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message 2: by Hayes (new)

Hayes (Hayes13) Oh my, that was graphic. The thought that kept running through my head was that at least back in those days the whale had the same chance of killing all the sailors as they did of killing him. Modern whaling is so removed from the whale, the killer doesn't have to look his victim in the eye. Rather like the difference between hand-to-hand combat and modern warfare.

message 3: by Tracey (new)

Tracey (Stewartry) Yes; I found it a bit hard. There was a slightly more level playing field - but there were so many whalers out, and they had so much information about where to find their prey, and whales have no choice but to come up to breathe, that even the number of boats the whales managed to squash couldn't really even the score... But. There is an interesting sort of respect for the hunted creature, at least; it doesn't make it easier or more palatable to a modern formerly-whale-adopting Star-Trek-watching reader, but it's something.

But two months' worth of chapters, and NOW has to be the time the blood starts flowing? And flying, and gushing, and ...

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