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Natalie Natalie Nov 22, 2012 01:42PM
I LOVE this book to death (pun intended) And there are SO MANY awesome characters. I find it hard to pick one favorite. But if I had to, it would be Lex. What about you? Who is your favorite character? why?

Definitely Driggs (“We’ll somehow survive without you,” Uncle Mort said. “Besides, I already got your bus tickets.” “Tickets?” Lex said in apprehension. “With an s?” A loud ba-dum-CHING crashed forth from Drigg’s room. This triggered the panic. “Oh no no no.”) and Uncle Mort (Lex stared. “You’re crazy.” “Little bit.”)

janet I loved that part!
Dec 12, 2014 07:43PM

Elysia, Best person ever

Rozus (last edited Dec 12, 2015 05:07AM ) Dec 12, 2015 05:06AM   0 votes
Uncle Mort.
he's like Haymitch

Lex. I loved her spunky attitude!;) She reminds me of Joan Jett.

Love Uncle Mort. He is always making the funniest jokes. And his hair...

I like driggs . . . he sounds cute.

I love Ferbus. I think he's the funniest character.

I love Uncle Mort and Ferbus, Hilarious duo, Hate the sliver haired chick, Heloise and her husband and i don't really like Lex that much, shes a little too spunky.

Its a tie between Driggs & Uncle Mort. I love the crazy ones. But everyone is a little crazy in Croak. . .

Lex is awesome

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