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message 1: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
Eunice I copied your message there see if its ok or is it missing something?

Eunice Catherine | 2578 comments Neena wrote: "Eunice I copied your message there see if its ok or is it missing something?"

hey that was all a mistake...delete it and post what i have sent to you ....:)

message 3: by Eunice Catherine (last edited Nov 22, 2012 08:41AM) (new)

Eunice Catherine | 2578 comments Sorry for the mess up earlier ...:D Here are the points:

1)Pictures that you want to post in a thread must already be uploaded in a website like Facebook, Photo bucket, etc. You can not post pictures from your computer.

2)Then copy the image location. Once again it depends on what browser you are using, so find your browser in the following list and do accordingly

*Internet Explorer: Right-click the image, choose "Properties", and then copy the 'Address (URL)'.

*Firefox: Click on "Copy Image Location". This will copy the image address to your clipboard so you can paste it later.

*Safari:(for Windows) right-click > Copy Image Address (for Mac) control+click > Copy Image Address

*Chrome: Click on "Copy image URL"

3)After copying the address or URL of the image, paste it between the "" in the html code below

< img src=""> (Do not leave space between '<' and 'img'. I've left it because the Code disappeared otherwise)

4)The width of the picture must be between 0-400 and height between 0-1000.

Hope it helps!!! :D

message 4: by Gayatri (new)

Gayatri | 120 comments Thanks for the info Neena and Eunice

message 5: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
You are welcome Gayatri:)

Eunice Catherine | 2578 comments Gayatri wrote: "Thanks for the info Neena and Eunice"
Don't mention :)

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