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Sylvia | 15 comments Mod
This is what you need to tell us about your person. (:

Date of birth:
Rank: Beta, Alpha or Omaga. There is only allowed to be one alpha. No
Alpha male or female. One ruler of the pack the rest are betas or Omega

Appearance: at least 4 sentences please.

Werewolf Appearance:

Dressing Style:

Personality: 5-8 sentences required

Likes/ Dislikes:

Background History: 5-8 full sentences required please(Tell where u came from and what happened to your family. That is just an example)

Strength and Weakness:

Other/ any other info:

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Sylvia | 15 comments Mod
Name: Glaceon
Age: 16
DOB: March 20
Gender: Female
Rank: Alpha
Dominance: Very high


Werewolf appearance:

Dressing style: A shirt and jeans

Personality: Glaceon is very out going. She hates to be pushed around. If you get on her bad side...You know what, just don't get on her bad side. She is also very fun to be around with.

Likes/Dislikes: She likes Snakes, cookies, animals, and wolves
She dislikes vampires, dogs, boys, and girly girls.

History: She has been a werewolf her own life. Once she was 16, she ruled the pack. All respected her.

Strengths: Daggers and climing
Weaknesses: Talking about her family

Family: Unknown
Relationship: Open
Other: Her weapon is a bow and arrow and/or daggers

Molly  O'Suileabhain Name: Blue
Age: 16
Date of birth: May 13
Gender: female
Rank: Omaga.

Appearance: She is tall and skinny. Long very dark blue hair. alway wear 4in high heels, black jean and blue shirt and a leather jacket. She has gray eyes.

Werewolf Appearance: white with a black paw and black around her left eye

Dressing Style: appearance

Personality: A lone wolf, she depends on herself and has a hard time trusting people. But if you get lucky enough to be her friend she is funny and easy to be around. but u aint her friend she can be mean and evil

Likes/ Dislikes: likes weapons,the stars, and art. she dislike people who gets in her way, baths ,and vampires

Background History: her dad was once a powerful alpha but then he was killed by her stepmother. kick out of the pack when she was 10 she had to learn how to survive. no other family.

Strength: any weapons
weakness: cooking
Family: died
Relationship: none right now
Other/ any other info:

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