The Bone Bed (Kay Scarpetta, #20) The Bone Bed question

Maria Costantino Maria Costantino Nov 21, 2012 06:26PM
Love Kay and her crazy crew.

Kay seems to be having a mid-life crisis. While I liked having Kay back in the field, I was ready to throttle her (or the author) for making me privy to all those unexpressed fear, anxiety, and paranoia. Get over it Kay.

I agree that Scarpetta has changed. While the book was a page turner, none of the characters are very likable. There was so much build up, then it just ended. Does Cornwell have a page requirement? I could always count on Cornwell for a good read, but the last few books just have me shaking my head.

It is not unusual for this to happen. I have learned that no one is above suspicion when it comes to Kay.

Ever since the book after the go to france and find the loup garou (black notice?) I've been a bit disenchanted with the series.

The age timeline is also another issue I've had ever since Lucy entered the FBI as an intern. She jumped from age 9? to 19 overnight. It's gotten worse now that Scarpetta seems to have aged 20+ years from the start of the series and theoretically should be close to retiring, yet sounds like she's in the prime of her career.

One other continuity issue I have problems with is Scarpetta up until about 4 books ago had *nothing* to do with the military that I can recall, now she says that the military paid for her medical schooling. It's like after 9/11 she got ideas on military plot threads and needed a way to legitimize Scarpetta being in contact with military people.

I also think the lack of professionalism in her staff is disturbing. Marino was a cop, now he seems to be her right hand medical tech/helper. Other than scribing, he doesn't seem to be qualified to do anything in an autopsy room. Meanwhile her staff are not listening to direct instructions regarding bodies.

And I'm profoundly confused why Marino would have a twitter account to begin with. A yahoo bulletin board or facebook group for bowling fanatics maybe, but twitter? Maybe it's due to I don't understand the appeal of twitter or think of it as a celebrity stupidity appearing spot.

And lastly Scarpetta's paranoia about security seem extreme. Yes people probably want to hurt her for doing her job, but she seems unnecessarily scared since she never randomly gets attacked except while on sensitive cases by the perpetrator.

I picked up the first book in this series, Postmortem, when I was 15 (bit of a late start considering I was born the year it was first published haha) and have since worked my way very quickly, passionately and addictively through the entire series. Overall I've loved the series, watching the characters grow and develop, but some of the books definitely stand above the others (and some also stand out to me as being nowhere near as good as others - the first one that disappointed me in this way was Predator)and The Bone Bed has unfortunately made this list as well I think.... there's just something about it, I can't really put my finger on it but as the series has progressed - and especially in the last couple of novels - Kay's character seems to have changed in a way that makes her far less likeable, inspirational, to me than she used to be. I've also felt for a few years now that the series is starting to be a little far-fetched and unrealistic in terms of chronology.... in the first novel, Lucy is a child and Kay is around the 30s/40s mark (I think it might allude to her having just turned 40 in the opening chapter somewhere??, and in the last few novels Lucy is now up to being in her 30s, but the character Kay is still portrayed as if she is the same age she always was and capable of all the same things, as if she hasn't aged at all. Chronologically, the character should be approching 70 by now, if not already there, and yet she still talks about young men staring at her like a sexual object etc.... it feels a bit off, anyone else noticed this???

Katy Tee I did think the part about young men seeing her as a sex object was a bit off. Being an older woman myself, I find this a little unrealistic.

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I started out enjoying the book, but it seemed to drag on forever and then it's as if she suddenly said, "Guess it's time to wrap this up" and change an unmemorable minor character into a criminal mastermind.

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I think I started reading Cornwell's series for the crime/mystery angle, but now I go back for the character development. And I think that is why some of us still enjoy the series...didn't she sort of have to limit the number of times she could be forced to haul out a gun, be knocked out, kidnapped, etc.? Just when I started saying, "Oh come ON, I don't think so", the writer seems to have drawn the same conclusion.

Benton's reaction to Marino??? Oh HELL yes! How would any sane husband act if his wife's rapist was in the room, and she was continuing to treat him like One of Us. I did not understand how she could cover for Marino and not (at least!) cut him out of her life. She refers (not sure if it's here, or in an earlier novel) to him as one of the people she chooses to consider her family, given her estrangement from her own kin, apart from Lucy,and so there was my answer; I think I actually made a little noise when I read that line.

And I do see Scarpetta aging. She and Benton both seem to be slowing down a little bit physically, showing more of the characteristics of an older couple; if I'd known this discussion would come up, I'd have put highlights on the evidence when I read it in my e-reader.

Are people really questioning why she can't "just let...go" of her own experience with rape???

She keeps you coming back for more. Anybody else tired of the Marino and the "attack" with Benton's reaction?

Colleen So true. She seems to have doubt in herself as well. The early Kay never did! Hmmm...will be interesting to see how Dust plays out....
Nov 25, 2013 09:39AM

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