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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) (Ta-da xD)

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Ash looked up and saw a boy " Well thats a way for people to knock" she walked over to him and saw he was knocked out she softly dragged him over to the fire and kneeled down grabbing a towel drying the boy off

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) "Shhhh " she closed her eyes and without looking she put him in dry warm clothes then she opened her eyes and rested his head in her lap as she dried his hair softly and sweetly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Your in my house when you stumbled in knocked out now shush " she said softly as she check to see if he had a fever

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) "I didnt look i promise" She smiled a bit "Im Ash by the way"

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) "I wasnt going to let someone die in my house " she smiled she kept her tail hidden as she stood up and took him to the bed and laye him down the fire still warming him "Rest " she smiled again

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She giggled at his wolf ears and smiled she walked to the kitchen to make him something to eat

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She made him warm homemade soup and walked out giving himthe soup " Now becareful its hot " she smiled

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) "You are welcome " she smiled softly walking over and she tended to the fire

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) "Do you have a place to stay?" she asked softly

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) " Stay here then i have a guest bedroom and things you wouldnt be a bother " she smiled

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) Ash smiled hugging him back then pulled away " Well then i am happy to help you " she said as a twinkle in her eye appeared

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Nıcσʟε  (SkittlesRule) She smiled and went over to the closet and opened it and got him a pair of pjs when he wanted to change and she laid them down on his bed "When you want to you can change into this" she smiled

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