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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Yes you have all volunteered to enter the games. Please no anime pictures and do fill out topics will at least a few sentences. After all we all like to know about our previous victors. Only select people for now can make them. And only one mentor per district for now.

Full name:
Age: Really it can be 14+ depending on what age you were when you won.
Brief Synopsis of your Games: (Tell me a bit about it. Was it a desert? Or was it a giant candy shop where everything was poisoned? Just a sentence or two about it)
Hair Color:
Skin Pigmentation:
Ocular hue:
Relations: (Family members)
How many people did you kill: (Back in your games of course)

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Full name: Sebastian Antanas Burrier
Nicknames: Seb or Bas.
Gender: Masculine
District: 8
Age: 23
Brief Synopsis of your Games: A large forest in which all sorts of different colored apples hung from the trees. Each apple was scientifically altered in it's own way.
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Hair Color: Dark brown and usually always gelled or messy in some sort of way.
Skin Pigmentation: Fair
Ocular hue: Dark brown
Height: 5'11"

History: Sebastian had a fairly okay childhood. His father died in an accident when he was 2 so it never really bothered him much, not to mention that his mother never seemed to let it bother her. His older brother Jefferson was always around to help out with anything that Sebastian might have needed so he had a rather okay life.

When he was 12 though his split personality started showing up. When it did Jefferson was the only one who could help him return to himself. To keep Hatter under control. Needless to say that Jefferson was basically Sebastian's sorce of sanity. So when Jefferson's girlfriend Aleighna volunteered, Jefferson did as well. His brother left and never came home.

After watching his brother's death on television Sebastian snapped. Hatter started to take control over his life more and more, training in secret and by the time he was 15 Sebastian volunteered for the Games. Needless to say a young 15 year old kid from district 8 was easily overlooked by his fellow tributes and when he started to slaughter them it was a big surprise.

After winning Sebastian started to take over his life once more, not wanting to be dictated by Hatter anymore. He's been getting better but he still snaps every now and then. Since being a mentor he's had almost all his tributes die under his skills. They last quite awhile, but then they get cocky and do something stupid and Sebastian decides not to help them anymore.

Relations: None alive.

Personality: I suppose we should start right off the bat. Sebastian has a severe split personality. It first surfaced when he was 15 and after that it's been showing up more and more. Needless to say he has a bit of a Jekyl and Hyde thing going on. When he's in his other form he refers to himself as Hatter.

Hatter is a lunatic. He's impulsive, resourceful, risky and completely insane. Hatter is the side of Sebastian that is filled with the idea of immortality. Hatter literally believes he's immortal, he thinks that nothing can harm him and he has a bit of psycho tendancies while in control. For instance he has a habit of strangling people. Not that he'd kill them, but he does seem to have a fetish for the feel of someone's windpipe being squeezed in his hands. He also likes blood. While he may not severly damage anyone that he attacks he likes to go for places that bleed alot. Backs of ankles, necks, foreheads, that sort of thing. Hatter also has very irratic movements. It's impossible to guess where he'll go while in control or when he'll surface.

Sebastian on the other hand is very cunning. He's charming and witty and he isn't one to make himself stand out too much. While he does like attention he doesn't want to be unable to have any leeway because he was over confident about things. He's rather sneaky as well. It comes second nature to him and he likes to flirt with young charming ladies. A simple touch to her wrist and she'll later find that her bracelets and watch are gone. In fact Sebastian has a bit of a record for stealing from a lady while seducing her.

Both personalities are greedy and both personalities draw the line at harming children. Hatter almost has a gleeful way of going about things, tending to laugh loudly about things while Sebastian is more serious. Sebastian also has a different anger style. When Sebastian gets mad he becomes chillingly calm and on the other hand, Hatter becomes a screaming raging maniac. One thing is certain though. Neither personality are the type to deal with any BS.

Okay yeah. So what if he's a little insane. Hatter doesn't really come out that often anymore and he's rather skilled at finding weaknesses in others. That's useful when he can use that skill to help his own tributes get ahead in the game. But be warned. He judges books by their cover and if he looks at his tributes and doesn't think much of them? He won't help you at all. He'll just let you flounder about and die. Unless you could somehow convince him otherwise.

Weaknesses: He's got a bit of a pride. Dare to step on it when he's Hatter and he'll do anything to challenge that statement. But when he's Sebastian he just has a thing for small children, well helping them to survive. He would never kill a young child.

Strengths: He's very resourceful. Strong in means of strength plus the whole split personality thing makes it hard for those who are his enemies to figure him out.

How many people did you kill: Let's see there are 24 tributes. Minus him is 23. And while 14 died of poisoning so then that's 9 people. Yup 9 people died at his hands. And none too quickly either.


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Conner (I-Will-Read-Anything-YA) | 97 comments Mod
Full name: Alice Reeves

Nicknames: Airy ( air-ee )

Gender: Female

District: 9

Age: 21

Brief Synopsis of your Games: Very dense Jungle. Animals everywhere attacked you. Food looked okay to eat, but could kill you on an instant. A banana turned into rat poisoning inside the arena.

Appearance: She is 5" 9', she weighs about 100 lbs., her nails are always perfect, she is every ones dream girl time ten. She likes to wear the latest trends in the Capitol. Her teeth are a sparkling white and she has perfect eyebrows. Her legs are those of a model and her skin is very smooth. She has the perfect smile and she walks like a runway model. She is nothing short of fabulous.

Hair Color: Blonde

Skin Pigmentation: Light tan, not beach gold, but definitely not pale.

Ocular hue: Sparkling Blue.

Height: 5' 9'

History: Oh dear, here we go. All her life she has been addicted to her beauty. A few years before her games she decided to be a killer. her looks got her whatever she needed to survive. Whenever someone wasn't looking she was practicing the skills necessary to survive in the games. Her family knew nothing of her training. She wanted everyone to think she was a harmless little girl, then stab them in the back. She was not an airhead.

Relations: Logan Reeves is her brother. He is in the games this year and she hopes to mentor him. She survived. So will he.

Personality: She can be very nice and sweet then stab you in the back. That was how she won in the arena. She made lots of friends then killed them while they slept.

Weaknesses: She cares for her loved ones. She isn't very strong. She doesn't like to live in the wilderness. She hates bugs and things that fly.

Strengths: She knows every weapon really well. She can trick anyone. She is fast and quiet.

How many people did you kill: 8 died of poisons. 3 from other deaths. She killed 14 people. They all trusted her. Thought she would kill herself in an accident. She tricked half of them into eating the fruit like Eve, then killed the others in their sleep/

Other: None

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Elizabeth (elizabeths01) ohhhh I like her!

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Conner (I-Will-Read-Anything-YA) | 97 comments Mod

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Geri (GeriM) | 3 comments Full name: Carly May
Nicknames: None
Gender: Female
District: 9
Age: 18
Brief Synopsis of your Games: The tributes were put in an ocean. Sharks, man eating fish, dolphins, sea creatures. No island in sight.
Appearance: A black haired girl with dark brown eyes, She's really cute and is very skinny. She's 5ft tall and hates wearing girly close.
Hair Color: Black
Skin Pigmentation: Tan
Ocular hue: blue and grey
Height: 5ft tall
History: She was 13 years old when she entered the hunger games, volunteering for her best friend Joy. She was in an orphaneage and had no idea who her parents were. She survived through the games, and now lives in a house and shares her house with her friends.
Relations: None
Personality:She's kind, sweet, and dosen't get mean at all. She's understandable and will listen to whatever you say,and give you advice.
Weaknesses: Water and spiders
Strengths: Bow and arrow and knoledge of plants
How many people did you kill: Five out of plants
Other: None

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Elizabeth (elizabeths01) We already have the D9 mentor, I think it's one per district in this group,

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Conner (I-Will-Read-Anything-YA) | 97 comments Mod
Love it! Come RP in floor nine. Walk in and see us fighting! It will be hilarious!

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