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Sam/Applejack♆ Personalities

MacDonegal Clan
Not much is known about the MacDonegal Clan

MacHeath Clan
The MacHeath clan was once one of the many wolf clans of the Beyond, until they were banished. They were best known for their viciousness and brutalily to members of the clan, usually she-wolves. They would usually maim pups to get into the Watch and take over. Edme, one of the many maimed wolves, comes from this clan.The jealous, greedy, and prideful clan who are almost similiar to the savage outclanner wolves. Their vilest practice is that they would purposely maim young pups in hopes that they will be accepted into the Sacred Watch. The MacHeaths are easily deceived. This clan was judged crait, or guilty, in Watch Wolf. Thus, they are no longer a clan of the Beyond. They are outclanners now.

MacDuncan Clan
The noble clan, called the Clan of Clans. Wolves in this clan are very heroic, noble, and just plain amazing to the other clans. Other clans are often jealous of this clan, but they don't have many members. The MacDuncan clan was a noble clan that was always true and loyal. They aren't at all evil, however, there are exceptions. The MacDuncan clan stands strong, and other clans are jealous of their strong, stealthy minds and bodies.

McAngus Clan
Possibly the clan devoted most to hunting, as they were often seen hunting when observed by the gnaw wolf, Faolan.

MacDuff Clan
Possibly the most superstitious clan, as they were believed to be the source of the rumors that the gnaw wolf Faolan was from the Dim World due to his incredible gnawing skills. Sadly the MacDuff clan is almost wiped out and Creakle is the only surviving member.

MacNab Clan
Not much is known about the MacNab clan. There are only two packs in the clan, and the wolves are described as handsome and beautiful.

MacDermott Clan
Not much is known about the MacDermott Clan

Sam/Applejack♆ Territories


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