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Imaan Ella was having fun. She had eaten two peperonni pizzas, she was ready to go for the third. She excused herself from the noisy table of Athena, and ran to the counter for another slice of pizza. She spoke intot the micro-phone. The micro-phone must of recognized the voice and must've been surprised. She was eating a LOT today. As she stood waiting for her pizza, she overheard Sam, Head of the Posiedon cabin talking to someone. That someone was Daniel, from the Hephaustus cabin.
"Hi!" Ella exclaimed as Sam and Daniel turned around.
"How are you!" she continued.Finally Daniel had a chance to speak.
"Fine,thank you" he said politely. She moved to Sam.
"Sam, Head of the Posiedon cabin?" Ella guessed. Sam smiled.
"Yes. Ella, Head of the Athena cabin?" he said, immitating her. Ella blushed.
"So, I heard you talking about a clock for your cabin. Yup, Daniel's your man. You know, he made one for my cabin, too" Ella said. Ella must of spoken really fast because Sam was nodding slowly, trying to anticapate what Ell had said. Daniel must've felt uncomfortable too, because of his praise going around and all. Ella felt foolish.
"Thank you" Sam said quickly,saving Ella.
"No problemo" Ella said nervously, gave a small wave to Daniel, picked up her cold pizza, and walked back to the Athena table, feeling very foolish. Especially for an Athena girl.

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Bird tapped Ella on the shoulder when she returned, and asked with the sweet innocence of an eight year old mixed with the high IQ of an adult, "Who were you talking to, Ella?" She was eating a grilled cheese sandwich (brown bread), her all-time favorite food. Bird loved it at Camp, although she did miss her family; Dad and Harriet and cute little Melissa. She played with the pendant on her silver necklace, discarding the sandwich on her plate as she waited patiently for her head counselor's answer. Bird was very curious.

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Imaan Ella eyed Bird suspicously. She recognized her, vaguely. She was far too busy to remember small, petty little girls like the one standing in front of he. Ella raised her eyebrowsa and had a brainwave. This girl was in her cabin? Ridiculous; first of all she wouldn't of been so nosy and second, the girl irratated Ella. But, as a day took the daughter of Athena, she wisely took the difficult decision to the tempting, wild other decision. Ella grinned.
"Hi, Bird! What's up? You are in my cabin aren't you?" and before Bird could reply, Ella continued "Yeah, sorta recognize you! Who was I talking to? I was talking to?" Ella hesitated slightly.
"I was talking to the Head of the Posiedon cabin, Sam. And that chap from the Hephaustus cabin, Daniel" Ella said. She did not like curious girls like Bird, but as she was a fellow cabin-mate, she decided to forgive and forget. And she could sort of see where her curiousity came from. Athena children were like that. Until they grew out of it.
"Lets get back" Ella said cheerfully to Bird. Bird seemed to want to ask some of her more nosy questions but this time Ella was firm. She kept her cool (something in which she pride herself in) and led the Reluctant Bird back to the beckoning Athena cabin, who were getting ready for the Campfire.

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Bird rolled her eyes, bored. It was in the nature of a young Athena girl to be curious and want to know everything; exactly what Bird wanted. "Hi. Yeah, I'm in Athena cabin but I just got claimed yesterday. My full name is Raven Crow but most people call me Bird 'cause I prefer Bird to Raven," Bird said very quickly; she greatly admired Ella and considered it a great honour to be sitting at the same table.

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Imaan "Oh, you got claimed yesterday?" Ella asked. She felt the whole 'Bird, Raven' thing was a bit un-necessary. Ella seemed to have a flashback of the day she had been claimed. She had been proud, but in a terrified sort of way.
"Well, welcome to the Athena cabin!" Ella said happily, and grinned. Bird-Raven's or whoever she was (Ella wasn't paying attention) face seemed to glow. She looked pleased, and Ella felt sympathy for the girl. Perhaps she might take the girl under her wing.
" 'Hope you like the Camp" Ella continued and Bird's face started to make Ella squint.

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"Thanks," Bird said, smiling. She tucked her blonde Athena hair behind her ear. Her stormy grey eyes shone with pride and happiness as she carried on eating her sandwich.

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Imaan ((You online?))

Ella studied the girl. She looked pretty, in the nerdy sort of way. She liked this nosy, irratating girl and thought about how she must feel, talking to her Head Counseller. That made her feel bad. Perhaps maybe she should stay as far away from her as possible. Maybe Bird (She had decided on that name) was feeling nervous to talk to her. Ella was about to inch away when Bird started to speak.

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"Ella?" Bird asked nervously. She was going to ask the query that had been bugging her persistently ever since she arrived at camp.

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Imaan "Yes?" Ella said, looking directly at Bird. Ella studied the girl. She looked nervous. She wanted to talk to her. Ella looked aroungd the pavilloin. Too noisy. She racked her head and knew where to go.
"Let's go to the Sword Arena" Ella suggested, and it was not a question.

((Exit to Sword Arena))

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Bird nodded and followed her head counselor.

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