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DestinysMaster | 1237 comments Mod
I saw Wreck-It Ralph over the weekend and disided to make an RP like it. All Video games are linked into Game Central Station and any character can travel into any other game. You can use actual characters from existing video games or make your own.


Age: (Games or updates age)
Video game:
Programming: ( programmed backstory)
Job: (good guy, bad guy, virus/glitch, or turbo)
Special abilities: (ex. Wreck-It Ralph wrecks everything he touches)

message 2: by DestinysMaster (new)

DestinysMaster | 1237 comments Mod
Name: Kikiou
Age: 30
Gender: F
Game: Hogosha (a Japanese arcade game. The name means 'protector' or 'guardian')
Personality: a quite lonely program who is usually either really quiet or really talkative. She loves kids
Programming: even though her 'programming' was never publicly revealed, her younger brother had been kidnapped and killed when she was 8. Her father trained her in martial arts afterward and she taught herself how to weald a sword, giving her a very unique fighting style
Job: was a good guy, but her game was unplugged
Special abilities: a lot of street fighter-like moves
Other: roams from game to game, appearing as an 'easter egg' by accident sometimes

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) Name:Riku
Game:Kingdom Hearts
Personality:Quiet,calm,cool,alittle emo at times.
App:White spikey short hair (neck length),aquamarine eyes,wears yellow and white vest,blue baggy jeans,black sneakers,white elbow length wrist gloves.
Programming:He was supposed to be the weilder of the keyblafe but his best friend got it instead,and he lost himself into darkness overcome with jealousy,but after gettimg his ass kicked a few times,he's been trying to get back into the light.
Job:Was a bad guy turned good......untill his game was unblugged.
Special Abilities:Weilds a keyblade,and can do awesome combos ;p
Other:He wanders around trying to help people out.

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