family consists of:


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Rebecca Zeno (Becca_Zeno54) | 1018 comments Mod
Name: Scar

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Rank: Alpha

Date of Birth: January 29

Power(s): Mind Control and self control

Weapons: His wolf self

Appearance: When Scar is human, he has black hair that is ear length and it is quite shinny. He never shows emotions and his face is plain. He is 6 feet tall and wears dark clothing, or whatever he can find. His eyes are silver and shine in the sunlight.

Werewolf appearance:

Personality: Scar is very quiet and calm, when he gets into fights, his heart does not race like the others, he stays calm and always wins, that's why he is alpha. Since he is alpha in the pack, he has to lead the group, but since he doesn't like talking, it can be a bit hard sometimes. Overall, he is quiet, calm, and snaps when he is angry.

Significant Objects: The scar on his eye from when he had a fight with another werewolf for alpha. (He won)

History: Scar's history goes on forever, but really, it doesn't. He likes to tell himself he is just like the other wolves, but since he is alpha, everyone is hunting him. He became alpha a couple years ago, and it was a terrible choice. He had to fight for his spot as alpha with his best friend. The fight was to death, and that's how he ended up being so quiet and high tempered. He learned Dutch when he was a child from his father.

Likes: Neutral


Strength(s): When his is in his werewolf body

Weakness(es): When he is in his human body

Family consists of: His pack and father

Other: None

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Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) Name: Atrum Lupus

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Rank: Omega (unless she is allowed to be a rouge)

Date of Birth: Unknown

Power(s): She can detect lies but she has to concentrate hard and it drains her energy.

Weapons: None

Appearance: (view spoiler)

Werewolf appearance: (view spoiler)
She is an albino werewolf. She had medium length fur. She has blue eyes as a wolf.

Personality: She has more of the wolf nature then the human nature. She does not really notice the difference between her nature as a human or a normal human nature. She is very reserved and almost only interacts with her brother.

Significant Objects: None

History: She was not born into the pack, she was born outside the pack and abandoned. She was rescued by her brother Eli who raised her aside from the pack and introduced her to the pack when she was a young teenager. She was never really accepted into the pack and is often treated as an outsider.

Likes: -Running
-Climbing trees

Dislikes: -Being around others

Strength(s): Her dominant animal nature.

Weakness(es): Her isolation.

Family consists of: Her brother, Eli.

Other: None

! Devil's Archangel ! | 99 comments Name: Knights



Rank: Loner

Date of Birth: 1/8/94

Power(s): see's everything slower than how it happens and so others think he has super speed.

He doesn't shots bullets he shot's poison covered darts.


He is always hidden his eyes and facial appearance
behind his dark purple cloak that almost look's black. Knight has lots of tattoos on his body and scars for fighting with others. He has cat like eyes but are hardly ever noticed by others. His arms are wrapped in bandages but again no one really cares.

Werewolf appearance: His eyes change in color but not by much. His claws were sharp but he made them dull. His teeth are normal but her really eats.His wolf form on the other hand shows what he hides behind his cloak.

Personality: Not afraid to speak his mind or to fight for it. Gave up fighting though a while back. He doesn't speak a lot and likes his space. He was a hunter before leaving his pack.

Significant Objects: (present that his sister gave him.)

History: Knight was born into a family of non wolfs. but he loved them. His sister was his best friend, She was always there for him and by the age of 15 she told her about him being a werewolf. She smiled and thought he was the coolest thing in the world. They did every thing together and kept each other safe. He had done something to his pack for them to be so angry at him that they came after him. His sister did what she had always done and tried to keep him safe. But at the end he was captured and forced to watch her die, He know it was his fault and after that he promised never to use his wolf form again.

Likes: Mocha's, Music, and crosses.

Dislikes: His past, others werewolfs, anything that reminds him of his sister

Strength(s): Speed and Poisons. (makes poison darts)

Weakness(es): Weak heart,Blind Rage, He is very sensitive when it comes to Family.

Family consists of: Unknown he ran way form home after his sister died, he doesn't know if they are alive of not.

Other: He wanders a lot and is not that out going but he secretly loves others. He wants to talk and be friends with others but he is scared that they will share the same fate as his sister.

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! Devil's Archangel ! | 99 comments Name: Dante

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Rank: Want's to start his own Pack
Date of Birth: Unknown

Power(s): Health regain (but only in human form)and makes anything he wants explode so fire.(only in wolf form)


Appearance: He dosen't look and his clothing really dosen't help. He wears any thing gothic/ punk. He will not were anything but pants. no shorts of anything like that. He also likes tight shirts. He also has some tattoos hanging around his body

Werewolf appearance: He closes 6 of his eyes at all time so no one freaks out. He has this type of scarf on him but no really cars much about it. He has tattooed on his front paws some pentagrams.

Personality: He has a very different Personality. He is mean and cruel to everyone but if you family or friend he is like a sad little puppy. He is not scared of anyone. He is start forward and her really doesn't try to be mean, but he just happen to do mean.

Significant Objects: Homeland's flag dog tag.

History: He was a werewolf and loved it more then others ever could love being a giant wolf. He wanted to see what it would be like to live with real wolfs. So he left his family to live with real wolfs in Russia. His family being Prussian and not wanting him to leave to Russia told him no. So he escaped one day and left to Russia. But years later something happened that he got radiated just like the other wolfs that he ran to live with. The wolfs grow to his height and he grow even larger.((no lie wolfs in some part of Russia are huge!!!)) He grow this other eyes and he stopped ageing. He has been 19 for 25 years. But during that time his homeland has long been destroyed.

Likes: He likes rock music, tattoos, Chocolate Milk and Vodka.

Dislikes: Fallen and Dark angels. (there like stupid birds to him.) anything that can fly away from him.

Strength(s): Power!!! and his mutation...he can see and smell better then anyone.

Weakness(es):He is slow...but he is so tall he can out run anyone but to him he is slow.

Family consists of: He doesn't know. older brother/was younger at one point in time.

Other: He can not age like others for him his human years are like reversed dog years. He is also been called the Hell hound because of his appearance and his only appearing when something bad happens. He likes to go to one grave yard the most cuz that is were he found his mother and father after the fall of his homeland.

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Name: Ariana

Age: Suspects 17

Gender: Female

Rank: Omega (but respected in ways of her visions)

Date of Birth: Unknown

Power(s): Can see the future
Can become ethereal (the ability to not be harmed and do no harm for a short while)

Weapons: an ax that is strapped to her back

Appearance: Ariana has hair that is layered and barely passes her shoulders. Her hair is white with an underlayer of a natural red. Her skin is light and she has some freckles across her nose and on the tops of her shoulders. She is very well toned and fit. She is about 5'10'' and weighs 120 (thin). Her eyes are a deep amber color that matches the underlayer of her hair. Very pretty.

Werewolf appearance:
Regular form

Has a unique form when she gets angry
With red, tribal designs all over

Personality: Ariana is mostly quiet. She is scared of her visions from her passed and from the future. She is slightly timid and finds it hard to trust people. When she does trust someone, she will be loyal to the very end. Contrary to her calm demeanor, she can be VERY fierce.

Significant Objects: A scar on her left side.
[image error]
it sometimes hurts when she's in danger.

History: Ariana barely remembers anything from her passed. Just about everything comes from her visions of what happened to her before the black out. She was attacked by something when she wandered into the woods as a human. Something... A new, strange kind of werewolf attacked. That is where her scar is from and how she turned into a werewolf.

Likes: Music, people watching, snow

Dislikes: Loud people, extreme cold

Strength(s): Keeps her temper very well.

Weakness(es): Sometimes black out when she gets a vision

Family consists of: Unknown and probably dead.

Other: Is a new kind of werewolf.

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Elke Name: Evelyn "Evy" Collins

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Rank: Beta

Date of Birth: July 31

Power(s): She's a fast runner, her abilities are stronger when she is in her werewolf form. She's faster and stronger than other wolves.

Weapons: Her sharp claws.


(view spoiler)

Werewolf appearance:(Must be 4-10 sentences long)

Stubborn. That's the word most people like to describe Evy with. She's very stubborn and does whatever she thinks is good. She doesn't like being proved wrong but she isn't someone who will hate you for it. She's a genuinly good person and she will do anything to keep her loved ones safe. She easily gives things up if it means that her loved ones will be safe. She's very protective and she puts others over her. It's hard, but it's the truth. It's just in her nature. She has a hot temper though, and it's hard to contain herself when someone provokes her. She's a fierce and strong girl and she isn't some girl who likes to be submissive. She likes to take the lead.

Significant Objects:

"Be safe Evelyn... I want you to be safe. You mean everything to me," he said softly, gazing in his little sister's eyes. She nodded, her green eyes understanding. He had to leave. "Here," he murmured, dropping the necklace in her hand. "Keep this. It was our mother's... I promise, I will see you again," her brother said and left.

Her mother and father died soon after she was born and she grew up with only a brother, Jason. They grew up as lone wolves, and she loved him dearly. She missed her parents, but never asked questions. She hadn't really known them at all. Jason didn't want to tell her stories about them. It hurt too much. She understood. She didn't want him to feel bad. She wanted him to be happy. But soon, her brother had to leave. He had gotten into a fight with a pack and he wanted Evy to be safe. So he had to leave her. He had taught her the skills of survival and he got her to join a pack.

"I need you to be safe, I need it," he breathed, looking in her eyes. "I have to go. I have to. I promise to come back for you. I promise. You have my number, just call me whenever you need me," he told her. He closed his eyes. She didn't understand. She was only a twelve year old... "Jason.." she whispered, her eyes wide and big. He smiled sadly down at her. "I love you Evy, never forget that," he said softly and hugged her. She hugged him back and blinked when he let her go. "No! No, please don't leave me!" she said, tears clouding her vision. But he was already gone...

After Jason left, she had joined Scars father's pack. She tried to contact Jason, but his phone wasn't working. She was very sad and upset, but she was still young. She didn't understand. She got a little better after she met the son of the Alpha, Scar. They became great friends... best friends. But then Scar became the alpha after his father died and they grew apart. She didn't like the new Scar, he was mean and angry and he hurt her all the time. She was a beta, but still... she was unhappy. They got close again after a while, and she learned to know that he was her soulmate.

The forest
Her wolf form

Being wrong about something
Getting hurt
Being submissive
People who are afraid

Other: -

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Rebecca Zeno (Becca_Zeno54) | 1018 comments Mod
Love it!! Omg I saw that girl yesterday on the internet LOL

message 9: by Elke (new)

Elke Lol thanks ^-^ I wanted to re-make her. And I keep looking for good pictures and I found her lol!

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Elke Name: Jason "Jace" Collins

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Rank: No Pack

Date of Birth: November 11

Power(s): He's a tracker. He is able to view the past of an object after he touches it, so he can see where a particular person went.



(view spoiler)

Werewolf appearance:(Must be 4-10 sentences long)

Jace is a real daredevil. He doesn't care about rules at all and he will do anything to spice his life up a little. He loves adventure and loves exploring. He often goes off on his own, to find someone to prank on. He loves Evy a lot and knows that he can be a whole lot of trouble sometimes. Jace might seem like an annoying person, someone who only likes to tease, but his friends and family knows that he has a sweet side to him, that only they see. He will do anything to protect them and will do anything to keep them safe. He gives love away very easily, when he trusts you. But, when you first met him, he'll be all tough and confident. He won't show his soft side at first. Not if he doesn't trust you.

Significant Objects:

Necklace he got from his father just before he died. He keeps it safe all the time. He will never take it off.

Jason was born without a pack. His mother and father had left their pack because they didn't belong together. They had both been from different packs. Jason was only eleven years old when his parents died. The two packs his parents had been from had decided that they both needed to be punished. To be killed. They died but before they did, they send Jason off in the woods with Evy. Evy had only been six years old, a tiny little wolf who was already very stubborn. After he didn't hear them anymore, he went back, leaving Evy for a moment. He had witnessed his parent's death and his father had given him his necklace. He kept it safe. He was traumatised, but he knew that he had to take care of Evy.

"I need you to be safe, I need it," he breathed, looking in her eyes. "I have to go. I have to. I promise to come back for you. I promise. You have my number, just call me whenever you need me," he told her. He closed his eyes. She didn't understand, he could see it in her eyes. She was only a twelve year old after all. "Jason.." she whispered, her eyes wide and big. He smiled sadly down at her. It pained him so much to leave her, but he needed her safe. She was big enough to survive on her own and if he would stay, the pack would find him and kill her. He couldn't let that happen. "I love you Evy, never forget that," he said softly and hugged her. She hugged him back. He breathed out and pulled away. He saw her blink, but before she could react, he had shifted and ran off. Tears clouding his vision.

Jason left and the pack didn't find him, luckily. He went away for a little while. After a year, the pack found him after all. They got into a fight and Jason fought with the Alpha of the pack. A fair fight. He killed him. They offered him the spot as an Alpha, since he had killed it, but he didn't want that. He wanted Evy. His phone had been crushed and he couldn't contact her. He still searches for her, but it is hard, since he has nothing left of her.

His wolf form
The forest
Fights... he can't help it.

Evy getting hurt
Having a lot of power
Boring people

Other: -

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